Euro Sticker Coasters

We're forever noticing Euro destination stickers on the back bumpers of hybrids and Subarus, but we'll be damned if we can decipher most of them. That's why we like these Euro Sticker Coasters ($12). This set of four hangs out on our coffee tables, not... [More]

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Tasting Party Vegetable Set

What better way to serve up those Football Sunday crudités than in a set of dishes shaped like - well, crudités! This Tasting Party Vegetable Set ($25) includes eight cheerful and colorful veggie-inspired bowls. Maybe they'll make all those carrot and celery sticks actually look... [More]

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Oldham + Harper Birds Glasses Set

We'd love to take up bird-watching, but every time we try, we end up guzzling gin-and-tonics on the back porch without identifying anything more interesting than a squirrel. At least if we pour our cocktails into these Oldham + Harper Birds Glasses Set ($30), we'll... [More]

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Pottery Barn Twelve Drummers Drumming Cake Stand

Twelve Drummers Drumming Cake Stand

We can picture it already...that chocolate ganache and truffle cake for your in-laws' holiday gathering would look amazing atop the Twelve Drummers Drumming Cake Stand ($79). The cake really deserves an introduction of its own, since it only took hours upon hours for you to... [More]

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Natural Preserved Moss Sheets

Set that holiday table in Martha-worthy style with these Natural Preserved Moss Sheets ($25). Cut them up for placemats or roll them out as a stunning runner - either way, they'll make such an elegant impression, your mom probably won't even notice that this year... [More]

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School of Fish Wine Glass

After a couple glasses of chardonnay, we start feeling a bit like we're moving around underwater. So it seems appropriate that we do our imbibing with this School of Fish Wine Glass ($13). It's etched with a whole school of playful minnows. As if we... [More]

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Mini Tube Stacking Glasses

Wanna be all hipster and host a locally-brewed-beer-tasting party without getting your guests totally hammered? Serve beer flights in handmade Mini Tube Stacking Glasses ($3 each), and you'll all get a pleasant buzz as you discuss the merits of stout versus hefeweisen. And if beer... [More]

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Tequila Board Buffet

Since tequila has a way of rendering its drinker immobile after a few shots, make sure you bust out your Patrón on the Tequila Board Buffet ($90). The board has cutout spots for your liquor, glasses, salt, and lime. It also comes with a small... [More]

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Orange Dottie Mugs

We've spent the last ten minutes daydreaming about filling these darling Orange Dottie Mugs ($39) by Symmetrical Pottery & Tile with some rum-infused hot chocolate. Make that rum-infused hot chocolate topped off with two handfuls of mini marshmallows. Seriously, marshmallows make hot chocolate about a... [More]

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Book Tableware

Save this one for whenever your bookworm friends finally get hitched. What better way to tart up out their dinner parties than with this Book Tableware ($21 - $37 per piece)? We love the library-inspired design of these plates and platters, which combine reading with... [More]

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Blue Bamboo Melamine Plates

We bet that at first glance you can't tell these Blue Bamboo plates ($40 for twelve) are melamine! Finally we've got a decent-looking plate set that's safe for picnics. We can even let our nieces and nephews use them without fear of damage!... [More]

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Shot Flask

A swig from a flask is risky, what with the possibility of backwash so keep your boozin' hygienic by using the Shot Flask ($25, on sale) while you're out and about. The leather-trimmed flask includes a collapsible stainless steel shot glass. What a concept.... [More]

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Rose Glass Carafe

We may be too old and jaded wise to be donning rose-colored glasses, but no one says we can't drink out of them! This Rose Glass Carafe ($48) is a lovely way to keep your beverage of choice easily at hand, and it does double... [More]

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Nuvem Round Basket

We cannot, for the life of us, keep a hula hoop around our waists for more than fifteen seconds. It gives us the utmost respect for those who can keep their hoops swinging indefinitely. This Nuvem Round Basket ($34) has a similarly stunning sense of... [More]

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Harvest Pumpkin Shakers

This time of year, not only does everything need to be pumpkin-flavored, it also needs to be pumpkin-shaped. We really don't know how we've survived this many autumns without seasoning our food out of tiny gourds. These Harvest Pumpkin Salt & Pepper Shakers ($20) are... [More]

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Bee Tumbler

What's all the buzz about? Why, this adorable Bee Tumbler ($11), of course! Not only does it boast delicate detail while being dishwasher-safe, it's made in France by the oldest French glass company in existence. We'll drink to that!... [More]

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Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Set

We haven't had a collection of anything since we were fourteen, so these Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Shakers ($15) are the only ones you're going to find in our house, but that's okay, since they are the most awesome and useful snowglobes of all time.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Martini Cocktail Napkins

On one hand, by the bottom of the third martini, you may need these Martini Cocktail Napkins ($5) to order through the hiccups. On the other hand, if you're heading into your fourth drink, chances are the bartender has it memorized. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]

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Multi-Colored Kula Felt Trivet

Stop scorching that table! Instead, set those hot dishes and pans down onto something that transforms them into an impromptu centerpiece. This Multi-Colored Kula Felt Trivet ($33) will be a bright and cheery addition to your tabletop - and will also, handily, keep the furniture... [More]

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Felt Coaster Set

Your drinks may sweat less now that the weather is cooler, but that doesn't mean your glasses wouldn't appreciate a coaster update. Actually they're inanimate objects and they don't give a hoot, but we digress. This Felt Coaster Set ($9, set of 4) provides a... [More]

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