The Better To Stick You To Tape Dispenser

Unbeknownst to Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf had just run out of Scotch Tape while he was wrapping his last present. He considered her frightfully rude for calling the woodsman in on the matter. After all, he just wanted to borrow a little tape.... [More]

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Magnetic Stickers

We used to think that just leaving an item we use regularly on our desk was sufficient, but lately it's become such an avalanche of paper (thank you, taxes) that we need something more serious. Which is why we're sticking magnets to our walls. You... [More]

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Fabric Thumbtacks

Personally, we think these Fabric Thumbtacks ($8) are so much cuter than the plastic rainbow-colored pushpins that fill the corkboard in our craft area. They might not get us to actually make the crafts from the pictures we have pinned up for inspiration, but at... [More]

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Hippo Memo Holder

Hippo Memo Holder

We adore the Hippo Memo Holder ($16) because it reminds us of one of our favorite childhood games: Hungry Hungry Hippos. The only difference is this little hippo is hungry for our notes.... [More]

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Dylans Smelly Jelly Gel Pens

Dylan's Smelly Jelly Gel Pens

We have so many great memories of writing notes to our boyfriend of the week and we remember always using these funky glitter pens. Now that we're older, we still get the same feeling when use Dylan's Smelly Jelly Gel Pens. The only difference is... [More]

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Delfonics Pens

Crafted from wood in a cool hexagonal shape, these Japanese Delfonics Pens ($10) just might take the place of our current favorite pen (does anyone else go through phases of pen obsession?). We love the smooth feel, the unique design, and the durable construction. This... [More]

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No Staple Stapler

We're always on the hunt for something to keep our desk organized and fresh. This cool No Staple Stapler ($38 on sale) is capable of "stapling" up to 4 pages together without an actual staple. That means no gouging yourself under your nail bed, no... [More]

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Memo Mountain

Some days it seems like we have a mountain of work... especially on days that our Memo Mountain ($15) is completely covered in to-do lists.... [More]

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Pencil Cup

The crappy looking mod-podged stewed tomato can that is currently holding our pens is in for a rude awakening . We can't wait to update our desk and creative corner with this awesome Pencil Cup ($10). We think the laid-back print and cheerful color will... [More]

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Work Less Play More Notepad

Work Less Play More Ball Paper Notepad

New Year's resolution #2 - Work less and play more....lots more! We sure hope our boss isn't reading this (hehehe). Work Less Play More Ball Paper Notepad ($9)... [More]

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Worther Woody Mechanical Pencil

Is that a Worther Woody Mechanical Pencil ($32) in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Oh, it's a pencil...... [More]

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Hanako Clulow Mousepad

The first mousepad we found was too big. The second mousepad we found was too small. But the Hanako Clulow Mousepad ($15) was just right. Go figure.... [More]

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Gingiber 2012 Owl Calendar

We're feeling sure that 2012 is going to be a hoot, and what better way to hold onto mentality than to keep the sweet owls in Gingibers 2012 Owl Calendar ($21) on display?... [More]

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USB Typewriter

Obsolete technology makes a stunning comeback with this USB Typewriter ($799). We're not sure it's entirely practical, but it's cool as hell. It could be a good gift for the person who has everything, because how would you even know you needed this until you... [More]

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Stenogra-fur Notepad in Kitten

Hectic day at the office? Stressed beyond return? Jot down all your notes about how life sucks on these Stenogra-fur Notepad in Kitten ($11). Those smiling kitty faces will either make you feel better, or make you want to stab out their eyes. Either is... [More]

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Aphrodite USB Hub

Who says beauty and hard work are mutually exclusive? This Aphrodite USB Hub ($46) gets the job done while looking lovely with her upswept hair and porcelain skin. You go, girl.... [More]

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Gardens of Wendiland Less Work Mor Zen

We understand the benefit of a zen garden, and raking that sand certainly does put us in some sort of trance, but really, who wants a little box of boring grey sand on their desk? The Less Work Mor Zen V ($37) is a totally... [More]

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Giraffe Ruler

Personally, we think this Giraffe Ruler ($5) would have been more appropriate as a yardstick, but that makes carrying it in your backpack a little tricky. Slip one into your kid's pencil box as a cute mid-year school supply pick-me-up. Fun!... [More]

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Handy Sticky Notes

Handy Sticky Notes

We wish our bosses gave out sticky notes like the Handy Sticky Notes ($12). If you think about it, it would give us more incentive to do a rock star job on our daily assignments.... [More]

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Cotton Tail Paper Clips

Personally, we're rather surprised that these Cotton Tail Paper Clips ($10) aren't bursting out of the seams after being closed up together in the box. But what do we know?... [More]

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