Moscow Mule Mug

The Moscow Mule was introduced in the states in the 1940s and has gone through a bit of a revival this year. We're all for it, and now you can make this refreshing cocktail at home with your own copper mug ($15). For authenticity, be... [More]

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Peacock SM.jpg

Peacock Feather Placemats

These Peacock Feather Placemats ($120 for four) have really kicked our dinner parties up a notch. The only problem is that we have no idea how to clean peacock feathers. So if you spill anything, we'll have to smack you.... [More]

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JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

It's probably your favorite morning ritual: picking up that first cup of hot, delicious coffee. Why ruin it with a dash of guilt? Instead of clogging trash bins and landfills with disposable cups, bring along this JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup ($25). Not only does... [More]

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Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

Your best intentions aside, you know it's going to live out on your counter. So why not choose a French press that will look spiffier than those boring old glass models? This Le Creuset Stoneware French Press ($60) has a country vibe that would be... [More]

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4-Bowl Square Serving Platter

We've found the perfect excuse to start using some of that condiment collection cluttering up your fridge. This 4-Bowl Square Serving Platter ($30) is perfect for setting out an array of flavor enhancers, from good old ketchup and mustard to a selection of your favorite... [More]

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You're driving a hybrid, shopping organic, and wearing shirts made out of recycled bamboo - but yes, there's a way you can make your lifestyle even greener. Start serving your kids and babies their pureed snacks in Squeez'Ems ($8). Not only are they reusable, they're... [More]

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Large Tripot

Why sip your soup from some ordinary bowl when you can eat from one with adorable little legs? This Large Tripot ($60) looks like it could get up and sneak away from the table when you're not looking.... [More]

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Bodum Pavina Glasses

Whether you're sipping an icy gin and tonic or a cozy mug of hot cider, these Bodum Pavina Glasses ($30) will keep your beverage at just the right temperature. And as a bonus, they look a heck of a lot sharper than most thermal drinking... [More]

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Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Know anyone with a still in the cellar? Then you should pick yourself up these Mason Jar Shot Glasses ($12). We can't think of a more appropriate way to down a little moonshine. And for those who prefer their liquor taxed and legal, these are... [More]

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Kitchen Implements Bowls

Anything that adds an extra level of cute to dinner preparations gets a thumbs-up in our book. For example, ordering your pizza from the place with the hot delivery guy. This Kitchen Implements bowl set ($65) is another great example. How much more fun does... [More]

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Cool Cat Plates

These Cool Cat Plates ($69 for the set of five), which are imported from Japan, are obviously super cute for Halloween. But let's be real here - crazy cat ladies of our caliber are going to be using these adorable dishes all year round.... [More]

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"It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers" Mug

Here is the only drinking vessel you will need until the end of November. You've read this exuberant ode to fall decor on McSweeney's Internet Tendencies, now live it. Grab this mug ($12), a flannel shirt, some apple cider, and top it off with your... [More]

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Hippos Salt & Pepper Shakers

We swear, these Hippos Salt & Pepper Shakers ($40) are not intended as any sort of commentary about how much you eat. We just think they're cute! But perhaps they would be a helpful deterrent from that second helping of dessert...... [More]

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Ice Cream Pint Cozy

Doesn't it suck when your Ben & Jerry's turns to molten slop when you're only halfway through devouring that entire pint of Chunky Monkey? Next time you're settling onto a couch for a night of calorie-pounding and Grey's Anatomy, wrap that container up in this... [More]

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Wine Cork Trivet

Don't throw away those wine corks! You can make so many things out of them, like a cork wreath, a cork ball, a cork corkboard, and also a simple cork trivet ($13). Do it with the help of this eight-spoke corkscrew and switch out the... [More]

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I Love You Plate

Usually we'd be delighted to find this sweet sentiment hidden beneath the food on our plate, but we're not quite sure if this is an affectionate message or some sort of threat. This limited edition plate ($22) comes from the mind of artist Maurizio Cattelan... [More]

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Red Rooster Juice Glasses

It may not be a full pot of coffee, but a Red Rooster Juice Glass ($7) filled to the brim with chilled OJ may still help fire up your synapses each morning. If it doesn't? No matter, you're still drinking from a cup sporting roosters,... [More]

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Lia Bottle Stoppers

And you thought that the sexy black dress you bought for your romantic dinner was a show stopper! (Har.) Turns out these Lia Bottle Stoppers ($64 each) from Rablabs may upstage you. On second thought, your date probably only has eyes for it should... [More]

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Kapow Dog Platter

What can we say about the Kapow Dog Platter ($137)? What would a shrink say about the Kapow Dog Platter?... [More]

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Dual Beer Glass

If you're not spending your days hanging around at the local pub, you might not know it, but 'beertails' are made by layering two types of brew on top of each other in a glass. Problem is, you have to have the perfect pour to... [More]

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