Fort Tray in Sky

At first glance, the Fort Tray ($48) looks like little more than another pretty plate. But the geometric pattern is inspired by the medieval castles of your favorite fairy tales. All that's missing is a row of pennants flapping in the wind. Of course, you... [More]

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Titanium Drinking Straw

Who wants to sip out of some bendy piece of cheap plastic when you can down your beverages with this Titanium Drinking Straw ($21)? Virtually indestructible as well as tarnish- and rustproof, we figure it's sort of like the Maserati of margarita-suckers.... [More]

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Neighborwoods Drink Coasters

When you're not out patronizing your favorite neighborhood haunts, propose a toast to them and set your beers down on these Neighborwoods Drink Coasters ($40 for a set of four). Each wooden coaster has a different local neighborhood printed on one side and your city's... [More]

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Great Nudes Mug

Nothing brightens up your morning routine like a little light nudity - so long as it doesn't come in the form of underclad roommates. We were thinking more along the lines of this Great Nudes Mug ($13). Its famous figures drop their colorful frocks and... [More]

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Sea Stones On The Rocks Set

Make the move from standard whiskey stones and instead chill your drinks with the Sea Stones On The Rocks Set ($32). These larger, round stones fit comfortably into the bottoms of your rocks glasses, and the wooden tray keeps them organized while they cool down... [More]

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Aerating Wine Glasses

We all love swishing our wine around in our glasses when we drink. For one thing, it makes us feel like professional, sophisticated wine drinkers. For another, it slows our drinking down a bit, which is probably a good thing. Now we can add another... [More]

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Kakudo Walnut Plate

We're considering this Kakudo Walnut Plate ($99) a hostess investment. Slap a slab of grocery-store mild cheddar and an artful arrangement of Saltines on here, and they'll look like top-notch gourmet goodness purely due to the loveliness of this richly finished, solid walnut piece.... [More]

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Four-Moons Brass Chopstick Rests

January is going to be the Month of Sushi around here. For one thing, it's totally cheap to put together, which will help us recover from all that holiday financial splurging. And its lo-cal healthiness will go some way to make up for that other... [More]

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Camille Centerpiece Bowl

Sure the holiday ham is the centerpiece of the meal, but those poor vegetarians. They're making do with a side of cranberry sauce and a dinner roll. Toss them a bone salad in and serve it with this Camille Centerpiece Bowl ($70, on sale). It'll... [More]

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Squirrel Nutcracker

How come nutcrackers are always funky-looking little men in ballet costumes? Crack away this holiday with an animal who really knows its way around a nut. The Squirrel Nutcracker ($20) may not be traditionally Christmasy, but we'd like to think it's just as cute as... [More]

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Donna Wilson Squirrel Beaker

Squirrels: they're terrible. When we see them anywhere near our picnics or bird feeders, it's all we can do not to throw rocks at them. But Donna Wilson has managed to make them look pretty darned adorable in this Squirrel Beaker ($25). It makes us... [More]

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City Plates

We'd love to dine in Rome on Saturday, then jet off to Berlin for some Sunday brunch bratwurst. Unfortunately, that kind of city-hopping is a bit out of our price range. But we can enjoy a very classy approximation by eating off of these City... [More]

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Vintage Ice-Cream Cup

Ice cream is a treat. Why shouldn't we enjoy it properly by scooping our favorite flavors into this Vintage Ice-Cream Cup ($10)? Not only will its traditional parlor look make the experience that much more aesthetically pleasing, the fact that we're not eating directly out... [More]

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Olive Oil Dipping Dishes

We don't care what the FDA says: oil is the best. Especially delicious, high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Give us a bowl of the good stuff and some hunks of bread to soak it up, and we'll call it dinner. These Olive Oil Dipping Dishes... [More]

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Bierfilzl Coasters

When you're working your way through a pint, skip the cardboard and wooden coasters. Opt instead for felt. Bierfilzl Coasters ($19 for a pack of four) are like the ones found in old Bavarian alehouses. The thick felt absorbs spills and condensation, keeping your furniture... [More]

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Star Home Metal and Enamel Cake Stand

We know we're not the only ones who've caught ourselves staring at those gorgeous serving dishes of Grandma's and wondering whether we'll end up with them. Guilt puts us off our dessert, so we're going to start stocking up on lovely pieces of our own,... [More]

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Goldy Oro Christmas Shot Glasses

Shots at Christmas? Granny would disapprove. However, "sipping" chilled vodka out of one of these Goldy Oro Christmas Shot Glasses ($7) is perfectly classy and has the same effect. Plus, these are much prettier than that SeƱor Frog shot glass you got on spring break... [More]

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Platinum Etched Champagne Glasses

We have to admit, we'll drink bubbly out of a coffee mug if that's what's available, but a beautiful vessel like one of these Platinum Etched Champagne Glasses ($24) certainly does make us feel classy. Lord knows we could stand to class it up when... [More]

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Revolution Champagne Flute and Cordial Glass

Whether you're sipping a little (tequila!) or sipping a lot (champagne!) the Revolution Champagne Flute and Cordial Glass ($80 for 2) is the right vessel for you. The versatility could really complement a rager of a party where you start off classy with a flute... [More]

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2-Piece Wine Chilling Carafe

Keep your dessert wine chilled and close at hand with this 2-Piece Wine Chilling Carafe ($40). Toss some ice into the center chamber and put the wine in the outer one, and your beverage will stay cool while you eat, even if you indulge in... [More]

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