Hendrix Lateral File Cabinet

We hate filing. It's a necessity, but we loathe it. We think one of the worst parts about it is that file cabinets are so ugly and utilitarian - they practically scream "we contain a chore you despise." When we redo our office, we are... [More]

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Voyager Steamer Desk

We've been obsessed with this steamer trunk secretary for far too long, but the fact is, it just wouldn't fit into our lives, literally or figuratively. Thankfully, there's this Voyager Steamer Desk ($699 on sale) which fits into both our home offices and our budgets,... [More]

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Card Bar

We don't know about you, but our desks are always littered with invitations, notes, and other important stuff we don't put away for fear that once they're filed, we'll forget all about them. The problem is, when those important items get hidden under a Starbucks... [More]

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Suzu Ruler

We've been using the same ruler since our freshman year of college, which has been just fine since we use a ruler, oh, once every seven months or so. But now we're on the fence - do we buy this incredible glitteriffic Suzu Ruler ($60),... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Evil Genius Pencils

Even evil geniuses should sketch out their plans in pencil before solidifying them in pen. Pick up a pack of Evil Genius Pencils ($4) by The Carbon Crusader and still have plenty of funding left over for your freeze ray. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just... [More]

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Cinder Block Magnets

Unfortunately, these Cinder Block Magnets ($12, set of 6) may be the closest we can come to an "exposed brick wall" in our apartment. We'll take it. They give a funky, urban vibe to the front of our fridge (if that's even a thing!), and... [More]

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Uten.Silo II

Looking to bring some creative storage solutions to your space? Hang the Uten.Silo II ($385) by Dorothee Becker on your office wall. It has little hooks, lots of nooks, and a few crannies, too. Instead of letting your miscellaneous desk debris clutter your drawers, toss... [More]

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Ms. Librarian Chest

As ridiculous as it sounds, we've fallen head over heels for a piece of furniture. How could we not swoon over the Ms. Librarian Chest ($875) by heima? It's a eye-catching piece that highlights everything we hold dear: '60's-esque mod design, girly-girl pink, and easy-to-organize... [More]

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Chalk Calendar Wall Decal

We're sure you've got your scheduling down pat, but if you're anything like us, a big, in-your-face, hard-to-miss reminder is sometimes absolutely necessary for date nights, dentists' appointments, and Dad's birthday. We've got a Chalk Calendar Wall Decal ($40, on sale) from PBTeen hanging in... [More]

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Poketo Tomorrow Planner

The Tomorrow Planner ($28) answers the perpetual question of "when am I supposed to be doing that?" Sure, it's a fairly standard monthly and weekly planner, but it's open-dated, so you can fill in the dates for whatever year you want. Plus, the name means... [More]

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Logitech K760 Solar Keyboard for iPad

We like to travel light, and ever since we got an iPad, we leave the laptop at home as much as possible. Since we do occasionally need to get our type on, though, we found a keyboard to travel with. The Logitech K760 Solar Powered... [More]

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Suck UK Mega Silly Notes

It's a proven fact: your roommates view you as way less of a bitch if your note about how people need to do the dishes is on a pink elephant. Mega Silly Notes ($5)... [More]

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Handy Shredder

We like to keep Handy Shredders ($12) in our purses to destroy all evidence that we (don't judge) sometimes hit up Godiva two or three times a week. No one has to know except us and the waistbands of our favorite jeans. Kidding aside, this... [More]

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Sushi Stapler

As if there aren't enough things in the office that make you count the minutes until lunch time... Sushi Stapler ($7)... [More]

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Translucent Memo Pad

If you're one of those college students who happens to actually believe you'll get a good resale price for your textbooks* if you take good care of them, we have an invaluable tool for you. The Translucent Memo Pad ($9) is made up of sticky... [More]

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House Page Markers

We like office supplies that can also serve as desk decor, and these House Page Markers ($24 for 6) are our new favorites. They provide bright bursts of color for our desks and are quite helpful when we're coding our TPS reports.... [More]

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Multi Flavor #10 Flavorlopes

Sure, we've been doing most of our correspondence and banking over the Internet, but maybe we ought to give the snail mail another go. Really, we just want to taste the sticky stuff on the Multi Flavor #10 Flavorlopes ($10). Fruity flavors like apple, orange,... [More]

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Moleskine Highlighter Pencils

Many beautiful quotes have disappeared back into the pages of our favorite books because we didn't want to ruin the pages with runny ink. These Moleskin Highlighter Pencils ($17) allow you to mark up your books like a pro without any ink leaking through to... [More]

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Penguin Pencils

These Penguin Pencils ($7) are an easy way to keep sharp on the classics. Reading optional. Sharpener required.... [More]

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Did you know that every year you waste an average of five hours* (that could be spent watching reruns of The Walking Dead) wrapping gifts? It's almost guaranteed that you'll lose the tape while cutting the paper, or that the scissors will wind up on... [More]

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