Custom Address Stamp

Are you finally setting down some roots after seeing the world? It's time to invest in a Custom Address Stamp ($75) by Lina Carta. Give the designer your name and address, buy a few colored ink pads, and wait eagerly by the door for your... [More]

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Zen Garden Desktop Organizer

Where in your life you could use a little more peace and tranquility? We're guessing work, and this Zen Garden Desktop Organizer ($119) might help. The array of carved wooden blocks include both cleverly functional gear holders as well as more contemplative elements such as... [More]

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Picasso Note Pad

More often than not, we find ourselves typing our reminders and notes into apps like Evernote. But we'll gladly return to scratching appointment reschedules and lunch dates on the paper that makes up the Picasso Note Pad ($15). It's easy to manipulate, turning a perfectly... [More]

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Botanical Dandelion Paperweight

While you're probably not keen on having a garden full of dandelions, the perfectly preserved dandelion in this paperweight ($52) is pretty spectacular. We're amused by the irony in the fact that it'll help hold your things down so they don't blow away with the... [More]

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Doily Magnet Set

Are you in need of a few super-strong magnets to hold your takeout menus on your refrigerator door? Oh, good. Glad it's not just us. The Doily Magnet Set ($10 for a set of four) by Hello Plum Studio is almost too cute to affix... [More]

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Poppin Orange Tool Kit

Why buy ordinary office supplies when you can stock your desk with gear the color of a popular Fanta flavor? (We like lime better but almost nobody has it. Boo.) This Poppin Orange Tool Kit ($49) includes a full array of office essentials all in... [More]

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Darwin's Dinosaur Egg Puzzle

It's Friday and you know exactly how many minutes are left until you're outta the office for the whole weekend. How do you keep yourself occupied until then? Your productivity is at zero percent and you can only refresh Facebook so many times. Turn to... [More]

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Tape Strip Hooks

These cute little Tape Strip Hooks ($10) are genius. Peel off the backs to adhere them to your walls, bulletin board, or monitor and proceed to hang up your important stuff. Well, your somewhat lightweight important stuff. They are made of paper, after all. Keep... [More]

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Woods Keyboard Reminders

Is your office lacking in greenery? Spruce up your dull space by scribbling your notes onto Woods Keyboard Reminders ($8). As you use these trees, plant them on your keyboard to build a personalized forest. Just remember to toss them into the recycling bin after... [More]

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Lawson-Fenning Rectangular Corkboard

Is your home office wall still sporting the same ol' corkboard you bought for your first college apartment? Toss it! The Lawson-Fenning Rectangular Corkboard ($56) is worth the upgrade. It still displays your photos and documents with ease, but it adds a classy, grown-up aesthetic... [More]

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Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard

Moonstruck-era shag or Matchstick Men thinning on the top? Be prepared to argue your preference with your coworkers or roommates when you hang the Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard ($20) on your door. We're pretty big fans of Raising Arizona's sideburns and matching mustache. Also, please... [More]

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Seize the Year Calendar

We're one month in, but there's still plenty of 2013 available for big plans and grand designs. If paging through a little calendar isn't quite big-picture enough for you, the Seize the Year Calendar ($30) may be just what you need. Check out all of... [More]

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Dog Walker Canvas Pencil Case

New rule! Everyone needs to consult with us before naming their products. Why, you ask? Because instead of calling this a "Dog Walker Canvas Pencil Case" ($18), we would have gone with "Puppy Pencil Pocket" or "Pooch Pen Pouch" or "Canine Crayon Case" or "Hound... [More]

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Poppin Aqua Stapler

Staplers don't need to be boring. Nor do they need to represent our war against The Man. They do, however, need to adequately fasten our papers together with staples, and it helps if they look good while doing so. Poppin's Aqua Stapler ($14) has the... [More]

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office tabs-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Office Tabs

Well, here we are in February. How's that New Year's resolution to be more organized coming along? If you're still swimming in a sea of paperwork, it might be time to consider these handy Office Tabs ($4). They're adhesive, so you can slap 'em on... [More]

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Kaweco Push Pencil

Who says pencils have to be dull? This Kaweco Push Pencil ($24) has a fabulously vintage look - and for good reason, since it's made by one of the longest-standing brands on the planet. We love the fat, grip-friendly sizing and the slick black and... [More]

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Copper Pencil Holder

"Pencil Holder" ($100) is far too pedestrian a name for this copper beauty. Sure, you could set it on your desk as an objet d'art that also happens to hold writing implements, but we can see it working as a glamorous makeup brush holder, or... [More]

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In Treatment Tissue Box Cover

You have issues. It's okay, we all do. But therapy is expensive and tissues are cheap. Toss the In Treatment Tissue Box Cover ($35) onto your current box, dish out a huge bowl of ice cream, click on Sleepless in Seattle, and bawl your eyes... [More]

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Ceramic Chihuahua Stamper

If you had asked us yesterday if we thought we'd have a use for a Ceramic Chihuahua Stamper ($24), we would have looked at you funny and replied with a no. That was before we actually laid eyes on the cutest ceramic pup we've ever... [More]

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Semikolon Accordion File

Ugh. Tax season. Could there be a more annoying time of year? Luckily, the darling Semikolon Accordion File ($18 each) will keep all your important info safe. As soon as you get your all of your forms, separate and stash them in the brightly-colored folders... [More]

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