2 Layer Food Storage Container

This tiffin carrier ($27) isn't just a pretty face. Sure, it'll catch the envious eyes of just about everybody in your lunchroom. But its durable stainless steel construction also helps keep your food hot or cold for hours.... [More]

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Endurance Wine Glasses

Tired of breaking one of your wineglasses every two weeks? Here's a way out of the buying cycle that doesn't mean resorting to plastic Solo cups. Endurance Wine Glasses ($27 for two) are a perfectly classy choice made with stainless steel. Toss them in the... [More]

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Brasserie Plate

Why is it that everything looks more fabulous in French? This Brasserie Plate ($18) is a perfect example. If its menu-themed pattern was printed in English, we doubt we'd find it nearly as chic. But put that à la carte in Français, and the whole... [More]

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Ceramic Bird Bowl

Everybody tells us we should be turning to nuts, seeds, and berries when we're having ourselves a snack craving. Why not serve them up on this Ceramic Bird Bowl ($24)? It'll help remind us that if it's not part of the diet of a Cyanocitta... [More]

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Babell Tiered Serving Tray

Bright turquoise is a welcome addition to any tablescape. Seriously, even slightly flat cookies or overripe pineapple rings will look more appetizing if they're displayed on the Babell Tiered Serving Tray ($39 for the large one) by Koziol. Presenting only a small sampling of perfect... [More]

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Mason Jars Lemonade Lids

Sure, they serve no practical purpose. That's okay: we still think these Mason Jars Lemonade Lids ($15) are the bee's knees. Paired with swirly-patterned straws, they're perfect for those summer refreshers.... [More]

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Recycled Windowpane Bowl

Ever wonder where cracked windshields go to die? We love the notion that they might get transformed into something like this Recycled Windowpane Bowl ($220). The archaic, frosted look of this piece is so fabulous, we're tempted to tailgate a construction truck in the hopes... [More]

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Burning Fork Studio Moroccan Lace Tumblers

These Moroccan Lace Tumblers ($120) from Burning Fork Studio are legitimately four of the most beautiful things we have seen come together since the formation of ★NSYNC (let's face it; Chris Kirkpatrick did not count). These handmade tumblers are a magical combination of old-world and... [More]

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Who says we can't drink a whole keg in one afternoon? The sun is shining, the tunes are cranked, and we've got a Kegzie Beverage Cooler ($8). Challenge accepted!... [More]

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Goldman Leather

You're the queen of your domain, so give your beers the royal treatment by padding them with the slick Goldman Leather Koozie ($25). The neoprene lining keeps drinks cool and prevents the leather cuff from slipping around as you drink. Cheers!... [More]

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Nice Ass Teacup and Saucer

Why yes, a small cuppa herbal tea will help you in your quest to stick to healthy, figure-friendly foods and drinks. Definitely moreso than a mug of cream with a splash of coffee in it. Ain't no shame in reminding yourself of your good decisions!... [More]

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Batik Sugar Spoons

We have the perfect job for these blackwood Batik Sugar Spoons ($9 each) and it doesn't involve sugar. Ready? Use 'em to scoop up condiments in your Bloody Mary bar! Don't have a Bloody Mary bar? You should! Get the fixings and set them out... [More]

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King Gator Biodegradable Cups

Throwing an epic bash? Why should you settle for ordinary plastic cups? These King Gator Biodegradable Cups ($24) give your shindig the royal treatment, with a salute from the ruling reptile himself.... [More]

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Ovi Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots

We like getting our hands into our seasonings. It means we get exactly the amount of salt or spice we're after. Plus, playing with food is fun. We particularly like these Ovi Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots ($12), which are cleverly designed to close up... [More]

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Capri Double Old Fashioned Glasses

We realize that, three drinks in, you won't care about the aesthetic of your rocks glass. But when you're in the one-to-two-drink zone, you'll totally love showing off your set of hand-painted Double Old Fashioned Glasses ($120 for six). They'll also come in handy when... [More]

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Eva Trio Martini Drink Glass

The stunning angled Martini Glass ($35) from Eva Trio: a good way to spill alcohol when you're a wee bit tipsy from tee many martoonis!... [More]

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Ingredient Springs

These days, hosting a get-together isn't as simple as putting out bowls of corn chips and salsa. Everyone has different dietary needs. If you're trying your hand at Paleo-approved appetizers and gluten-free desserts, make sure they're labeled properly for your guests. These simple Ingredient Springs... [More]

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Alley Cats Plates

The sheer awesomeness of the Alley Cats Plates ($26 each) has made our day. Not only do the bone china plates appeal to our eclectic nature with their kitty portraits, they also tickle our imaginations with their back stories. There's no way we can choose... [More]

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Special Edition Straining Spoon

Forget the old adage about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. These days, FACES is taking things a step further. The Special Edition Straining Spoon ($302) is a twenty-four-karat gold spoon used to strain out liquids before you put your food to... [More]

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Sur La Table Fish Serving Bowl

While we don't advise filling the Sur La Table Fish Serving Bowl ($30) with baked fish fillets (lest you damage their tender flakiness), we think you should serve bread in the bowl alongside your catch of the day. After all, fishes and loaves have been... [More]

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