Condiment Spoons

We attempt to throw a fabulous party. We slave over a hot stove for days. We present our dishes to our guests - and we got nothing to serve them with. A wooden spoon here, a salad tosser there, it's so unprof! The Condiment Spoons... [More]

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Crate and Barrel Set of 4 Fruit Juice Glasses

These fruit juice glasses ($10 for the set) are along the same lines of this mildly anal-retentive and self-explanatory trivet, because we wonder if we could drink apple juice out of a cup with grapes on it without our heads exploding.... [More]

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Sand Pebble Placemats

These Sand Pebble Placemats ($38 for 2) make us feel like we've got our toes in the nearest river. We can practically hear the cool water gurgling over the nearby rocks, and feel the soft breeze on the backs of our necks. But, since we... [More]

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placemat 2-s.jpg

Chilewich Coral Gold Placemat

Looks a spool of metallic thread rolled into the hands of a spider or some other clever creature and the Chilewich Coral Gold Placemat ($10) spun into existence. Pressed vinyl gets an organic makeover in this delicate web.... [More]

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Potato Chip Coasters

The description says that the potato chip bags these Potato Chip Coasters ($24 for six) are made of get washed before they become coasters, but we're kinda hoping they still smell like potato chips. Imagine how great your living room would smell after a rousing... [More]

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Ko Ko Ko Fox Plate

There's something about the Fox Plate ($18) that appeals to the canine-loving, bike-riding, foodie in us. Or rather, we look at this plate, think, "Awe, cute!" and then click Add to Cart!... [More]

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Thomas Paul Folk Collection Dessert Plates

One thing's for certain (aside from death and taxes, of course), no matter how many times we feature the nesting doll trend, "matryoshkas" is never going to get any easier to spell. Luckily, these Thomas Paul Folk Dessert Plates ($32) forgo the label all together.... [More]

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Modern-Twist Matrix Placemat

We never really understood the whole "placemat thing" when we were younger. You have a table. You put a plate on it. What's the big deal? Then we started buying that furniture, and now we wouldn't dream of ruining that gorgeous stain with a cup... [More]

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Mr. Tea

I pity the fool that drinks coffee instead of tea in the mornings! Don't you know tea has caffeine, can increase metabolic rates, lower stress, and boost mental alertness. Alright, Mr. Tea ($20), we get it! Keep your panties on!... [More]

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Fred Pants Salt and Pepper Set

This is the only situation we can imagine in which it is perfectly acceptable to remove a pair of pants at the dinner table. Fred and Friends Pants Salt and Pepper Set ($10)... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 3.25.05 PM.png

Tea Tower

You can serve whatever you want with the four pieces in this Tea Tower ($42) . We would never try to fence you in. We will tell you, however, that if one were so inclined, they might use the top part for sugar, the second... [More]

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InkDish Tug Side Plate

"Pull harder girls! We've gotta get that cake over on our side of the table!" InkDish Tug Side Plate ($14)... [More]

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Beardy Man Egg Cup

It's true, we're hard boiled pressed to find a beard we don't love; rightly, the Beardy Man Egg Cup ($18) is no exception. Each handsome egg cup is hand made and printed. Dippy egg lovers rejoice, the perfect cup has sprouted, err grown, err arrived!... [More]

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henna dessert plates-s.jpg

Henna Dessert Plates

Mix and match the Henna Dessert Plates ($20 / set of four) with simple geometric table linens for an eclectic table set up. If you want a touch of floral, without bringing up the whole garden, these are a nice choice.... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-04-25 at 12.46.19 PM.png

Octopus Print Zombie Glasses

"When you see 'em in films, they're running about an' that and everyone likes an octopus." - Karl Pilkington If you don't know the joy that is Karl Pilkington, check out The Ricky Gervais Show. If you watch while drinking something from these Octopus Print... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-04-25 at 1.06.37 PM.png

Dragon Tea Pot

This Dragon Tea Pot by Richard Flores ($460) is: 1) A great substitute for that dragon tattoo you'll regret getting. 2) A great substitute for that baby dragon you'll regret adopting. 3) A terrible reminder of that Dragon Ball Z fan you regret dating.... [More]

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Rob Ryan Other Planets Ceramic Plate

We know Earth Day is over, but this year we're going to try and celebrate as often as possible. Because it's true: Other planets cannot be as beautiful as this one! Rob Ryan Other Planets Ceramic Plate (28)... [More]

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Orange Slice Lazy Susan

Orange you glad the Orange Slice Lazy Susan ($199) isn't a banana? We are. In fact, we're obsessed with this sunny wooden spinning server.... [More]

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Floral Cook & Serve

What could be more fabulous than serving left-overs or heading to a pot-luck with the Floral Cook & Serve ($25)? These delightful containers are ceramic, making them dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe. A sweet floral graphic outside, with white ceramic inside and blue silicone... [More]

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Modern-Twist Vinotagz

The Modern-Twist Vinotagz ($16) blend a simple design with a functional way to help keep track of your glass. Six markers are made of a translucent silicone, and come in a cool retro bird pattern. The storage box fits around the neck of wine bottle,... [More]

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