Bra Tree

If you're adamant about changing and cleaning your bra every day, then you need the Bra Tree ($25). It allows all your delicates to air-dry, eliminating the need to throw them in the dryer, aka the lingerie murderer. Hang it on the shower rod or... [More]

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Wool Hand Duster

Make our cleaning implements cute home decor accents, and we'll put them where they'll be seen - which will make it much more likely that we'll think to use them. Perhaps hanging this Wool Hand Duster ($21) on the wall will keep us from ignoring... [More]

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Broom Groomer

Nothing will cause us to toss our cookies faster than a dusty, dirty, grimy, oily hairball on the bottom of a broom. We honestly stopped sweeping just to avoid those. But with this Broom Groomer ($12), we no longer have to flail our brooms into... [More]

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Juniper Ridge Sachets

You have to smell the glorious woodland scents of the Juniper Ridge Sachets ($12 each). While the Siskiyou Cedar, Big Sur Sage, and Douglas Fir fragrances have subtle differences, they all make our fall sweaters smell like we've been spending our weekends in a forest... [More]

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Swedish Dishcloths

Washing dishes will never be the same now that we've got a pair of Swedish Dishcloths ($13 for two). No more stinky sponge and no more cheese-caked washcloth! The cellulose/cotton blend cloths combine the best of both worlds. They tackle dirty jobs with ease, and... [More]

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Evelyn Fragrance Liquid for Fabric

Why should Febreze be your only option for brightening up the aroma of your laundry or furniture? This Evelyn Fragrance Liquid for Fabric ($24) is part of retaW's beautiful line of scents designed to be sprayed on your t-shirts. The liquid is also antibacterial, helping... [More]

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Kuro Charcoal Refrigerator Cube

Somebody please give us a lump of coal! Specially, we want a Kuro Charcoal Refrigerator Cube ($25). It'll give that ancient container of baking soda a real run for its money in the odor-eating department. Let it dry out in the sun every once in... [More]

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Tabletop Hand Held Vacuum

Got yourself a mean pistachio craving while you're still stuck at work, but don't want to risk the incriminating mess of a million shells? Now you can have your cake nut and eat it too with some cleanup help from the Tabletop Hand Held Vacuum... [More]

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Pet Goldfish Garbage Bags

Unless you're a raccoon, trash is not fun. At least, it isn't unless you're stuffing it into these Pet Goldfish Garbage Bags ($15). They make trash day almost as much fun as those days when you don't have to drag bags of stink to the... [More]

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York Trash Bucket

You won't easily mistake your living room couch for a dirty tissue receptacle when you have the York Trash Bucket ($24) nearby.... [More]

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Striped Dustpan & Brush Set

Sure, chores are going to be a pain in the ass no matter how much fun we try to make them. But we could stand to lighten our mood, if not our workload, with the Striped Dustpan & Brush Set ($52) from Alice Supply Co.... [More]

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Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

No, we aren't suggesting you wear these Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers ($22) around your house in place of mopping. But what we are suggesting is that you convince your drunk best friend to wear them while she screams "Oh, Mr. Clean, I've been so... [More]

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UnHampered Collapsible Laundry Basket

As handy as they are for carting and transporting laundry, traditional baskets are a bit on the bulky side when you're looking for a place to store them, especially in closet-sized studio apartments. Those of you tired of tripping over yours when you get up... [More]

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Crank Clothesline

We'll frankly admit that we have no intention of using this adorably vintage-looking Crank Clothesline ($13) to actually dry clothes. It would, however, be the perfect anchor for our cherished snapshots and antique postcards. After all, what's our priority? Energy-efficient laundering, or gush-worthy home decor?... [More]

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Walking In The Air Home Spray

Now that our apartment is sweltering, we're missing the cool winter weather. We never thought we'd say that. Walking In The Air Home Spray ($45) is like traipsing over fresh, snow-covered mountains, with the scent of the pine boughs wafting by. We like to pull... [More]

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Norwex Enviro Cloth

We'd like to say that we bought the Norwex Enviro Cloth ($16) because we really want to up the earth-friendliness of our cleaning techniques. But the truth is, we got it because it seems like we're perpetually running out of some vitally important cleaning product.... [More]

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Eye-Vac Electric Dustpan Vacuum

We all know what the worst part about sweeping is: bending over to maneuver that dustpan. We try to brush our dust into that bent piece of plastic, and half the crap we were trying to get off the floor just scoots underneath it. And... [More]

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Dryer Mate Balls

Dryer Mate Balls

We cherish the way our freshly laundered clothes feel when they come out of the dryer, but we're not so fond of using chemicals to get them that way. We're getting a lot of use out of these Dryer Mate Balls ($4), which are reusable... [More]

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Hanger Hamper

Hanger Hamper

Does it make you want to scream when your messy beloved significant other throws unwanted hangers on the closet floor? If so, we have just the gadget for you. The ingenious Hanger Hamper ($15) can be tucked away in the corner and your hangers can... [More]

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Line Dried Laundry Fragrance

It's something we know we really ought to be doing: line-drying our laundry. It's better for the environment. It lowers our electric bills. And our clothes end up smelling like heaven...or car exhaust or the neighbor's dogs, depending on which way the wind is blowing.... [More]

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