Mugtail Squirrel

Squirrels: the rats of the trees. They drive us crazy all summer while they engage in freaked-out rodent chatter right outside our bedroom windows. But we have to admit, they're pretty darned clever as a design element, as in this Mugtail Squirrel ($25). Maybe we... [More]

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Marble Swirl Dish Set

Dinner is anything but dull in your house, so why dish it up onto plain 'ol plates? The Marble Swirl Dish Set ($130 for four place settings) from Echo Design is more your speed: bold, colorful, and just as artful as the meal you spent... [More]

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Fletching Bottle Stopper

While we'd love to believe that Cupid has something to do with love, we're a bit too practical for that. The Fletching Bottle Stopper ($12) points the arrow in the right direction. A cozy table by the window, a few glasses of wine, and the... [More]

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Treasure Mug

We do consider morning coffee a treasure, and this Treasure Mug ($35) makes it look like one, buried on our desk, waiting to be fully uncovered. The optical illusion is really stunning to early birds who've never seen this before - we love watching our... [More]

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Eeek A Spider Mug

We're really hoping we can trick at least one unsuspecting, bleary-eyed coffee drinker into thinking it's a real spider inside this festive Eeek A Spider Mug ($6). We think our chances are slim, but some of our coworkers don't pay a lot of attention to... [More]

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Wire Pumpkin Place Card Holder

The problem with holiday-inspired decor is that you can really only bust it out for a few weeks a year. All the same, we can't help but buy a few Wire Pumpkin Place Card Holders ($10, each). They'll dress up our table nicely when we... [More]

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Finest Paperware Disposable Cups

Skip the fine china at your next shmancy get-together and use a set of Rebecca Wilson's Finest Paperware Disposable Cups ($29 per dozen) instead. They're made from sustainable materials and are recyclable, so you don't have to worry so much about your carbon footprint. Which... [More]

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Alessi Pepper Mill

Maul your pepper in style with the Alessi Pepper Mill ($158). You'd better make sure it's pepper worthy of a pricey mill, though. May we suggest $33 worth of green peppercorns? Psst! Feeling indulgent? Order the whole set.... [More]

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French Bull Ziggy Lazy Susan

We're pretty sure we'd get vertigo within moments of looking directly at this Ziggy Lazy Susan ($35) if it was spinning too fast, but we love it nonetheless. It's beautiful, bright, dishwasher-safe and a great way to make sharing food easier. See more lazy susans.... [More]

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Big Top Tablecloth

If mealtime is already a circus in your house, you might as well add the Big Top Tablecloth ($68) to the ring, err, table. If it's not, make it one! Throw a themed party with bear claws, popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy-flavored cupcakes. And then... [More]

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Market Street Chocolate Four-Piece Place Setting

Ditch the boring dinnerware and bring on the polka dots! The Market Street Chocolate Four-Piece Place Setting ($80) from kate spade adds a touch of whimsy to your meals, whether you're noming on a bowl of Honey Smacks, or savoring every bite of a carefully... [More]

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Bull Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

Take the beer by the horns with the Bull Corkscrew and Bottle Opener ($20). For that matter, you can also take the wine by the tail. The two-in-one opener has all your bottle-top-popping needs covered. Just don't expect it to help chase away your hangover... [More]

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Wrap It All Bottle Carrier

No need to hide that gorgeous bottle of Pinot in a wine bag. Slip it into a minimalist Wrap It All Bottle Carrier ($24) and you're good to go. Though, let's face it, Pinot or Pinocchio, you couldn't care less. You pick out your wine... [More]

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Das Boot Beer Glass

Celebrate Oktoberfest in style by chugging your hefeweizen from the Das Boot Beer Glass ($15). And when we say "chug," we mean it! The boot holds a whopping forty-six ounces of the good stuff (or the cheap stuff - we don't judge!). Tossing back that... [More]

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isak Breadboard

The fall weather makes us want to get back into the kitchen, get our hands floured up, and bake up some hearty loaves of bread. We're not experts, but we're willing to knead some whole-wheat dough if it means we can serve a rustic loaf... [More]

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Owl Tree Punch Bowl Stand with Ladle

Punch: nature's way of making bad booze palatable. But this Owl Tree Punch Bowl Stand with Ladle ($49 - $79) is so lovely, we'd be tempted to spike it with something that didn't come off the bottom shelf in an unbreakable plastic bottle.... [More]

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Palace Battistero Coffee, Tea + Biscuit Set

We couldn't think of a more jaw-dropping presentation for our lattes and petits fours than the Palace Battistero Coffee, Tea + Biscuit Set ($529). Sure, jaw-dropping and scones don't usually belong in a sentence together, but place your baked goods in the top of the... [More]

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Gold Triangles Drinking Glasses

Did we ever just find a way to class up our table: these Gold Triangles Drinking Glasses ($63) will take our meals from dull to haute, even if we're serving up macaroni and cheese and Diet Coke. We like them best intermingling with their complementary... [More]

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Volcano Ice Pop Molds

We thought that at thirty we'd be homeowners, living off the royalties of a New York Times Best Seller or three. But at one month shy of the big 3-0 we'd be happy just to be a little svelter by the big day. Enter these... [More]

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Sejjadeh Purple Coasters

Not only is the tile pattern on the Sejjadeh Purple Coasters ($6, each) lovely, the coasters themselves are silicone. That means they're cute and easily washed. We can be drink-klutzes (why is it always a full glass of red wine?!), so anything we can rinse... [More]

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