Gingiber 2012 Owl Calendar

We're feeling sure that 2012 is going to be a hoot, and what better way to hold onto mentality than to keep the sweet owls in Gingibers 2012 Owl Calendar ($21) on display?... [More]

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USB Typewriter

Obsolete technology makes a stunning comeback with this USB Typewriter ($799). We're not sure it's entirely practical, but it's cool as hell. It could be a good gift for the person who has everything, because how would you even know you needed this until you... [More]

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Stenogra-fur Notepad in Kitten

Hectic day at the office? Stressed beyond return? Jot down all your notes about how life sucks on these Stenogra-fur Notepad in Kitten ($11). Those smiling kitty faces will either make you feel better, or make you want to stab out their eyes. Either is... [More]

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Aphrodite USB Hub

Who says beauty and hard work are mutually exclusive? This Aphrodite USB Hub ($46) gets the job done while looking lovely with her upswept hair and porcelain skin. You go, girl.... [More]

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Gardens of Wendiland Less Work Mor Zen

We understand the benefit of a zen garden, and raking that sand certainly does put us in some sort of trance, but really, who wants a little box of boring grey sand on their desk? The Less Work Mor Zen V ($37) is a totally... [More]

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Giraffe Ruler

Personally, we think this Giraffe Ruler ($5) would have been more appropriate as a yardstick, but that makes carrying it in your backpack a little tricky. Slip one into your kid's pencil box as a cute mid-year school supply pick-me-up. Fun!... [More]

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Handy Sticky Notes

Handy Sticky Notes

We wish our bosses gave out sticky notes like the Handy Sticky Notes ($12). If you think about it, it would give us more incentive to do a rock star job on our daily assignments.... [More]

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Cotton Tail Paper Clips

Personally, we're rather surprised that these Cotton Tail Paper Clips ($10) aren't bursting out of the seams after being closed up together in the box. But what do we know?... [More]

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Suck UK Stampler

Ok, we think this Stampler ($20) is an awesome idea, we really do. Except, that face isn't actually smiling, so why does it say 'Have a Nice Day' around it? Given the facial expression, we think the stamp should read something like "Have an Average... [More]

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Smock Peacock Art Print Calendar

We're willing to overlook the fact that this 2012 Smock Peacock Art Print Calendar ($8) doesn't leave any room for our appointment scribbles or birthday underlining. We've got smartphones, laptops, tablets and planners for all that. But what we don't have is a lovely, colorful... [More]

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Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks

Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks ($10 for 2) 1) Move all the half-assed "to do" lists to one notebook. Preferably this one. 2) Stop swearing so damn much. 3) Procrastinate on numbers 1 and 2 for just a little longer...... [More]

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Graphic Lap Desk

While we're always bragging to men about women being multi-taskers, it can sometimes be a hassle. Especially on those nights when we find ourselves bringing our work home with us. But we're too dedicated to blow it off, so we just use one of these... [More]

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graphite hand-s.jpg

Agelio Batle Graphite Hand

Can we give you a hand with novelty items? The Agelio Batle Graphite Hand ($65) actually does something. It draws. Choose from a right or left hand, or get both to make your next office presentation really memorable.... [More]

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Eco Highlighters

Calling all college-attending Outblush readers! We dunno about you, but we used to go through MANY packages of highlighters each semester - we were a bit OCD about highlighting "important" bits of text. And more than once, we opened our backpacks to find that our... [More]

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MUJI Clock Stickies

What the hell time was that doctor's appointment? You might actually be able to remember if you had drawn a little clock face instead of just writing down arbitrary numbers. Consider adding a set of MUJI's Clock Stickies ($4) to your notepad arsenal to help... [More]

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Deco Breeze Retro Metal Desk Fan

Just because we didn't have Mad Men to heat us up all summer (hello, Don Draper!) it doesn't mean we haven't been chilling in front of our fans or hitting up the local Banana Republic to take advantage of free A/C and to check out... [More]

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Vinea WasteCan

Trash cans aren't all that interesting because, well, they hold our trash. All the same, the most elegant room in the world still needs one. So keep things upscale with the Vinea WasteCan ($25). We wouldn't advise putting wet teabags or banana peels in this... [More]

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Acco Klix Clips

Will these Acco Klix Clips ($4) work better than tradition paper clips? Maybe. Are we just a little bit enamored over the bright colors and funky shape of these little guys? Yup. They're almost as cute as the Barbie purse paper clamps we stole from... [More]

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Say Cheese Camera Tape Dispenser

The only thing that could make this Say Cheese Camera Tape Dispenser ($22) any cooler is if it was filled with Japanese masking tape. And that, literally, is the only thing.... [More]

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Obliging Bird Clip

Certainly displaying this Obliging Bird Clip ($18) from Anthropologie makes our homes look way more put together than the mail and receipts we currently have just scattered about our dining room table and office desk. It's just an added bonus that he's so adorable we... [More]

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