Troika Inukshuk Desk Object

No, it's not a paperweight. The Inukshuk ($49) from Troika is a "desk object" - a piece of meditative, sculptural art that also serves to niftily hold notes, collect loose metal and (we suppose) weigh down paper.... [More]

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Crystal Kinetic Ornament

Nothing represents the dog-eat-dog world of business better than mystical floating crystals! The motorized magnets in the base of the Crystal Kinetic Ornament ($17) spin the crystals around, making your zoning-out experience much fuller than when you stare at the corner.... [More]

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Crackie Tape Dispenser

Remember back in kindergarten, when Mrs. Schofield told you not to eat the glue? Well, this Crackie Tape Dispenser ($14) might have you taking another nibble of adhesive. This beechwood office accessory looks temptingly similar to some of our favorite sweet confections, and we know... [More]

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Presto Recycled Pencils

Between iTunes and Spotify, the compact disc is bound to go the way of the dinosaurs soon. So what happens to all of those jewel cases? Some will become Presto Recycled Pencils ($9), which are made from the CD cases of no longer loved albums... [More]

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Bamboo iPad Station

Ever find yourself accidentally using your iPad as a coaster? We've come close a few times. The best defense against setting your coffee down on your beloved tablet is to rest it at an incline. This Bamboo iPad Station ($34) will keep you from doing... [More]

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Pussy Magnet

Yeah, that name's not going to win many fans with the traditional cat-loving crowd, but you have to admit - it is accurate. Just to be absolutely clear... the Pussy Magnet ($16) is a magnetic cat-shaped paperclip holder... and nothing else.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: 2014 Watercolor Whirls Mini Desk Calendar

It's November, so we guess it's time to start thinking about 2014. If you're the type to get organized in advance, nab one of these cute 2014 Watercolor Whirls Mini Desk Calendars ($8) from Night Owl Paper Goods. In fact, you might want to order... [More]

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Mondial Lus Classic Italian Pushpins

These pushpins ($5) are obviously better than other pushpins, because they are made in Italy. Not only will they brighten up the room, they also come in this beautifully designed and colorful box so you won't have to fumble around with one of those clear... [More]

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Stendig Wall Calendar

How would you like to have a museum artifact in your home for less than $50? The Stendig Wall Calendar ($36), created by famed designer Massimo Vignelli in 1966, is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Unlike a... [More]

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Star Trek Bat'leth Letter Opener

The Klingons are masters of you can expect their letter openers to be pretty badass. Star Trek fans all want to wield a full-size bat'leth like a Klingon warrior, but us Earthling office-workers should practice with something smaller and only dangerous to envelopes. Star... [More]

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Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener

Fun science fact: did you know that when we lie, our nasal tissue swells? This is also the reason we touch our noses more when we lie - they feel almost imperceptibly tingly. That's right, the story of Pinocchio is biologically accurate (except for the... [More]

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Snail Driver

Ah, the under-appreciated snail. Sure, it carries around our files and its home, but our favorite feature is that we'll never lose the lid to this cute little USB drive ($22).... [More]

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Casamista Portable Humidifier

Not looking forward to spending forty hours a week in your chilly, dry-aired cubicle? Pack an extra sweater in your work bag and throw in the Casamista Portable Humidifier ($25) from Umbra, too. Powered by a USB cord (or four AAA batteries), the humidifier screws... [More]

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usb typewriter keyboard small.jpg

USB Typewriter Keyboard

This snazzy piece of equipment is more functional than it looks. Hook the USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard ($699) up to your computer (iPads and tablets work too!) and insert paper to print drafts and save your work simultaneously. Yes, having that instantaneous printout will make... [More]

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Egg SM.jpg

Desk Egg

Until today, we thought there was no good way to store paper clips. Those clear plastic cubes with the round hole in the middle scratch our fingers and look lame. Luckily, the Desk Egg ($16) was created, solving all of our organizational woes, or at... [More]

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Leader of the Pac Stapler

Now this makes sense to us! The Leader of the Pac Stapler ($15) is our yellow friend's ultimate destiny, using his greatest strength - an up-and-down moving inlaid insert ("mouth") - for business matters more productive than the elimination of ghosts!... [More]

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Nessie Push Pins

Liven up your bulletin board with a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster! The Nessie Push Pins set ($12) includes six heads (with different facial expressions to boot), twelve middle parts, and six tails, so you can make up your very own creature at the... [More]

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SAND by Brookstone

Don't want to give up your beach days just yet? We don't blame you! A tub of Brookstone's SAND ($15-20) will make the inevitable seasonal transition just a little bit easier. The magical stuff feels and acts just like damp sand, but it's made from... [More]

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Kastor Pencil Sharpener

"Busy as a beaver?" Beavers build one pile of logs and then call it a day - mankind built the Empire State Building! "Busy as a human," we say. Beavers should stick with the small tasks that are beneath us, like sharpening the pencils we... [More]

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Mean Girls Pencil Set

Back when Amanda Seyfried was only a supporting actress and Lindsay Lohan had at least the semblance of innocence, there was this little movie called Mean Girls. Relive the classic with the Mean Girls Pencil Set ($8), six pencils each with their own separate quote.... [More]

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