Cheap Thrill: Sarcasm Beer Coolie

We could argue that both beer and sarcasm go great with just about everything, but the Sarcasm Beer Coolie ($5) reminds us that they're especially effective when paired with each other. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]

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Talk With Chalk Mug Set

We used to have coffee mugs for every mood. Well, we're walking emotional roller coasters, so our mug collection was taking over the kitchen. We've gotten rid of the lot now that we've found this Talk With Chalk Mug Set ($28). Each of these pretty... [More]

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Caribou Drinkware in Amber

We've found the ultimate camp cups: this set of Caribou Drinkware in Amber ($40 for 4). For those not in the know, it's a requirement that camp glasses come in some shade of mustard-gold. That this set is also emblazoned with the mighty-antlered caribou is... [More]

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Ceramic Beer Bottle

Forget flasks, steins and punch top cans - we want to drink our brew out of a Ceramic Beer Bottle ($140) hand-crafted by New York artist Richard Stauffacher. We're thinking about picking up a growler full of our favorite local ale and sipping it all... [More]

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Hammered-Acrylic Glassware

We tried to class it up and use actual glasses instead of Solo cups at our first barbecue of the summer, but now we only have two glasses left thanks to strong sangria and a brick patio. We've since switched over to Hammered-Acrylic Glassware ($14-$18)... [More]

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Eye Chart Cocktail Shaker

While it's not as sleek as the classic stainless cocktail shaker, this Eye Chart Shaker ($25) is a pretty decent test of whether or not you've got the capacity to make another batch of martinis. It reads "OMG I am so wasted I can't even... [More]

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Beehive Cake Stand

The textured dome of this Beehive Cake Stand ($39) will cause your sweet treats to look even more enticing. Best of all, after you polish off your dessert, you'll have an interesting centerpiece if you just put a few flowers or lemons under this buzz-worthy... [More]

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BODUM BISTRO Coffee System

We've been crazy about the BODUM French press from the moment we took our first smooth sip of coffee from the depths of its glass body. Maybe it's time to add the BODUM BISTRO Coffee System ($250) to our collection. The sleek, forty-ounce brewer doesn't... [More]

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We All Scream Shaker Set

Wishing you were nomming on a double-twist soft serve with sprinkles instead of adding conservative amounts of salt and pepper to your grilled tilapia? The We All Scream Shaker Set ($13) is the perfect way to remind yourself to not skip dessert. (Though we don't... [More]

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The Ex Tray

Sometimes when a girlfriend suffers a breakup, all we can do is offer ice cream and a shoulder to cry on. And other times, we can throw a big effing party with LOTS of booze and food, 'cause that guy was a d***! For the... [More]

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Claudia Pearson Dog Plates

We're guessing you like a little humor with your housewares if you're visiting Outblush, so these Claudia Pearson Dog Plates ($16) are a perfect choice for summer barbecues. Serving up hot dogs on these little plates would be sure to make your guests smile.... [More]

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Banded Champagne Coupes

You guys, we're pretty freakin excited about the new Gatsby flick coming out this winter. But winter is a long ways away (and thank goodness for that, generally). We plan to maintain our excitement by channeling our inner roaring '20s party gal, sipping bubbly out... [More]

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Cath Kidston Jam Jar Kit

We can't seem to resist picking up a flat of bright ruby strawberries every time we hit the farmers' market. And as much as we love those fresh berries, it's starting to become a problem. Instead of letting those delicious sun-ripened fruits go bad, we're... [More]

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Core Bamboo Bread Slicer

It's an age-old question. Which came first? Sliced bread, or the Bread Slicer ($11)? While you're mulling that over, we're gonna help ourselves to a few fresh hunks of baguette.... [More]

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Miniature Glass Milk Bottles

You know how they say milk does a body good? It does a party good, too, when it's served in these Miniature Glass Milk Bottles ($49). We don't even have a party planned, but will gladly host a shindig if it means we can snag... [More]

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Happy Days Punch Bowl

For a while we tried to make jello shots our "party thing". We served 'em at every party we had, but people would just not get into them. Then one night we served a boozy punch instead and ended up having to make four batches!... [More]

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Bormioli Rocco Giara Bottles

Last summer we stumbled on Giada's homemade limoncello recipe and we haven't looked back. The stuff is divine! Our strategy: make a few huge batches at the start of the summer, pour them into these lovely Bormioli Rocco Giara Bottles ($10 each), and keep them... [More]

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Kami Wood Mug

This gorgeous Kami Wood Mug ($75) is made from Japanese aralia wood, shaved down until it's almost transparent. It's so stunning, it seems like a crime to top it up with Chock Full o'Nuts. Maybe we'll switch to drinking green tea in the morning, just... [More]

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Gold Moustache Glasses

Whether you're channeling Tom Selleck, Clark Gable, or any other mustache maven, these Gold Moustache Glasses ($24) are an elegant way to enjoy your favorite beverage. We prefer to sip a scotch on the rocks with a Fu. What about you? (OMG, that rhymed.)... [More]

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Tree Stump Cutting Board

Take your rustic dinner party theme literally by serving up your gourmet cheeses and other antipasti on the Tree Stump Cutting Board ($75). And don't worry - no trees were harmed in its creation. Artist Spencer Peterman makes them from fallen maples, which also means... [More]

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