Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station

Read up a bit on your ancient history, and it quickly becomes clear: prehistoric man loved big butts, along with big everything else, when it came to his ladies. We say bring back the back! We'll start the campaign with this voluptuous Venus of Cupertino... [More]

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Cordies Executive

You know you're one hella profesh executive in the making, but when people visit your office, the array of cords, notes and general detritus scattered all over your desk makes you look more idiot than savant. Stash everything from your cell to your business cards... [More]

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Lazerwood Key Covers

We're in love with the look of these Lazerwood Key Covers ($40) and we think the idea is fascinating. These are basically sturdy wooden stickers that go over the harsh alumninum of your current (apple) keyboard and give you the lovely tactile and aesthetic experience... [More]

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Control, Alt, Delete Pencil Cup

Ever since we saw Short Circuit, we've wanted to know: what happens to computers when they die? We still can't say for sure, but at least part of them can be given a new life in this Control Alt Delete Pencil Cup ($18). It's made... [More]

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Doubtblush: Open Sesame! Password Log

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]

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Will You Ever Use Me Again? Pencils

We're feeling a little sorry for the Will You Ever Use Me Again? Pencils ($10, pack of 10) by artist Dino Sanchez. Originally created as an art installment, the pencils were stashed throughout NYC so people could take them and use them. The rhetorical question... [More]

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Micro Office Tool Box

You know those days you head down to the local café to "get some work done"? Well, your portable-office cover story just got a whole lot more plausible. Put this Micro Office Tool Box ($9) on your table, and you'll have everything you need to... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Staple Free Stapler

Replace your home office stapler with one of these brightly-colored Staple Free Staplers ($9). With an easy push, it'll punch a small tab through up to five sheets of paper, sans a staple. Who knew saving resources and gettin' the job done right would cost... [More]

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Keyboard Stickers

Our seventh-grade typing teacher would be horrified to know that we glance down at the keyboard while we're typing, but, sorry Ms. Balleweg, it's true. And you know what? Keyboards are pretty boring looking. If she had pointed out that there's no need to look... [More]

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Cork Map

Replace your boring rectangular corkboard with the Cork Map ($45). It sports a backing of self-adhesive tape for easy installation (providing you're a champ at world geography and know things like where Madagascar is in relation to the eastern coast of Africa). Suddenly, your favorite... [More]

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We know e-readers are seemingly replacing books, but we're going to maintain that there are too many word nerds in the world to let the printed page go extinct. We'll safely invest in a few Zipmarks ($9 each) to show our solidarity with our fellow... [More]

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Custom Inspector Stamp

Off the tops of our heads, we could think of half a dozen uses for a tiny Custom Inspector Stamp ($23). Seal your wedding invites with your initials, share your business logo, brand your personal effects...shall we go on, or are the wheels in your... [More]

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Shark Bite Remover

Attack stubborn staples with gusto and, of course, the Shark Bite Remover ($78). Mr. Great White will help keep your newly manicured nails lookin' good while also lookin' badass himself by eating your unwanted metal. Now if only he could take a bite out of... [More]

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Long and Short of It Notepad

Part wrist rest, part smiley office companion, the Long and Short of It Notepad ($12) is a desk accessory designed for jotting notes and making lists. Who says everything has to be recorded vertically?... [More]

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Bigfoot Tape Dispenser

You're doing enough work as you wrestle to wrap your gifts. You may as well make the Bigfoot Tape Dispenser ($36) take on the simple task of keeping itself upright while you work. The suction cup feet give it a good grip on your work... [More]

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Computer Jewelry

No window in your office? Give yourself something pretty to look at while you slave away at your computer all day. A shiny piece of Computer Jewelry ($10) should do the trick. A real orchid would never survive the florescent lighting and dry air surrounding... [More]

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Cork Cone by Daniel Emma

We're so sick of stabbing ourselves with pushpins every time we grab one out of our drawer that we're seriously considering dropping a benjamin on this Cork Cone ($98). Okay, it's prohibitively expensive for a stylish pincushion, but it's definitely a good idea.... [More]

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Knock Knock Utility Task Clips

We're always trying to remember what the various piles on our desk are for. Our previous system of sticky notes wasn't working because if we moved the top sheet with the label, we'd forget what the pile was for. These Utility Task Clips ($8) have... [More]

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Magnetic Storage Plank

Instead of keeping your keys stuffed into the bottom of your purse, hang them from the Magnetic Storage Plank ($21). Install the plank next to the door, toss your sunglasses on top, and let the small magnet underneath keep your keys in plain sight.... [More]

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Caomaru Veggies Stress Balls

Much as we'd like to throw tomatoes at the people who are stressing us out, we also like that whole having-a-job-and-earning-a-paycheck thing. Instead of taking our aggressions out on our coworkers by hurling fruit, we're taking out our aggressions on these Caomaru Veggies Stress Balls... [More]

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