Cheap Thrill: Posy Wine Charms

At this point, we have quite a collection of wine charms. It's just so tempting to snag an inexpensive pack of 'em to dress up our glasses. Take these Posy Wine Charms ($4, on sale), for example. We can get a dozen for less than... [More]

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Tapestry Dinner Set

Sometimes something is so funny-looking, you can't help but fall in love with it. Just think of pugs, Conan O'Brien, or the Ford Ranchero. This Tapestry Dinner Set ($75, on sale) is another timeless example. Harkening back to a short-lived trend of the late 1970s,... [More]

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Element Cups

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - their powers combined make up the better part of Captain Planet...or a very cute set of handmade mugs. These Element Cups ($28 each) are individually formed, and painted with playfully primitive designs that hold up just fine in your... [More]

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Modern Neon Hardwood Salad Bowl

Sticking to your healthy eating resolve? You're awesome! In a season of grilled meats and frozen treats, it takes an iron will to abstain. Reward yourself with the good-lookin' Modern Neon Hardwood Salad Bowl ($50) by Nicole Porter. Ta-da! Eating greens while everyone else partakes... [More]

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Unikko Teapot

Entertaining? Offer your guests a spot of tea poured from the stylish Unikko Teapot ($98). The poppy-patterned pot comes with a tea strainer, too. Pour in your hot water, add a pinch of loose-leaf tea, and steep. When it's ready to sip, grab a lump... [More]

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Phuzion Series Sushi or Cheese Tray

We spotted this delightful Sushi or Cheese Tray ($120) and couldn't be happier. If you've been looking for a cheerful piece to dress up your table, this ought to do it! And don't stop at plating up your sushi and cheese. This pretty can hold... [More]

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May You Never...Cocktail Shaker

While we think the most apt saying for a cocktail shaker would be: "May your martinis always go down smooth, but never find their way back up," the May You Never...Cocktail Shaker ($36) definitely has us beat for eloquence. Shake up a few drinks for... [More]

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Nautical Bowls

These ceramic Nautical Bowls ($10-15) have us wanting to bedeck our our entire summertime dinner table in a marine theme. We're sure we could find some anchor-styled salt and pepper shakers, or napkin rings sporting sailing knots. They should make us want to eat salad,... [More]

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Confetti Felt Coaster Set

The simplicity of these Confetti felt coasters ($20) by Cotton & Flax is exactly what makes them stand out so much. In our coaster search, we've found the truly boring, the gimmicky, and the boisterously designed. This pretty pack of four lands smack dab in... [More]

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Elephant Mug

When is a mug more than just a vehicle for dumping caffeinated beverages down your throat? When it's this whimsical Elephant Mug ($7). Its pachyderm design makes it a cheerful addition to your morning.... [More]

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6-Pack Saucers

We love that House of Rym gives you the option to mix-and-match their 6-pack of saucers ($136, preorder)! You can opt for an eclectic mix of six of their eight designs, two each of your top three favorites, or a complete set of the same... [More]

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Potter's Workshop Dot Tableware

The visually stunning Potter's Workshop Dot Tableware ($8-12) sure knows how to make a statement. It effortlessly proves that good-looking dinnerware can still be affordable. A six-setting collection will run you just over two hundo. Take that, Wedgwood!... [More]

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Geneva Cocktail Pick Set

You put plenty of effort into concocting the right mix to put into the glass - so why would you top off that perfect cocktail with a cheap-and-nasty toothpick? Skewer your olive on one of these classy brass spears instead. Geneva Cocktail Pick Set ($30)... [More]

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The Chillsner

In a perfect world, your bottles of beer would always be chilled. But you got to the liquor store after the Friday night rush and had to buy a lukewarm, shelved six-pack. Enter the Chillsner ($30 for two). Store the stainless steel rods in your... [More]

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Pylones Piggy Nose Mug

You know those mugs with a mustache on the brim? They do not make sense. A mug mustache will end up floating above your nose, not under it where a mustache belongs. You know what else doesn't make sense? The whole mustache trend. You know... [More]

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Anne of Green Gables Tea For One Set

Forget Prince Charming; you've been pining after Gilbert Blythe ever since he pulled Anne's braids in the Avonlea schoolhouse! While you wait for your modern day Gil to show up, sit back with a cuppa tea poured from the Anne of Green Gables Tea For... [More]

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Loomed Palmae Food Cover

We suppose we haven't seen the platter of cupcakes you're going to bake for your next outdoor party, but we can only assume that they rival the Loomed Palmae Food Cover ($48) in beauty. Thankfully, the fiber and wire mesh cover will keep your sweet... [More]

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Badminton Salt & Pepper Shakers

What better way to give your picnic table that sporty, summery vibe than with these Badminton Salt & Pepper Shakers ($24 each)? They'll help your yard evoke the spirit of an age of white shorts and lawn games, even if the only outdoor athletic activity... [More]

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Cool Breather Carafe

It's not just red wine that needs a little oxygen to reach its full potential. Whites benefit from a breath of air as well, and this Cool Breather Carafe ($50) delivers it, while at the same time chilling that grape juice down to its ideal... [More]

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Ice Cream Set

The question isn't, "Who's the ice cream lover in your life?" We are all ice cream lovers, even those of us for whom consuming that frozen fatty goodness means a serious bout of lactose intolerance. That means this Ice Cream Set ($145) from Heath Ceramics... [More]

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