Freakshow Glass Paperweight

Ohh, Mr. Paperweight. You're so big and strong. Ohh, and look at those tattoos. That must have hurt! Ok, we probably won't go that far with our Freakshow Glass Paperweight ($14). But we will thank him for being so handy.... [More]

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From the desk of... Rubber Stamps

Ramp up the coolness of your personal correspondence with the help of the From the desk of... Rubber Stamps ($13). Simply mark your letter, business card or envelop with the stamp and fill in your name. The stamp is available in three adorable options: typewriter,... [More]

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Aspire/Acquire: Home Office for Small Spaces

First homes and urban apartments have their charm and character but what they truly lack is space. We have all been there: the bathroom is in the kitchen while the office nook is in fact atop a plastic box next to the bed. The [1]... [More]

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pencil holder-s.jpg

Alessi Trina Pencil Holder

Thanks, Alessi Trina Pencil Holder ($74), for reminding us that our favorite color is shiny. We'll think of you as our own mini desk sculpture. Hey, if we forget our touch-up mirror, your reflective aluminum surfaces can stand in.... [More]

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Sectional Paper Globe

We think the Sectional Paper Globe ($35) is worthy of a playlist... let the tunes begin! David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World Outkast - The Whole World Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World Red Hot Chili Peppers -... [More]

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Vintage Box Camera Clock

Photo gals. Vintage gals. Antique gals. The Vintage Box Camera Clock ($145) works on so many levels. Created by Minnesota artist Debra Dresler, this fun clock gives new life to an old clock, as functional art. We'll blame her for not being able to get... [More]

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Campo Marzio Measuring Tapes

Who knew getting your measure on could be so pretty? With the Campo Marzio Measuring Tapes ($10) you'll no longer have to guess at your eBay measurements. These handy measuring tapes feature a retractable tape that extends to a maximum of 60 inches. The little... [More]

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The Itinerant Chrysanthemum

We can never find a ruler when we need one, usually because they're stuck in the back of junk drawers or hiding under a stack of desk detritus. However, if we were so lucky as to have The Itinerant Chrysanthemum ($28), we're certain we'd never... [More]

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High-Heeled Letter Opener

We can be such girls sometimes. We were immediately drawn to the High-Heeled Letter Opener ($15) because it's, well...shoe-related. And really, who but a girlie-girl can get away with this sitting on her desk every day?... [More]

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Recompute Recycled Cardboard Computer

Originating as a student thesis work at the Industrial Design at the University of Houston, the Recompute Recycled Cardboard Computer ($550) addresses sustainability during manufacturing, usage and disposal stages of its life. No large towers here, the Recompute case is made of corrugated cardboard. Recompute... [More]

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Bendit Bookends

No clunky bookends here, just fluid graphic lines to separate your books. The Bendit Bookends ($28) are versatile pieces that arch over shelves. In metal with black stoppers, these are super modern, and will provide a great delineation between the ones you've read, and the... [More]

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London Laptop Sleeve

We know, we know; a laptop cover is simply a laptop cover. Well...until it's not. If our laptops need to be protected anyway, why not opt for a cover that we want to look at every day? The London Laptop Sleeve ($60) is busy and... [More]

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Russell + Hazel Signature Three Ring Binder

Sometimes our lives are in need of some serious organization. Work projects, home repairs, taxes (UGH!)...and though we wish we could be transported back to the days when we carried all of our work around in a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, we just have to... [More]

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Thermaltake Level 10 Aluminum Computer Case

We're sick of acting like electronics and general geekery don't excite us over here at this little old "ladies" site. We get down with the hardware dammit! The Thermaltake Level 10 Aluminum Computer Case ($700) is the Rolls-Royce of computer cases. Six removable hard drive... [More]

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Me & You Pencils

Salt and pepper. Meat and potatoes. Eggs and bacon. Bread and butter. Milk and cookies. Me and you. These are the kind of loves we can get into! Me & You Pencils ($12).... [More]

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Broccoli Card Holder

The Broccoli Card Holder ($20) by Akimi Shinoda has struck our bad associations with business card holders from the record. Colorful vinyl squares come to us flat, so we decide what color sequence we want and assemble the loops. Maybe this is the first step... [More]

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Galvi Desk Accessories

Remember to recycle all those crap improved-upon ideas with the Galvi Desk Accessories ($5-20). These industrial-style desk accessories with chalkboard labels help keep you organized and stylin'; that's an improvement right there!... [More]

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For years now, YEARS, we've been tacking stuff up on our walls with, well, thumbtacks. Sure, things stay put and in sight, but they also get holes in them. And sometimes, we'd rather not deal with holes in our drawings, checklists, inspiration board cutouts, etc.... [More]

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Armed Notebook

If the pen is mightier than the sword, is it also mightier than a grenade, knife or revolver? We think so. The Armed Notebook ($20) features 3D covers of weaponry with unique pages that follow. A message of peace, derived through creativity, sketches and words... [More]

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Friendly Tank Pencil Sharpener

Violence is not the answer, but a full-scale attack on the unsharpened pencils in your life might be. The Friendly Tank Pencil Sharpener ($39) is an adorable ceramic piece for your desk-top, and your pent-up aggression. Maybe you could pen some words of peace to... [More]

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