Monster Fun Bowl & Spoon

We're not usually crazy about eating things we think could be watching us. Think lobsters or fish with their heads still on. This Monster Fun Bowl & Spoon set ($4), however, is a notable exception. Being stared at by this bowl's single beady eye while... [More]

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King & Queen Salt & Pepper Mills

We had to look twice at the King & Queen Salt & Pepper Mills ($45) before we realized that they were themed after chess pieces and not themed after regular salt and pepper mills. We're just a pinch away from checkmate!... [More]

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Tord Boontje Horse with Flowers Glass

Remember the last time you dreamed of frolicking through a magical landscape of flowering gardens and prancing horses? You either fell asleep while your kids were watching one of their trippy cartoons, or there was definitely something other than chocolate in those brownies. This Tord... [More]

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Sealife Graphic Stacking Cups

What will be the most fun thing about purchasing these Sealife Graphic Stacking Cups ($37)? Mixing up the stacks to create our own delightfully freaky aquatic monsters. Ever wanted to know what a NarWhaleHorse would look like?... [More]

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Foodie Quote Salad Plates

Look around the room. Chances are, two out of every five people you see have food blogs. There are so many darned food bloggers out there, it seems to us that the only thing more fun than writing about eating must be...well, eating. These Foodie... [More]

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Stem Citrus Spritzer

We like the Stem Citrus Spritzer ($5) because it's a breezy way to add a tangy accent to your meal... The fact that it's really fun to use is just a bonus!... [More]

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One-Click Butter Cutter

Okay, we'll admit cutting a slice of butter isn't that hard... But with the One-Click Butter Cutter ($15), you get that clean, restaurant-ready square...and with just a click!... [More]

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Avva Felt Breadbasket

Bread: the best part of the Thanksgiving Day meal. Well, aside from the pecan pie topped with whipped cream. Oh, and the turkey smothered in gravy...and the sweet potatoes with melted mini marshmallows. Okay, bread: one of the best parts of the Thanksgiving Day meal.... [More]

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Tetris Heat Change Mug

There's something calming about watching Tetris pieces fall... well suited for your morning coffee. Experienced Tetris fans will love the final scene on the Tetris Heat Change Mug ($9), the thrilling anticipation of that long piece hanging above the crevice.... [More]

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Roost Tula Dessert Glasses

We're waaaaaayyy too busy to do Pinterest-level, from-scratch decorating and entertaining during the holidays, so we prefer to take shortcuts. Serving up store-bought desserts like pudding, trifle, or mousse in glass coupes like these Roost Tula Dessert Glasses ($62 for a set of six different... [More]

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Alley Pin Oil and Vinegar Containers

You'll be tempted to roll your tomato across the table at this set of Alley Pin Oil and Vinegar Containers ($57). Resist. They won't look nearly as cute if they're a shattered salad dressing mess on your floor.... [More]

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Eclectic by Tom Dixon Cast Iron Nutcracker

Traditional nutcrackers might make for sweet holiday decorations, but they're pretty much useless when it comes to busting open an almond. This Eclectic by Tom Dixon Cast Iron Nutcracker ($65) might not look like it's going to take you dancing in a land of wintery... [More]

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Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Nothing knows "well chilled" like an inhabitant of Antarctica, which is why we think this Penguin Cocktail Shaker ($25) is an ideal tool for shaking up those martinis. It also looks much nicer on your counter than one shaped like The Thing.... [More]

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Walnut Cheese Board with Poppy Flower Design

Is it really a good idea to have a cheese board that's so pretty you don't want to use it? We say yes.Surely at some point we'll wind up doing something more than setting it on our counter, but for now this Walnut Cheese Board... [More]

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Chalkboard Wine Charms

Wine charms are great in theory, but after the third glass or so of Cabernet we've usually forgotten whether we were drinking out of the tiny Christmas tree or the purple daisy. These Chalkboard Wine Charms ($10), on the other hand, are totally drunk-proof. Attach... [More]

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Mind Your Manners Placemats

Hey, it ain't ramen night anymore. These days, we're throwing dinner parties with some class where the menu includes items that didn't come straight out of a plastic package or cardboard box. We figure that means we can expect our guests to straighten up their... [More]

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Polka Dot Mug

The Polka Dot Mug ($24) from Ginny Sims is so bright and cheerful that it may wake you up before you fill it with coffee. Hahahaha, we're just kidding. It is darling, and may boost your spirits as you sip from it, but we know... [More]

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Anorak Kissing Rabbits Melamine Plate

We all know we're supposed to be reducing portion sizes, but making the leap from a heaping pile of mashed potatoes to a measly spoonful or two isn't easy. Dining on this Anorak Kissing Rabbits Melamine Plate ($9) might help get us motivated. The pattern... [More]

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Michele Varian Cheese Knives Set

You're thinking you don't need a special set of knives just to serve cheese. After all, it tastes the same no matter how you slice it, doesn't it? Wrong. Turns out getting that perfect slice actually does make a difference, whether you're after a smooth... [More]

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Julia Davey 1950s Robot Tableware

You'll be singing "Domo arigato" when you see how delightful Julia Davey's 1950s Robot Tableware ($19 - $39) looks in your dining room. With everything from mugs to a butter dish and milk jug, her whimsical, Outer Limits-style mechanical men make for a lovely way... [More]

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