Mash Studios LAX Series Wall Mounted Desk

This Wall Mounted Desk from the LAX Series by Mash Studios instantly opens up cramped spaces and creates a calm, uncluttered work environment. Understated, clean lines and an English walnut finish help it to blend in while still standing ut. The piece itself is emphasized... [More]

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Atomic Bonzai Tree

No green thumb? Japanese designer Joji Okazaki's Atomic Bonzai No-Maintenance Tree ($25) is perfect for you or any fellow cubicle-dweller who has, as yet, failed to train a potted plant to thrive on leftover coffee. Made from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic ink, it's a... [More]

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Miso Soup K Workstation

Too bad dorm rooms never look as elegant as the Miso Soup K Workstation ($Inquire). If Bill Gates was our sugar daddy (sexy), maybe we'd get this sleekly modern two-toned workspace as a back to school present... But until pigs fly, we'll have to appreciate... [More]

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Erase-a-Vase Dry Erase Board

We need cute reminders to get through our day, so the Erase-a-Vase Dry Erase Board ($16) at the J Paul Getty Museum Store is an ironic antiquity-inspired solution. We can model ourselves after the Ancient Greeks, who used their vases as surfaces for story-telling. The... [More]

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Goldplated Staples

For the rich jackass who has everything, evidently. If you're trying to suck up to the boss (and who isn't, these days!) or want to give that school essay a touch of brown-nosing class, use these Gold-Plated Staples.(~$202) Arrives in a black velvet jewelry box... [More]

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Snail Tape Dispenser

Snail Tape Dispenser

Here's an idea, and it could be a stretch, but it's worth running by someone... The Snail Tape Dispenser ($5) gives us a reason to work at a (how shall we say this?) more leisurely pace. It's cuter than puppies on Christmas and if it's... [More]

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Upcycled Wine Corkboard

We've always wanted to make our own wine corkboard for our office from the countless bottles of Two Buck Chuck we imbibe, but are forever forgetting to save the corks once they've been a-popped. Terracycle's Wine Corkboard ($20) uses reclaimed, upcycled corks from "cork collection... [More]

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unfinished clock S.jpg

Thelermont Hupton Unfinished Clock

Can we spot what's missing in the Unfinished Clock ($46) by Yve Thelermont and David Hupton? Eureka -- it's the bottom third of the clock face. The MoMA store calls this powder-coated steel and aluminum clock an "atypical version of a typical clock," and it's... [More]

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Jac Zagoory Bear's Growl Staple Remover

When we're not chasing co-workers around the office with it, this Bear's Growl Staple Remover ($55) sits on our desk as a great reminder to stay fierce. But mostly we use it like a small, kind of intimidating puppet. Grrrr!... [More]

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Love Your Life Paperweight

It's true, paperweights may be kind of an unnecessary item unless you happen to have an office with large openable windows or overzealous A/C, but that doesn't stop us from wanting this Love Your Life Paperweight ($26). It's a good message, and definitely something we... [More]

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OFFI Overlap Tray

We were never really into the lap desks that have been around - you know the type: hard plastic top with the beanbag-esque mound underneath. It seems someone has finally come up with a solution for working in bed (a.k.a. "from home") with the Overlap... [More]

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flower post its-s.jpg

Flower-Shaped Post-its

Ugh. . . rectangular sticky notes are for squares, and we refuse to be boxed in. Let happy style bloom with Flower-Shaped Post-its ($7) - they're way adorbs and will help us find our way through our cluttered days and mental fogs. Enliven the dull... [More]

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The Native Flowers Address Book

So, does anyone actually use address books anymore? We’ve been looking for a cute one for a while, but everyone must just use their computers/phones; it took us months to find a stylish address book. Jill Bliss came to our rescue with her colorful Native... [More]

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MacBeth Collection Clipboard

Take notes in the field, on the phone, or around the office with this charming clipboard ($22) from the MacBeth Collection. Just think how much a favorite teacher or tutor would love this. . . unless we decide it's too precious to let go of... [More]

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Recycled Jeans Pencils

Some things come and go and we never seem to pay any attention to their final destination. For years, many materials have been recycled and fashioned into some amazing items that we use on a daily basis. The Recycled Jeans Pencils ($6) are made out... [More]

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Biblioteca Bookshelf

Inspired by the quirky woodwork of vintage coffee table, designer Matt Carr created the Biblioteca Bookshelf ($500) and earned himself a spot in our antiques-loving hearts. The shelves are mahogany, and the “legs” are black lacquer, so it will go with a huge variety of... [More]

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Silhouette Cuckoo Wall Sticker Clock

You could say we’re crazy. Or insane. Just please, not cuckoo. It might offend our kitschy new Silhouette Cuckoo Wall Sticker Clock by Diana Paisis, and we’d like it to continue telling time correctly. ($30) The bright fuchsia decal can be applied to any surface,... [More]

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Grass Charging Valet

Now normally we wouldn't recommend incorporating fake grass into your home decor. However, there are exceptions to every rule—except this one, obvs—and the Grass Charging Valet ($30) is one of them. We love that this new take on "green" looks like your average (fake) planter,... [More]

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Artecnia Dada Clock

Sure, you've got a clock on your computer, but sometimes telling time is more than just a functional thing. Enter the Artecnia Dada Clock ($55), a very cool pop art piece designed with the surrealism movement in mind. Reminiscent of an egg-shaped kitchen timer, the... [More]

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Gear Gripper

Do the end of day purse dump with a little more class when you add the Gear Gripper ($9) to your space. Featuring a soft foam base with a formable core, this piece makes it possible to safely store everything from reading glasses to your... [More]

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