Demijon Cloche Clear Plate Cover

We've been noticing a huge trend in magazines and on decorating websites. Bell jars are popping up everywhere! We see them covering cheese, showcasing delicate desserts, and even displaying creative crafts. We're particularly taken with this Demijon Cloche Clear Plate Cover (inquire for price). We... [More]

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Therm-O Terra Tea/Water Thermos

Maybe if Steve Martin had sung about this Therm-O Terra Tea/Water Thermos ($27) he would have caught his lady faster... It's the extra best thermos that you can buy...... [More]

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Turquoise Champagne Glasses

Turquoise, plus fancy cups, equals we are all over that. We've never met a snazzy goblet we didn't like drinking from. These cool Turquoise Champagne Glasses ($24) are a fun twist on traditional champagne flutes. Way less stuffy. And since they're not clear you can... [More]

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Noon-To-Night Napkins

We can see garden parties and boho-chic soirees looking fab-u-lous if you have these fresh Noon-To-Night Napkins ($68 for 20) in your table settings. How cool are the playful prints, vibrant colors, and laid-back style of these napkins? We want to set up a table... [More]

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Aruba Deluxe Wine Case

Let's be real. All we really need on an intimate picnic is a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a corkscrew. This Aruba Deluxe Wine Case ($72) takes away the need to carry a gigantic picnic basket. Have your guy carry the case, you carry... [More]

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Tea For One Mug

We'll be having a tea party for one, thank you very much. This Tea For One Mug ($18) comes stocked with a strainer and holds twelve ounces of your favorite tea. Say goodbye to long lines at Starbucks, awkward small talk with skeevy guys waiting... [More]

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Swank Plastic Glass with Lid

The idea of a sippy cup for Mom might seem ridiculous at first, but have you ever watched a mother hold a toddler on her lap while trying to drink a glass of wine? Ridiculous or not, this Swank Plastic Wine Glass with Lid ($16)... [More]

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Lace Napkin Holder

If you're going to use paper towels instead of getting actual napkins, you should at least keep them in something classy like this Lace Napkin Holder ($8). Nothing says "I'm still acting like a college student" like handing your guests a big roll of Brawny... [More]

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Yaki Mug

Grey and yellow is our favorite color combo of late. It's popping up all over the place, and we are so into that. In fact, we're currently sipping our coffee from this Yaki Mug ($16). You know what we're not into? When fashion/design elitists use... [More]

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Round Cotton Placemat

Most of the time we just push aside the stacks of magazines and paper clippings on our table to make room for the meal we slapped together. But every once in a while it's important to sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal. Okay, it's... [More]

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Honey Jar and Stick

When you're rumbly in your tumbly and it's time for something sweet, look to this Honey Jar and Stick ($38) set. It doesn't come with honey, but it keeps your honey contained and ready to smear on biscuits and to stir into tea. No bother.... [More]

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Sagaform All Purpose Glasses

Our pants were getting a bit tight, so we're on the no booze bandwagon for a few weeks while things work themselves out. (We love the buzz, but hate the empty calories!) In order to still feel festive, we've taken to drinking our sparkling water... [More]

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ASA Memo Mug

We've all been to those parties where everyone takes a cup, leaves it somewhere, takes a cup, leaves it somewhere, and repeats the process until the event looks like a college frat party. Not classy. We're not keen on reenacting that with our morning coffee,... [More]

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Jadeite Cake Stand

From displaying desserts to decorations, cake stands have been getting a lot of love lately. We've been on the hunt for a non-white, vintage-feeling stand, and we think we found it in this Jadeite Cake Stand ($54). We think its pale green color would look... [More]

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Square Scrabble Coasters

We think these Scrabble Coasters ($30) would be the perfect gift for the Scrabble enthusiast in your family. Or you could trot them out when you host a game night with a Scrabble theme. We'll be over with our extensive knowledge of words that contain... [More]

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Joseph Joseph Grip-Tray

How on Earth did the accident-prone hostess survive prior to the invention of the Grip-Tray ($20-25)? Conveniently, as accident-prone hostesses ourselves, we know: lots of black clothes, spot cleaner, and a Rug Doctor rental on speed dial. Life is so much easier with this slip-proof... [More]

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Slim Pot

We hear drinking tea can help you stay slim. It seems to be working for this Slim Pot ($60)...... [More]

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2 Tier Sushi Box

We're assuming you want to eat your sushi ASAP (stale fish=not so delicious) or at least keep it in the fridge, but it will be hard not to keep this 2 Tier Sushi Box ($15) on display on your desk. What's not to love about... [More]

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Horchow Moroccan Tea Glasses

We sorta feel like we're stepping into a Moroccan tea house with these rad Horchow Moroccan Tea Glasses ($60). Don't they make you want to host a fabulous party like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills engagement party? (Yes, we're a little embarrassed we watch... [More]

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Pop Daisy Dinner Plates

We think the phrase "nothing is certain but death and taxes" should be modified to include doing dishes. We thank our lucky stars that our husband is willing to do them often, but when we have a chance (and a reason) to dress our table... [More]

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