City White Cork Placemats

We're taking a natural approach to our table decor come fall. Tans, ambers, and rustic fibers. These City White Cork Placemats ($12) are made from cork and rubber, are eco-friendly, and give us the aesthetic we're looking for. We'll toss simple white place settings on... [More]

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French Wine Bottle Riddling Rack

We don't have the room (or the cashola, for that matter!) for a wine cellar, but we wouldn't mind screwing a few French Wine Bottle Riddling Racks ($249) to our walls! Sure, we'd probably end up displaying six bottles of Skinnygirl red and an old... [More]

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Skull Tea or Coffee Set

The Skull Tea or Coffee Set ($65, set of 3) by Studio Pirsc looks plenty prim and proper until you take a second glance. Etched into the sides are sets of skulls and crossbones, reminding you that going for a fifth cup of coffee may... [More]

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Kitty Mug

There's something about the Kitty Mug ($12-18) that reminds us of our new favorite heroine. Please tell us you've caught the genius that is Gravity Falls? A kitten reading a book? Mabel Pines would so rock that image on a sweater. But we're not twelve-year-old... [More]

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Cora Sparkling Wine Glass

Celebrate all of life's best events in style by toasting with the Cora Sparkling Wine Glass ($15). We know it's only August, but can't you just see yourself looking fabulous in sequins and charming everyone at holiday parties while sipping out of this flat-bottomed beauty?... [More]

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XL Redneck Mason Jar Drinking Glass

Despite the regrettable name, this XL Redneck Mason Jar Drinking Glass ($15) is actually a pretty handy container. We've been making smoothies in mason jars for years now, because the wide mouths easily accommodate our immersion blender. Now we can simply grab our healthy breakfast-in-a-cup... [More]

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Twig Chopsticks

We couldn't think of a prettier set of chopsticks to use while gobbling up our grocery store California rolls. The Twig Chopsticks ($14) are carved out of wild olive wood from Kenya. Certainly they add a little beauty to our slightly pathetic Tuesday night dinner.... [More]

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Android Foundry Ice Cube Tray

At least someone is showing a bit of love to Android users! There may not be a plethora of skins and cases to choose from, but with the Android Foundry Ice Cube Tray ($12), you can sit back, sip your cordial from a glass filled... [More]

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Loveramics Tea Dam Cup and Saucer

With cooler weather looming, we went to Trader Joe's to stock up on tea (Jasmine Green Tea, YUM). That means we had better pull out our favorite mugs, too. The Tea Dam Cup and Saucer ($8 each) by Loveramics is the perfect tea vessel. It's... [More]

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Double Dish Snack Bowl

Quite a few of our favorite snacks are inherently messy. Olives, cherries, pistachios, shrimp cocktail - all of them require the positioning of an admittedly not-very-cute bowl for half-chewed shells, tails, or pits. With this Double Dish Snack Bowl ($18), the byproducts of our munchie... [More]

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Paper Boat Lighthouse Schnapps Set

Show us the way to go home... Paper Boat Lighthouse Schnapps Set ($35).... [More]

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Spider Inkblot Table Runner

We know, it's only August. But we get so excited for our favorite holiday that we spend our afternoon breaks oohing and ahhing over Halloween decor. The Spider Inkblot Table Runner ($49) is our current obsession. We can build a whole spooky tablescape around it,... [More]

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It's Spiked Punch Ladle

If your party guests can't smell the booze wafting out of the punch bowl, give them a heads-up with the It's Spiked Punch Ladle ($50) by Milk and Honey Luxuries. Your party time punch ain't no kid-friendly concoction of rainbow sherbet, ginger ale, and Hawaiian... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Heart Shoppe Straws

Colorful paper straws are all the rage in party decor. We've spotted plenty of striped ones, but these Heart Shoppe Straws ($6 for 25) have won us over. How darling will these be sticking out of glasses full of fresh lemonade? What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]

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Le Petit Dej' Breakfast Tray

While we would prefer our breakfast tray to have a built-in Sugar Smacks dispenser, we suppose we'll be content with the Le Petit Dej' Breakfast Tray ($92). A built-in bud vase is a great consolation prize. Now we just have to convince our significant others... [More]

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Cold-Brew Iced Tea Jug

Cold-brewing couldn't be any easier, thanks to the Cold-Brew Iced Tea Jug ($27). Just add your favorite loose leaf tea, pour in hot or cold water, and let the results steep in the fridge. Or get creative and add fruit to the body of the... [More]

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Sidecar High Dining Table

Apartment short on space? No problem! The Sidecar High Dining Table ($399) is an all-in-one piece: the perfect multitasker. It has shelves for storage and it'll easily convert from work space during the day to dining space at night. When you host a shindig, it... [More]

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Fold Unfold Tablecloth

Margrethe Odgaard, the designer who created the Fold Unfold Tablecloth ($160), is our kind of gal! We're sure she meant to be ultra-artsy, but we see the bold colors dyed along the tablecloth's folding seams as an excuse to never iron again. That, friends, makes... [More]

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Recycled Wine Bottle Candle Holders

If you know how to open a wine bottle with a sword, you could probably make these Recycled Wine Bottle Candle Holders ($42 for set of 2) yourself. If you're like most of us and regularly nick your fingers just chopping onions for dinner, however,... [More]

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Optic Glasses

Tighten your grip on a set of Optic Glasses ($55, set of 4). The borosilicate glass and the series of concave and convex curves give the illusion of extra depth. And they make even water look tantalizing, which is a bonus, because we know we... [More]

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