mmiinn X Tape

Fancy up your packages by taping them in X Tape ($19, scroll down) by mmiinn - you can seal your brown box with brass hinges, o-rings, tower bolts, or leather straps. It certainly beats duct tape.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Junk Drawer Pencil Case

Too many pens and pencils cluttering up your junk drawer? Let them clutter up the Junk Drawer Pencil Case ($6) instead. Then you can store the case in your junk drawer, thoroughly slipping down the rabbit hole of junk stored within junk stored within junk.... [More]

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Miranda Cat Tape Dispenser

Ditch those flimsy plastic dispensers that come with your Scotch tape (or forty-nine-cent generic brand "adhesive"). Instead, use the sturdy, wooden Miranda Cat Tape Dispenser ($20) in your gift-wrapping and tear-mending. Not only is she cuter to look at, she stands upright properly. You'll be... [More]

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TLD Desk

We're always drawn to very minimalistic desks with clean lines. Perhaps this is because our own desks are always trashed - our affectionate term is "mesk". Our latest obsession is this TLD Desk ($399). The hook-on storage shelf and drawer will help keep the clutter... [More]

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Factory Vessels

You can use your imagination when deciding what to put in the Factory Vessels ($88-92) by Up in the Air Somewhere. Arrange the factories on your office desk and fill them with pens, scissors, et cetera. Or, you could go for a silent statement by... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Paper Airplane Pushpins

We were never very good at making paper airplanes, though they've always been appealing to us. These Paper Airplane Pushpins ($5) are fun and fully office-appropriate, so long as we don't actually throw them at anyone. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Monthly Sticky Notes

Keeping track of what's going on in a monthly planner is great...if you open and look at your monthly planner. We find that sticking one of these Monthly Sticky Notes ($2) somewhere we look often keeps us a bit more on top of our calendar.... [More]

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Lemon Bookends

Add a little whimsy to your shelves by grouping some books between these Lemon Bookends ($44). They could also give a refreshing splash of citrus color to your mantel. Or you could let them hug your favorite cookbooks on your kitchen counter.... [More]

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Oblo Puzzle Sphere

The colorful 21-piece Oblo Puzzle Sphere ($20) is supposed to help kids develop their fine motor skills and spacial reasoning, which we're sure it does. In fact, maybe kids "get it" more than we do, because it takes us forever to take it apart and... [More]

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Birdie Paper Knife

There's nothing that irks us more profoundly than getting a paper cut while opening our cable bill. Enter the Birdie Paper Knife ($14). This simple, modern cutie will not only prevent cuts, but also calm us down as we stare at our amount due.... [More]

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Pen Zen

We're so over this overstuffed coffee mug packed with pens (who knows how many of them actually work), paper clips, stray staples, and gum wrappers. No more! We're cleaning up our act with the help of the Pen Zen ($20). We'll weed out any unnecessary... [More]

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Crust Be Dreaming USB Hub

There are few things we love more than a good pun, and with so many people taking themselves so seriously these days (wtf, adults?), it seems that a good groan-worthy play on words can be hard to come by. Please allow us to lighten up... [More]

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Hendrix Lateral File Cabinet

We hate filing. It's a necessity, but we loathe it. We think one of the worst parts about it is that file cabinets are so ugly and utilitarian - they practically scream "we contain a chore you despise." When we redo our office, we are... [More]

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Voyager Steamer Desk

We've been obsessed with this steamer trunk secretary for far too long, but the fact is, it just wouldn't fit into our lives, literally or figuratively. Thankfully, there's this Voyager Steamer Desk ($699 on sale) which fits into both our home offices and our budgets,... [More]

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Card Bar

We don't know about you, but our desks are always littered with invitations, notes, and other important stuff we don't put away for fear that once they're filed, we'll forget all about them. The problem is, when those important items get hidden under a Starbucks... [More]

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Suzu Ruler

We've been using the same ruler since our freshman year of college, which has been just fine since we use a ruler, oh, once every seven months or so. But now we're on the fence - do we buy this incredible glitteriffic Suzu Ruler ($60),... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Evil Genius Pencils

Even evil geniuses should sketch out their plans in pencil before solidifying them in pen. Pick up a pack of Evil Genius Pencils ($4) by The Carbon Crusader and still have plenty of funding left over for your freeze ray. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just... [More]

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Cinder Block Magnets

Unfortunately, these Cinder Block Magnets ($12, set of 6) may be the closest we can come to an "exposed brick wall" in our apartment. We'll take it. They give a funky, urban vibe to the front of our fridge (if that's even a thing!), and... [More]

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Uten.Silo II

Looking to bring some creative storage solutions to your space? Hang the Uten.Silo II ($385) by Dorothee Becker on your office wall. It has little hooks, lots of nooks, and a few crannies, too. Instead of letting your miscellaneous desk debris clutter your drawers, toss... [More]

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Ms. Librarian Chest

As ridiculous as it sounds, we've fallen head over heels for a piece of furniture. How could we not swoon over the Ms. Librarian Chest ($875) by heima? It's a eye-catching piece that highlights everything we hold dear: '60's-esque mod design, girly-girl pink, and easy-to-organize... [More]

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