Tenereze Initial Letter Dish Set

Finding a memorable wedding gift can be such a chore, especially when you have to spend the day before the wedding frantically rushing to grab the last remaining odds and ends on someone's registry. Save yourself the headache and order up a few sets of... [More]

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Gold Flatware

Silverware is for runners-up - us winners prefer the color of victory! This Gold Flatware ($29) is just a tier on the podium higher than the competition.... [More]

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Halloween Skellie Toile Tablecloth

We're impressed with the creepiness displayed by the Halloween Skellie Toile Tablecloth ($80) from Williams-Sonoma. Sure, skeletons are always creepy, but the tablecloth manages to exude the creepiness of an evil anthropologist or avid bone collector. Fashion a centerpiece out of old natural history books... [More]

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Himalayan Salt Tequila Set

We didn't think it was possible to class up tequila shots, but we've been proven wrong. This Himalayan Salt Tequila Set ($50) turns that frat party standby into something you'd happily break out in front of your grown-up friends. The shot glasses carved from gorgeous... [More]

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Wood Olive Boat Set

Olives are a special snack. After all, how often does something that good for us end up being so delicious? We think that means they deserve a special serving method. This Wood Olive Boat Set ($29) displays them in all their heart-healthy glory, and even... [More]

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Nimbus Cloud Serving Board

Don't let a little rain ruin your party! Embrace the change in seasons by serving up some of your fall favorites on this Nimbus Cloud Serving Board ($110). Use the raindrop-shaped pieces of solid maple as coasters, small plates for hors d'oeuvres, or the perfect... [More]

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Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

The Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds ($13, preorder) from Fred & Friends: giving you a pretty spot-on reminder of what your midsection will look like if you consume too many muffins. This morning, we think we'll stick to just one!... [More]

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Sedimentation Coasters

These spectacular Sedimentation Coasters ($80-150), made by artist Hilda Hellström, are almost too good-lookin' to cover up with cups or glasses. The hexagonal coasters are made from Jesmoite and cork, to resemble natural rock formations, and brightened up with a bold teal and blue color... [More]

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Respect the Chemistry Beaker Mug

The final season of Breaking Bad is well underway, and we are (not so) patiently awaiting the series conclusion. Not yet addicted? Pour yourself a few cups of coffee, drink them from the Respect the Chemistry Beaker Mug ($27) and start from the beginning (it's... [More]

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David Rasmussen WUD Martini Glass

Did you know the traditional fifth wedding anniversary gift is wood? If you're approaching that many years together (and you've already broken the cocktail glasses you registered for), consider the David Rasmussen WUD Martini Glass ($59).... [More]

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Skip Hop Mate Stay-Put Mat + Plate

Kids. Cute, but insanely messy, especially at mealtime. Keep your toddler (relatively) tidy with Skip Hop's Mate Stay-Put Mat + Plate ($20). (Try saying that ten times fast!) The all-in-one place setting has a mat for catching spatters and crumbs, a divided plate that can't... [More]

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Compleat FoodSkin

Despite a terribly unappetizing name, the FoodSkin ($33) is actually quite an appealing product. It's almost like reusable plastic wrap, in a sense. Place the food you need to keep fresh on the base of this...envelope (for lack of a better description) and the stretchable... [More]

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Natural Gourd Bowl

We're not sure it gets any more renewable than these Natural Gourd Bowls ($9). After all, the vegetables used to make these rustic soup-holders sure grow a heck of a lot faster than trees, and require much less processing than paper, plastic, clay, or metal.... [More]

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Jakob Wagner & Menu's Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Does this wine rack ($59) make us as nervous as one of those magnetic knife racks? Yep! Do we still love its sleek modern design? Sure do! We'll just tread lightly around it and cross our fingers that there isn't an earthquake around the corner.... [More]

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Small Not Plastic Water Bottle

If even recycling those Poland Spring bottles has you feeling a twinge of earth-mama guilt, make the switch to this Small Not Plastic Water Bottle ($12). A perfect size for stashing in your purse or car, this glass alternative looks just enough like its disposable... [More]

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A Hoot Place Card Holders

The next time you throw a fall shindig, bring out the A Hoot Place Card Holders ($20 for six). The little owls are festive without heading into over-the-top territory. Although they might look extra adorable alongside an elaborate centerpiece made from real leaves and pine... [More]

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On the Rocks Jug

Yes, we're suckers for puns, which is why we're already dreaming of using this On the Rocks Jug ($66) to hold a pitcher's worth of premixed martinis. But even if we were filling it with lemonade, designer Donna Wilson's playful pattern of sea-swept boulders would... [More]

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Fancy Coffee Mug

It doesn't matter if the only person who's going to see you is the UPS man. Having the house to yourself doesn't mean you can't put your pretty on. This Fancy Coffee Mug ($23) reminds us that there's something to be said for looking and... [More]

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Thomas Paul Florilegium Dinner Plates

You might have turned your nose up at your grandmother's penchant for hanging decorative plates on her walls, but we're betting you'll be tempted to jump on the bandwagon with these Thomas Paul Florilegium Dinner Plates ($44). With their luscious botanical prints on a sophisticated... [More]

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Scuba Soup Bowl

What lurks at the bottom of that minestrone? In the case of this Scuba Soup Bowl ($14), it's a diver complete with a school of fishes. Let discovering him give you the extra motivation to slurp up that last spoonful.... [More]

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