Kami Glass

Reasons we think one of these Kami Glasses is totally worth $28: 1. You'd have to work hard to break it. 2. It's made from trees. Trees are cool. 3. Nobody will be able to tell what you're drinking. Hello, 3:00pm gin and tonics.... [More]

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The Cocktail Anchor Purist Picks

They might look like the sort of thing you toss once your martini is through, but these nautical-themed garnish makers are far sturdier than the variety you get at the bar. Use them to skewer those olives and pickled onions, then wash and store for... [More]

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Whale Butter Dish

Thar she blows! It's a perfect slogan for this Whale Butter Dish ($68) from silly ceramics master Jonathan Adler. And it'll also apply to us if we don't watch how much of that golden goodness we slather onto our food out of this adorable vessel.... [More]

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Rae Dunn by Magenta Bike Plates

We love to ride our bicycles, we love to ride our bikes...and we also think we'd enjoy nibbling off of these adorable Rae Dunn by Magenta Bike Plates ($44). They're the perfect size for a post-cycle snack.... [More]

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Izola Flask Funnel

You probably won't need this Izola Flask Funnel ($9) if you generally fill your portable booze containers with stuff you buy in big plastic bottles for $10. But if you prefer to travel in single-malt style, this pretty stainless steel accessory will ensure that you... [More]

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Cheese Fork Set

This Cheese Fork set ($18) is a fun way to label those slabs of dairy goodness. Granted, their being pre-labeled does mean they'll slightly cramp your cheese-selection style, but we'll forgive them that for how easy they make it at the end of the day... [More]

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White Enamel Four-Piece Place Setting

Just think how surprised your guests will be when they pick up their pieces of this White Enamel Four-Piece Place Setting ($74) and discover that they are not, in fact, disposables, but substantial steel-coated enamel. Just make sure that the ones who get tipsy enough... [More]

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Golden Highball Glasses Set

Inspired by the glamour of 1930s Hollywood (aka the Hollywood Regency era), this Golden Highball Glasses Set ($54 for four) brings a touch of glitz to any drink you care to serve, from sidecars and gin sours to orange juice. They're even dishwasher-safe!... [More]

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Brunch-osaurus Shaker Set

While you don't have to use the Brunch-osaurus Shaker Set ($19) by One Hundred 80 Degrees for seasoning your brunch foods, we think it's a good idea. The dino duo will add charm and whimsy to an already charming meal. Indulge by piling your plate... [More]

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i Eight Sum Pi Plates

We'll let you math buffs get a chuckle out of the i Eight Sum Pi Plates ($35 for two) while we serve up a bit of apple à la mode!... [More]

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Poison Skull Bottle

Keep those roommates in line by positioning this Poison Skull Bottle ($14) in a conspicuous spot. Catching sight of it every time they make their way past your door might have them thinking twice about whether you might get tired enough of them stealing your... [More]

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Sugar Paper Bubbly Cheers Coasters

Even if you're just sipping a glass of lemonade after work, it'll feel more celebratory on one of these Bubbly Cheers Coasters ($30 for fifteen). What are you celebrating? The fact that you're no longer at work, the realization that you won't have to clean... [More]

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Tidbit Plates small.jpg

Tidbit Plates

It's hard to stick to your diet when everyone around you is eating junk food. We're not suggesting you give up, but if you must eat cake, have it on these Tidbit Plates ($50) from Kate Spade.... [More]

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Spotted Cocktail Napkins

It's no sacrifice to go earth-friendlier and exchange paper goods for linens when they're as chic as these Spotted Cocktail Napkins ($24 for four). They'll look mighty stylish under a few tall glasses of sangria!... [More]

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Out N About Bamboo Utensil Travel Set

It pays to be prepared, and while we're not sure how often we'll need to whip out a spare set of cutlery, packing our purses with the Out N About Bamboo Utensil Travel Set ($15) seems like a good way to never go hungry. The... [More]

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Origami Wine Tote

True to its name, the Origami Wine Tote ($25) stores flat thanks to notched stitching in the fabric. Transporting your vino? Pop open the tote and nestle your bottle safely inside. It comes with a gift tag in case you want to gift both the... [More]

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brushed nickel ferris wheel cupcake holder 100 small.jpg

Brushed Nickel Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder

We've got our reasons for liking this Brushed Nickel Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder ($65). For one, it's more original than a cupcake tree. Two, it reminds us of the uncomfortable Ferris wheel scene from The Notebook. Three, we like to play with food. Four, we... [More]

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Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer

Okay, so we're a little late to the juicing party. But we're not too broken up about it, especially since our new Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer ($335) is ahhh-mazing! It also comes with a cookbook that will give you all sorts of yummy juice ideas... [More]

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polluted glass 100 x 100.jpg

Polluted Glasses

Hopelessly trying to encourage recycling? When no one seems to grasp the importance of environmentalism the way you do, give them a good scare! Start serving up your fruity teas or juices (we're thinking brightly colored drinks) in these Polluted Glasses($16 for two) to help... [More]

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Geometric Print Tablecloth

Zara Home has a multitude of prettily patterned table linens on sale. Having spent plenty of time wavering, we think we'll go with the Geometric Print Tablecloth ($40-46, on sale). It's got the perfect look to dress up a summer party, don't you think? If... [More]

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