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Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads

So you took everyone's advice and finally splurged on a decanter, and annoyingly all of those winos who deemed it essential turned out to be right. But after you've enjoyed your favorite Syrah, you're faced with the daunting task of cleaning this incredibly fragile and... [More]

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CasaBella Wine Glass Sponges

Maybe you have tiny, graceful hands, but we don't. Every time we go to hand wash our wine glasses, we're terrified of breaking them when we reach a sponge or dish brush down in there to get out the dregs of merlot - because, well,... [More]

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Broom Groomer

Chalk the Broom Groomer ($10, available for pre-order) up in the "If we'd thought of this, we'd be rich" files. It may look like a standard broom-and-dustpan set, but just like all superheroes, it's more than what it seems. The dustpan handle has a built-in... [More]

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Goodbye Detergent Spaghetti Scrub

Scrub-a-dub-dubbing without soap seems a bit counterintuitive, but Goodbye Detergent's Spaghetti Scrubs ($11) have natural abrasives that clean your pots, pans, counters, and so on without a need for any additional cleaning agents! The strands of these scrubs are made of natural items like corn... [More]

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Simple Solution Natural Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator

We thought bringing toxic chemicals into our home was our only choice after our pet had an accident, but the Simple Solution Natural Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator ($9) gives us another option. As if the precious pooch portrait and vintage typeface wasn't appealing enough,... [More]

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Essential 10: Totally Random but Utterly Useful Tricks

We may be anything but Suzy Homemakers around here, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate housewifely tips and tricks. Here are ten of the Outblush editors' favorites for your (hopeful) edification. Got some of your own to share? Tell us in the comments below!... [More]


Caldrea Sandalwood Riceflower

The best way to describe the scent of Caldrea Sandalwood Riceflower cleaning products and lotions ($9-42)? Fresh and delicious, just like the first breaths of spring after a long, yucky winter. Redolent with sweet bergamot, riceflower, and mandarin and gentle whiffs of rosebud and lavender,... [More]

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Fresh Cut Flowers Laundry Bag

Maybe laundry will lose some of its evil looming powers in the Fresh Cut Flowers Laundry Bag ($30). Encircled in a ring of pretty skinny stems and dainty flowers, our dirty duds are gonna have to totally reek to get us down in this thing.... [More]

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Maier Nonstick Pan Cleaning Brush

Did you know that it's actually a really, really bad idea to clean non-stick pots and pans with regular dish scrubbers and scour pads? Over time, they can scratch off the nonstick coating, which can in turn release hazardous chemical fumes the next time you... [More]

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Ovetto Recycling Bin

Behold, the great recycling Death Star egg! The Ovetto Recycling Bin ($199) is a stylish solution for small spaces that don't have room for ugly, bulky recycling bins. Three lidded compartments keep glass, aluminum, and paper neatly separated, and doors on the side of each... [More]

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Oh Noes! Secret Stain Removers

Nearly four years ago, we posted about Laundry Spa Special Stain Remover. It's meant just for those delicate times of the month when, sometimes, Tampax and Always don't live up to their promises, and, well, erm, you know the rest. Astute commenter Kelly let us... [More]

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Fred Dust Bunny

This doesn't need a lot of explanation, friends. The Dust Bunny ($15) is just that - a bunny for dusting. A bit kitschy, yes, but anything that makes us smile while we clean is a welcome addition to our lives.... [More]

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Bra Saver

Are you a bra hand-washer or do you just toss them into the regular cycle with the rest of your clothes? We admit to the latter, but have noticed that our brassieres are drastically torn and tattered after each wash. Bra Saver ($16) to the... [More]

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Agraria Tasselaire

If you're fearful of burning down your apartment, or if you live somewhere you can't light candles (hey there, dorm-dwellers!), there's still an elegant solution to keeping your space smelling fresh. Agraria TasselAire ($40) is a perfumed tassel you can hang virtually anywhere, and is... [More]

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Papier d'Armenie

Incense is for our hippie cousins, and candles are lovely, but damn do we have a lot of them. Febreeze seems so industrial, and our outlets are too full for plug-ins. We never realized we were looking for a new way to make our home... [More]

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Method Laundry Detergent

Laundry sucks. But, since we can't just perpetually buy new clothes, we do it. (In fact, we've been doing it all weekend - what about you?) Anything that comes along to make laundry easier instantly piques our interest, and Method Laundry Detergent ($15) is getting... [More]

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RKS Laundry POD

RKS Laundry POD ($Inquire) offers a "fresh spin on laundry," and we're taken aback by its sleek design. This high tech mini washer combines innovative agitation technology with a unique water-reduction system for optimum sustainability for hand-washables. Chew on this: its efficiency and beauty won... [More]

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Peacock Dustpan & Brush

You're going to need to clean up after the raging bash you're throwing tonight, and you might as well get a smile out of it. Use this Peacock Dustpan & Brush ($22) to pick up stray crumbs and confetti tomorrow morning, you wild thing, you.... [More]

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Alessi Handheld Vacuum

A dustbuster that's a work of art? Forget our old Kone, we're displaying our Alessi Handheld Vacuum ($169) front and center in the kitchen. Crafted from stainless steel and white thermoplastic resin, it comes with a wet nozzle (handy for spilled bevvies at parties) and... [More]

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Red Leaf Room Spray

Mmmm we love the smell of coffee in the morning. Waking up to the natural scents of Red Leaf Room Spray ($14) sounds awesome too. Fake flowery fragrance can only go so far, but aromas like Basil Lime, Black Tea, Fresh Clover, and Beach will... [More]

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