Natural Gourd Bowl

We're not sure it gets any more renewable than these Natural Gourd Bowls ($9). After all, the vegetables used to make these rustic soup-holders sure grow a heck of a lot faster than trees, and require much less processing than paper, plastic, clay, or metal.... [More]

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Jakob Wagner & Menu's Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Does this wine rack ($59) make us as nervous as one of those magnetic knife racks? Yep! Do we still love its sleek modern design? Sure do! We'll just tread lightly around it and cross our fingers that there isn't an earthquake around the corner.... [More]

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Small Not Plastic Water Bottle

If even recycling those Poland Spring bottles has you feeling a twinge of earth-mama guilt, make the switch to this Small Not Plastic Water Bottle ($12). A perfect size for stashing in your purse or car, this glass alternative looks just enough like its disposable... [More]

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A Hoot Place Card Holders

The next time you throw a fall shindig, bring out the A Hoot Place Card Holders ($20 for six). The little owls are festive without heading into over-the-top territory. Although they might look extra adorable alongside an elaborate centerpiece made from real leaves and pine... [More]

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On the Rocks Jug

Yes, we're suckers for puns, which is why we're already dreaming of using this On the Rocks Jug ($66) to hold a pitcher's worth of premixed martinis. But even if we were filling it with lemonade, designer Donna Wilson's playful pattern of sea-swept boulders would... [More]

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Fancy Coffee Mug

It doesn't matter if the only person who's going to see you is the UPS man. Having the house to yourself doesn't mean you can't put your pretty on. This Fancy Coffee Mug ($23) reminds us that there's something to be said for looking and... [More]

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Thomas Paul Florilegium Dinner Plates

You might have turned your nose up at your grandmother's penchant for hanging decorative plates on her walls, but we're betting you'll be tempted to jump on the bandwagon with these Thomas Paul Florilegium Dinner Plates ($44). With their luscious botanical prints on a sophisticated... [More]

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Scuba Soup Bowl

What lurks at the bottom of that minestrone? In the case of this Scuba Soup Bowl ($14), it's a diver complete with a school of fishes. Let discovering him give you the extra motivation to slurp up that last spoonful.... [More]

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Dunlin Antibes Collection

Been busy bookmarking all those fabulous farmhouse-inspired kitchen designs? All the reclaimed barn wood in the world won't look right if you don't have the tableware to match. Dunlin's Antibes Collection ($17-288) hits that rustic-chic mark right in its blue-and-white-enameled bull's-eye.... [More]

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Six Pack Plates

Bar food is our favorite food, and if you want to bring a little bit of the gastropub home too, check out these Six Pack Plates ($25). They'll look fabulous hosting your homemade truffle mac and cheese and sweet potato fries.... [More]

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Herb Napkin Rings

Pretty alert! These Herb Napkin Rings ($62) are cast from real sprigs of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, and have a gold patina finish that highlights every exquisite detail. Use them to give your table a glamour we're sure Simon and Garfunkel would approve of.... [More]

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Noritake Kona Wood Charger

Chargers: Martha Stewart loves them. The entire food styling industry loves them. And for good reason: they add instant class to your table settings. Just think how much more elegant your serving dishes will look when they're set on one of these Noritake Kona Wood... [More]

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He/She 2 Mug Set

It's the height of wedding season, and it seems like the Internet is saturated with cutesy couple crap - most of which just makes us want to gag. But we have to admit, this He/She 2 Mug Set ($40) from k studio does tug just... [More]

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Taz Ah Mug

Are you burning with envy re: all those lucky saps who've been able to stage magnificent Dog Beard photos? Or maybe you dream of taking it to the next level with a Tiger or Monkey Beard? Don't let a lack of available dogs, tigers, or... [More]

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Old Bag Teabag Tidy

Used, squeezed-out pouches of Lipton are old bags. And with a few more years of hard living, we will be too. We might as well get a giggle out of it by making use of this Old Bag Teabag Tidy ($9).... [More]

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Kami Glass

Reasons we think one of these Kami Glasses is totally worth $28: 1. You'd have to work hard to break it. 2. It's made from trees. Trees are cool. 3. Nobody will be able to tell what you're drinking. Hello, 3:00pm gin and tonics.... [More]

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The Cocktail Anchor Purist Picks

They might look like the sort of thing you toss once your martini is through, but these nautical-themed garnish makers are far sturdier than the variety you get at the bar. Use them to skewer those olives and pickled onions, then wash and store for... [More]

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Whale Butter Dish

Thar she blows! It's a perfect slogan for this Whale Butter Dish ($68) from silly ceramics master Jonathan Adler. And it'll also apply to us if we don't watch how much of that golden goodness we slather onto our food out of this adorable vessel.... [More]

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Rae Dunn by Magenta Bike Plates

We love to ride our bicycles, we love to ride our bikes...and we also think we'd enjoy nibbling off of these adorable Rae Dunn by Magenta Bike Plates ($44). They're the perfect size for a post-cycle snack.... [More]

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Izola Flask Funnel

You probably won't need this Izola Flask Funnel ($9) if you generally fill your portable booze containers with stuff you buy in big plastic bottles for $10. But if you prefer to travel in single-malt style, this pretty stainless steel accessory will ensure that you... [More]

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