Bee Tumbler

What's all the buzz about? Why, this adorable Bee Tumbler ($11), of course! Not only does it boast delicate detail while being dishwasher-safe, it's made in France by the oldest French glass company in existence. We'll drink to that!... [More]

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Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Set

We haven't had a collection of anything since we were fourteen, so these Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Shakers ($15) are the only ones you're going to find in our house, but that's okay, since they are the most awesome and useful snowglobes of all time.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Martini Cocktail Napkins

On one hand, by the bottom of the third martini, you may need these Martini Cocktail Napkins ($5) to order through the hiccups. On the other hand, if you're heading into your fourth drink, chances are the bartender has it memorized. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]

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Multi-Colored Kula Felt Trivet

Stop scorching that table! Instead, set those hot dishes and pans down onto something that transforms them into an impromptu centerpiece. This Multi-Colored Kula Felt Trivet ($33) will be a bright and cheery addition to your tabletop - and will also, handily, keep the furniture... [More]

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Felt Coaster Set

Your drinks may sweat less now that the weather is cooler, but that doesn't mean your glasses wouldn't appreciate a coaster update. Actually they're inanimate objects and they don't give a hoot, but we digress. This Felt Coaster Set ($9, set of 4) provides a... [More]

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Great Moustaches Mug

We are willing to resurrect our respect for upper lip sweaters during the month of Movember. And while we can't grow our own, we can pay homage to the great 'staches of the past by sipping coffee from the Great Moustaches Mug ($12) while watching... [More]

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Cheese Heads

So technically these Cheese Heads ($14) are for identifying the type of milk used to make the cheese you're serving at some sort of swanky cocktail party. And while we'd probably use them for that, we also think they'd be fun to randomly stick in... [More]

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Foiled Dot Napkins

We'd almost feel bad for soiling a set of Foiled Dot Napkins ($24 for a set of four) with our messy dinner hands if we didn't think the stains would just blend right in with the polka dots. It's not that we eat a lot... [More]

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Chess Bottle Stops

We're so glad this set of Chess Bottle Stops ($20) comes with both a knight and a queen. The knight can accompany our bottom-shelf bottle of wine on a tipsy journey toward the queen, who's holding down the fort with our indulgent bottle of Cabernet.... [More]

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Tomorrow's Headache Double Old-Fashioned

At least this glass speaks the truth. Now hit us up with another pour! Tomorrow's Headache Double Old-Fashioned ($4.50).... [More]

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Twig Barware Kit

Your gin martinis taste like juniper berries and pine anyway, so why not concoct them using the Twig Barware Kit ($39)? The small branch-shaped tools may look delicate, but they're made from silver-plated brass and able to hold up even on the nights you indulge... [More]

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Houndstooth Monogram Plates

We're happy to have houndstooth on our clothing and accessories, but ecstatic to have it gracing our housewares. Pieces like these Houndstooth Monogram Plates ($68, set of four) are chic and classic. They'll also motivate us to make more aesthetically pleasing snacks.... [More]

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Sisters of Los Angeles Beach Set Glasses

Those of us in cooler climes will soon be dreaming of the sun-soaked California beaches we will undoubtedly be unable to afford to visit this winter. Instead, we'll just mix ourselves up a tequila-spiked warm-weather cocktail in one of these Sisters of Los Angeles Beach... [More]

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Distinct Patterned Glasses

Elegantly mismatched dinnerware is beyond hot right now. But when we tried to assemble our own rustic-chic collection, it looked more like somebody dumped a yard sale onto the table. We might as well admit that those magazine-perfect looks don't happen without hordes of interns... [More]

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Hummingbird Party Forks

Why serve your canapés with ordinary toothpicks when you can spice them up with these Hummingbird Party Forks ($15)? As a bonus, their bright colors make it easier to remember whose is whose and avoid unintentional body fluid swapping.... [More]

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Ants On My Plate Set

Who would have thought a plateload of bugs could be quite so appetizing? This Ants On My Plate set ($116 for 4) from Bailey Doesn't Bark features a hand-painted insect illustration just whimsical enough to be cute instead of creepy.... [More]

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Inside Out Martini Glasses

Real martini glasses might look classy, but after you've polished off the contents once or twice, keeping them steady becomes a more challenging task. These Inside Out Martini Glasses ($60 for two) are solid and sturdy without losing any of the style of their traditional... [More]

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Tie Tea Mug

Mmm. It's officially tea season! The leaves are falling, the sky is grey, and we are sipping cinnamon tea all day long and getting a lot of use out of this Tie Tea Mug ($20). Being able to wrap our tea bag string so it... [More]

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Antracita Tablecloth

We don't think much about tablecloths until the holidays roll around - all of those big family meals somehow call for something nicer than the scratched top of our IKEA kitchen table. We're classing it up big time this year with this gorgeous Antracita Tablecloth... [More]

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Jewel Cut Glass Cocktail Shaker

Sure, any ol' cocktail shaker will yield similar results: a tasty, lightly shaken drink for you to toss back. But a Jewel Cut Glass Cocktail Shaker ($40 each) will look mighty good performing the task. Add the Jewel Cut Martini Set or the Jewel Cut... [More]

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