House Page Markers

We like office supplies that can also serve as desk decor, and these House Page Markers ($24 for 6) are our new favorites. They provide bright bursts of color for our desks and are quite helpful when we're coding our TPS reports.... [More]

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Multi Flavor #10 Flavorlopes

Sure, we've been doing most of our correspondence and banking over the Internet, but maybe we ought to give the snail mail another go. Really, we just want to taste the sticky stuff on the Multi Flavor #10 Flavorlopes ($10). Fruity flavors like apple, orange,... [More]

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Moleskine Highlighter Pencils

Many beautiful quotes have disappeared back into the pages of our favorite books because we didn't want to ruin the pages with runny ink. These Moleskin Highlighter Pencils ($17) allow you to mark up your books like a pro without any ink leaking through to... [More]

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Penguin Pencils

These Penguin Pencils ($7) are an easy way to keep sharp on the classics. Reading optional. Sharpener required.... [More]

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Did you know that every year you waste an average of five hours* (that could be spent watching reruns of The Walking Dead) wrapping gifts? It's almost guaranteed that you'll lose the tape while cutting the paper, or that the scissors will wind up on... [More]

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IDEA Manual Paper Shredder

We've always thought of paper shredders as completely mundane appliances. But the IDEA Manual Paper Shredder ($44) is as cool as shredders come. Its minimalist aesthetic will fit in well in our office, while the hand crank means we can work out our arm muscles,... [More]

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Ok Monday, Let's Do This Print

Yes, we'd rather be back in bed. Yes, we feel like the weekend is always too short. But hey, the Mondays are gonna keep coming no matter how much we grumble and groan. We might as well suck it up and tackle them like the... [More]

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Fred Flare Poodle USB Hub

No dogs at work? NO DOGS AT WORK?!?!?! Oh, just no real dogs. Great. 'Cause we're setting up our poodle shrine stat, complete with this Poodle USB Hub ($16), which not only lets us hook up electronic devices, but has a beautiful glowing green eye.... [More]

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Quirky Split Stick Double Sided USB

You know that recommendation your recently-fired coworker gave you about keeping your work life and your personal life separate? She wasn't just talking about not banging the intern in the storage room. Well, maybe she was, but that's not what we're talking about. We're talking... [More]

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Blackwing 602 Writing Pencil

Apparently, these Blackwing 602 Writing Pencils ($20 for 12) have quite the cult following. After they disappeared off the market for a while and pencil lovers went mad with grief, Charles Berolzheimer II, a sixth-generation pencil manufacturer, decided to reintroduce them. Aficionados love that even... [More]

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Pantone Storage Tin

The color of the year for 2012 may be Tangerine Tango, but we've always been partial to a nice purple, haven't you? This Violet Pantone Storage Tin ($22) will keep those little odds and ends organized and add a vivid pop of color to our... [More]

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Bamboo Desktop Tablet

What, a white board that's not actually white? This Bamboo Desktop Tablet ($20) is a much cooler take on run-of-the-mill dry-erase boards. This just might be our new to-do list vehicle, weekly menu planner, or brainstorming pad.... [More]

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Jac Zagoory Design Shark Stapler

Like all preteen girls, we wanted to be marine biologists when we grew up. We had a pretty unhealthy fascination with orca whales and great white sharks. The Jac Zagoory Design Shark Stapler ($130) triggered that old fascination as soon as we saw it. (Seriously,... [More]

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The Better To Stick You To Tape Dispenser

Unbeknownst to Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf had just run out of Scotch Tape while he was wrapping his last present. He considered her frightfully rude for calling the woodsman in on the matter. After all, he just wanted to borrow a little tape.... [More]

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Magnetic Stickers

We used to think that just leaving an item we use regularly on our desk was sufficient, but lately it's become such an avalanche of paper (thank you, taxes) that we need something more serious. Which is why we're sticking magnets to our walls. You... [More]

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Fabric Thumbtacks

Personally, we think these Fabric Thumbtacks ($8) are so much cuter than the plastic rainbow-colored pushpins that fill the corkboard in our craft area. They might not get us to actually make the crafts from the pictures we have pinned up for inspiration, but at... [More]

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Hippo Memo Holder

Hippo Memo Holder

We adore the Hippo Memo Holder ($16) because it reminds us of one of our favorite childhood games: Hungry Hungry Hippos. The only difference is this little hippo is hungry for our notes.... [More]

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Dylans Smelly Jelly Gel Pens

Dylan's Smelly Jelly Gel Pens

We have so many great memories of writing notes to our boyfriend of the week and we remember always using these funky glitter pens. Now that we're older, we still get the same feeling when use Dylan's Smelly Jelly Gel Pens. The only difference is... [More]

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Delfonics Pens

Crafted from wood in a cool hexagonal shape, these Japanese Delfonics Pens ($10) just might take the place of our current favorite pen (does anyone else go through phases of pen obsession?). We love the smooth feel, the unique design, and the durable construction. This... [More]

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No Staple Stapler

We're always on the hunt for something to keep our desk organized and fresh. This cool No Staple Stapler ($38 on sale) is capable of "stapling" up to 4 pages together without an actual staple. That means no gouging yourself under your nail bed, no... [More]

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