Donald Duck Pants Mug

Agree to Disagree: Donald Duck Pants Mug

We're fond of our lil' Outblush Editorial family, and are usually in accord regarding product selection, but sometimes we look at an item that a fellow editor has chosen and do a double take. Which is why we bring you Agree To Disagree, a new... [More]

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Donald Duck Pants Mug

Celebrate: Donald Duck Pants Mug

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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Eat Table Linens

Mangia! Mangia! You're practically skin and bone! Get some help setting the proper table, with the Eat Table Linens ($48). These linen squares make every meal a special occasion... you are sitting down to eat after all!... [More]

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BUILT Fishnet Wine Two Bottle Tote

BUILT Fishnet Wine Two-Bottle Tote

Some wine totes are soooo boring, but we've found one that looks more like a fashion accessory....and it holds TWO bottles (instead of just one)! Get your stylin' drink on with the BUILT Fishnet Wine Two-Bottle Tote ($18). Throw this cool tote in the basket... [More]

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Superior Servers

What's old is new in the Superior Servers ($140) by Ladies & Gentlemen. These color dipped stainless steel servers are traditional in shape, but super-sized in scale (they're a whopping 11" long). Perfect for that yuppie potluck we're planning.... [More]

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shear cup-s.jpg

Shear Mug

Honestly, the only reason we can see to buy this Shear Mug ($33) is to f*ck with our coworker on a Monday morning. Which probably isn't the best use of $35, but it sure would be fun...... [More]

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Paint Chip Placemats

Remember how you didn't get the deposit back on your last apartment because you painted your dining nook a lovely shade called "Key Lime?" Don't do that again. Live your painting dreams through these paint chip placemats ($60 for 4) instead.... [More]

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Trudeau Floral Wine Charms

Who says only metal wine charms can be charming? Certainly not us! The Trudeau Floral Wine Charms ($8) include 12 different charms for personalizing, and keeping track of your glass. Stylish and simple, these silicone charms make clean up a snap. After a trip through... [More]

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Steel Beverage Dispenser

Cute, functional, sturdy, perfect for outdoor entertaining, and hello, 20 bucks! The Steel Beverage Dispenser ($20) is patio picnic magic. It features a plastic spigot and metal base for displaying. May we suggest buying one in blue for water and one in yellow for, well... [More]

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Good Grief Glasses

There are seven stages of grief, and these Good Grief Glasses ($28) provide some guidelines for how much you should be drinking depending on where you're at. It's a little dark, but also kind of genius. We think they come in a set of two... [More]

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Perch! Salty Singles

How cute are these shabby chic, vintage-looking Salty Singles ($20) by Perch!? Handmade and about three inches tall, they'll add a little charm and color to your kitchen and dining room. We like the idea of using a patterned shaker for salt and a solid... [More]

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Fits the Billiard Tea Set

This Fits the Billiard Tea Set ($45) looks like it jumped right out of Alice's Wonderland. We love the bold colors, the cute, stacking carrying caddy, and the fact that it'll serve 6 of our closest friends. It'll look great on our counter top and... [More]

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Farmer's Market Bowls

"My potato salad kicks your pasta salad's ass!" " "Well, my lemon blueberry cupcakes take the cake!" "You ladies are crazy, my roasted corn is the jam!" Duke it out amongst yourselves, but make sure the container matches the love inside with the Farmer's Market... [More]

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Jokari Water Infuser

Who needs a special pitcher for some fancy infused waters and teas, when you can simply pop in the Jokari Water Infuser ($8), and make magic? Fitting inside most pitchers, this ball keeps pulp out of your drinks, while infusing them with tons of flavor.... [More]

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Snow White Sweet Cupcake Stands

Every cupcake is a masterpiece, so show off each one on these individual Snow White Sweet Cupcake Stands ($11 for 6). They're made from recycled paper and are sturdy enough to hold even the most heavily frosted of sweet treat confections. Place one at each... [More]

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Inoshishi Hibachi Grill

Chances of you being the coolest girl on the picnic yard when you bust out the Inoshishi Hibachi Grill ($468)? We'd say... extremely high! This adorable Hibachi swine is made of aluminum and wood, and will infuse your foods with some serious flavor and whimsy.... [More]

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Golden Corn Salt & Pepper

A cheeky poke at those little plastic corn holders from the good old days, Golden Corn Salt & Pepper ($99) takes your picnicing to a whole new level. A luxurious duo that screams retro and camp, these salt and pepper shakers are simple, nostalgic, and... [More]

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Little Leaf Placeholders

Wedding. Engagement party. Fancy dinner. Just 'cause. Steer your guests to their seats with the Little Leaf Placeholders ($38). These lovely little elm leaves are handmade and dipper in silver. We can only hope the rest of the evening will be as civilized and refined.... [More]

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souk bowls-s.jpg

Le Souk Sabrine Bowls

Surely, we're not the only ones stocking up for summer dinner parties. Our gazpacho is gunna look extra delicious served in the Le Souk Sabrine Bowls ($32 / set of four). Add some color to black on black on stainless steel schemes, for pete's sake.... [More]

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Dovetusai Asymmetric Cocktail Glass

How posh are you gonna look, sippin' some swanky suds out of the Dovetusai Asymmetric Cocktail Glass? This clear asymmetric glass features a larger overhang on one side of the stem than the other; it's almost too pretty to use. Oh, who are we kidding?... [More]

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