Volcano Ice Pop Molds

We thought that at thirty we'd be homeowners, living off the royalties of a New York Times Best Seller or three. But at one month shy of the big 3-0 we'd be happy just to be a little svelter by the big day. Enter these... [More]

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Sejjadeh Purple Coasters

Not only is the tile pattern on the Sejjadeh Purple Coasters ($6, each) lovely, the coasters themselves are silicone. That means they're cute and easily washed. We can be drink-klutzes (why is it always a full glass of red wine?!), so anything we can rinse... [More]

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Bazaar Reusable Wine Bag

Between book club meetings, Sunday football, and dinner parties, we're busy bees. So we've been stocking up on our favorite Pinot, and using Bazaar Reusable Wine Bags ($12 each) to bring a bottle with us each time we meet up with friends. Once the wine... [More]

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Cactus! Press Filter Coffee Infuser

If you've got a couple hundo to spare on a French press, let us point you in the direction of the Cactus! Press Filter Coffee Infuser ($217) by Alessi. The punched-out metal decoration will add plenty of pizzazz to your morning tablescape.... [More]

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Bi-Color Pitcher

Before you reach for the hot cocoa, serve your end-of-summer Moscato Punch out of the Bi-Color Pitcher ($65). This cheerful purple and turquoise vessel will help you bid the warm weather a fond farewell, especially if you pour your boozy concoction into the matching Multicolor... [More]

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Cantaloupe Bowl

Martha Stewart is always telling us how adorable it will look if we serve our fruit salads in bowls made of scooped-out melons. And it does - on day one. But stick those leftovers in the fridge, and in a few days you've got a... [More]

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Rainbow Acrylic Tumblers

If we could get a sneak peek into Lisa Frank's kitchen, we're pretty sure we'd find a set or two of these Rainbow Acrylic Tumblers ($36 for 4). There'd also probably be unicorn steaks in the fridge.... [More]

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Mason Jar Tumblers Party Kit

Take your hipster cred to a whole new level with this Mason Jar Tumblers Party Kit ($48). You and your flannel-and-glasses-wearing crew will have a fabulous time taking Instagram photos of yourselves while sipping home-infused bitters from these rustic little glasses. Each jar sports a... [More]

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Pacman Crochet Table Mat

We are so chronologically confused by the Pacman Crochet Table Mat ($38)! Crocheted tableware reminds us of the '40s and '50s, but Pac-Man is '80s through and through. Maybe we'll stop trying to analyze our place mats, declare them awesome, and leave it at that!... [More]

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Akito Square Plate

Don't think of how much of a pain in the rear it will be to scrub this Akito Square Plate ($12), with all of those textured ridges that seemed designed to help conceal the sorts of baddies you learned about in Biology 101. Think instead... [More]

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Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

It's true. We don't quite feel one hundred percent unless our mug is full of steaming, full-bodied, premium roast coffee. But we'll also take breakroom roast brewed three hours ago and warmed in the microwave. As long as it's caffeinated, we'll be mostly ready to... [More]

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Paint Chip Table Runner

Add a playful element to your next party with a Paint Chip Table Runner ($55) by Avril Loreti. The ombre effect brings elegance to the table, while the titles help with organization. Group all the salads on Spa Day, and all the grilled kebabs on... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Cylinder Flute

The simplicity of the Cylinder Flute ($2) makes us feel like it doesn't need to be a special occasion to have a glass of bubbly. The mail came today? A perfect reason for a little sip! And the price makes us feel like it's perfectly... [More]

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Reading Is Sexy Corn Mug

It doesn't even have to be Fifty Shades of Grey. Reading is sexy. We might as well celebrate that fact with this Reading is Sexy Corn Mug ($12), made from 100% biodegradable corn plastic. Because being earth-friendly is also pretty darned sexy.... [More]

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Bottle Bouquet

Bringing flowers as a hostess gift is lovely. Bringing a Bottle Bouquet ($18) is even lovelier, because it means the hostess will have to make far fewer trips to ensure that all of her guests get wine. Keep it classy though - always show up... [More]

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Charm in Arm Mug

Teatime for us generally means putting the kettle on after dinner and drinking a few too many mugs so we end up needing to pee all night long. Maybe the Charm in Arm Mug ($18) is the answer. Instead of giant mugfuls, we'll take our... [More]

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Fantastic Unplastic Tray

Oh, the irony. We slave away in front of the oven to bake a perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies, and then serve them in the Fantastic Unplastic Tray ($25). Why would we pass off our home-baked goods as their lesser, store-bought counterparts? Because we... [More]

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Geo Thermos

While the Geo Thermos ($90) by Nicholai Wiig Hansen is made from thermo plastic, meaning it'll contain your warm or cold liquids with ease, we think it could make an awesome flower vase too. Its two-tone geometry gives it an unexpectedly modern vibe - perfect... [More]

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Nambe Serveware Scoop Server

We've been slightly obsessed with chip-and-dips ever since Pete Campbell bemoaned his wedding gift. The Nambe Serveware Scoop Server ($250) more than gives Pete's tomato bowl a run for the money. If you've ever been in need of a glamorous party piece, we recommend this... [More]

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Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Pick your poison and drink it out of the Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass ($10). We prefer shots of bourbon, but won't think less of you if you tackle an Irish whiskey. Or if you opt for a black vodka this Halloween for a truly... [More]

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