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Skull Bobble Bottle Stoppers

Skulls used to really freak people out back in the day, and with good reason. It's a defleshed human head, people. It was a horrifying symbol of death. Now, they're just a trendy accessory that makes regular folks feel like they're being kind of hardcore,... [More]

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RSVP International Stainless Steel Margarita Glasses

You might say margaritas are a summer drink, but to that, we say phooey. We would like to see these RSVP International Stainless Steel Margarita Glasses ($24 for 2) under the Christmas tree. Scratch that, can we get them in our trick or treat bags?... [More]

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Spode Woodland Turkey Dinner Plate

The Spode Woodland Turkey Dinner Plate ($43) isn't a style we usually gravitate towards in dinnerware, but we love its antique appeal. We're envisioning a Thanksgiving spread that includes this piece, plus an eclectic assortment of mismatched serveware that will make even the most seasoned... [More]

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Oliver Biscotti Appetizer Plates

We tell our kids not to play with their food, but as soon as they go to bed we get out our funniest shaped foods and these Oliver Biscotti Appetizer Plates ($3 each) and laugh ourselves to sleep. And at this price, we think it... [More]

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Strip He Glasses Gift Box

We've seen enough mudflap girls to last us a lifetime. It's time to put your lips on one hot piece of gl-ass. 22 dolla' will make you holla! No, really, it will. Strip He Glasses Gift Box ($22 of 4).... [More]

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Bummer Baskets Beer's to Happy Endings Glasses

Beer's to Happy Endings Glasses ($19, set of 4), except when Beer's to not so happy endings because you drank one too many, feel up the stairs leading to your apartment, hugged the toilet all night long, and stayed in your PJ's until 6pm the... [More]

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Diane Von Furstenberg Petite Collection Flatware Set

The only reason we got married was for the registration (Kidding! Kidding!). We totally love this Diane Von Furstenberg Petite Collection Flatware Set ($106), but if you are like us you'll only get five (incredibly awesome and super expensive) settings of the ten you asked... [More]

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Tasty Trio Tiffin Box

Have you been teetering on the edge of the "I should I really take my lunch to work to save calories and also some serious cash" fence? Teeter no more! This Tasty Trio Tiffin Box ($37) is so adorable, you will want to pack it... [More]

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Map Of Europe Steel Thermos Bottle

Map of Europe? Check. Thermos to keep you toasty while you're riding on double deckers and strolling down quaint French streets? Check. We need this Map Of Europe Steel Thermos Bottle ($27) whether or not we're going to the old country anytime soon.... [More]

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Fred Xtra Creamer

We are *so* sick of the douchey guy in the break room making the same "oh, take a little coffee with your cream?" comment while we add 4 hazelnut creamers to our morning cup of joe that we've decided to simply give in. Instead of... [More]

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Glow Stick Party Cups

Your rave Halloween party just got 100 times cooler. Get yourself some candy corn, dry ice and a boozy punch to serve in these Glow Stick Party Cups ($37) and your guests are guaranteed to have a ghoulishly good time.... [More]

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Scrabble Letter Cups

Not only do these Scrabble Letter Cups ($12) pay homage to our favorite board game of all time on the outside, there's also a hidden bonus square at the bottom of the mug. Triple Cute Score!... [More]

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Jim Bobart Mr. Raccoon Side Plate

You know, we have quite a bit in common with Mr. Raccoon. And not just the dark circles under our eyes. Mr. Raccoon Loves a Macaroon Side Plate ($36) by Jim Bobart... [More]

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Birch Bark Squares

We're thinking of going unconventional and ditching the gourds and turkey theme for our Thanksgiving dinner. We're going to decorate our table like an outdoor feast, complete with these Birch Bark Squares ($28 for 4) as chargers, sprigs of pine strewn across the table, and... [More]

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Moroccan Appetizer Plates

We're thinking spicy chicken skewers, hummus and pita triangles, veggie couscous, and fresh fruit will be on the menu at our next Moroccan party. And of course these cute little Moroccan Appetizer Plates ($10). Now we just need to figure out the belly dancing costume... [More]

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Rule Pitchers

We think the Rule Pitchers ($15-28) are a discrete way to tell if your signif has been filching your orange juice, one sip at a time. Or, fill them with flowers as a great gift for your kid's teacher.... [More]

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Oceana Seaglass Dinnerware

Our schedules really don't permit a lot of heading up the coast to find little pebbly coves where we can search for sea glass. Which is sad. But we can bring you these elegant-but-not-so-artsy-you-can't-wash-or-microwave-them Oceana Seaglass plates and bowls ($98 and up for sets of... [More]

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ThinkGeek Doodle Tablecloth

So what if this ThinkGeek Doodle Tablecloth ($40) was created with kids in mind? We're kids at heart and we've always been doodlers. We doodle in margins, on shopping lists, and most often when we're supposed to be paying attention to someone who is talking.... [More]

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Dinner Time Poultry Dome

Should save the Dinner Time Poultry Dome ($799) for Thanksgiving, but passing up this outrageous piece would be a crime. Don't question us. Yes we do need a super strong glass chicken to keep our edible chicken warm. Now sit down and eat your dinner.... [More]

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Horchow Silver-Plated Cake Servers

Have you ever seen such gorgeous cake servers? We hadn't. Or, actually, now that we think about it, maybe we have, but we didn't know it because they were covered in crumbs and frosting. And of course, immediately after being served on potentially lovely cake... [More]

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