Janya Drawer Liners

You will organize your closets. You will organize your clothes. You will organize your drawers. You will make said drawers smell good. Janya Drawer Liners ($25) will help you accomplish these small, but necessary changes. (We're feeling the lavender/lemongrass scent!)... [More]

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Aluminum Wall Hanger

Where the Aluminum Wall Hanger ($20) lacks the typical bells and whistles that most of our product suggestions have - it does not lack in practicality or awesomeness. Perfect the traveler, this hanger is designed to hang on flat vertical surfaces, like a door or... [More]

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Deco Dot Audrey Apron

Thanks to a full EVA coating (kinda like laminate) messy broads can go crazy flinging batter and sauces around in the Deco Dot Audrey Apron ($32). 'Cuz no one wants to worry about laundry after cooking up a storm. Wipe these sassy polka dots clean... [More]

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I am Ironman ($152)! Has he lost his mind Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all, Or if he moves will he fall Is he live or dead? Has he thoughts within his head? We'll just pass him there Why... [More]

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Berry Ball Bra Washer

We know, we're supposed to every so carefully hand wash our delicates. We would, you know, if we had loads of extra time on our hands. Instead, we toss them in the washer and hope for the best. Luckily, the Berry Ball Bra Washer ($14)... [More]

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Bristols6 Hem Tape for Denim

We always grit our teeth with envy when we see celebrity closet pictures in magazines.... All that space! All those clothes! They can afford to buy the same pair of designer jeans in multiple hem lengths to perfectly match flats or heels, whereas we can... [More]

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Craftsman Tilt-Out Hamper

We like the look of this Craftsman Tilt-Out Hamper ($199), thinking it would work as well in the pantry organizing our recyclables as it would in the laundry room.... [More]

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Cheetah Lint Roller

Cheetah Lint Roller

The Cheetah Lint Roller ($3) will keep all of your clothing looking ferrrrocious without all of the unsightly pet hair and lint. A single tape refill is included with the roller.... [More]

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Sweet Grass Farmhouse All Purpose Cleanser

We're all for "all-natural" home cleansers, but a lot of 'em either smell like a dirty hippie and/or just don't work. Available in lavender, fresh white lilac, lemon verbena, or herb blossom scents, Sweet Grass Farmhouse All Purpose Spray Cleaners ($7 for a 26oz. bottle)... [More]

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Tattoo Kitchen Roll

It's a silly thing, but we've always hated paper towels with flowers, or butterflies or "home is where the heart is" kitsch printed on them. Give us plain white or nothing at all! However, we're willing to amend the no prints on our paper towels... [More]

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Doubtblush: Hot N Wild Shower Curtain

This Hot N Wild Shower Curtain ($26) is everything you don't want to find in a guy's apartment (sex toys that clearly require four or more persons to operate, lifetime subscriptions to at least eight porn magazines, Precious Moments figurines, a shrine to his ex,... [More]

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Mister Steamy Dryer Balls

We wince as we write to tell you about a dreaded As Seen on TV product, but this little invention is a lifesaver and we just can't let you go on without knowing about it. The Mister Steamy Dryer Ball ($19) lets us throw our... [More]

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French Wire Hamper

Finally, dirty laundry turns into décor you don't mind your guests seeing. Use this antique-style French Wire Hamper ($129) to wheel your whites & darks down to the laundry room, or store neatly rolled towels in a guest room. Trés chic! See more laundry hampers.... [More]

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Chinese Take Out Trash Can

Confucius say, "Take out garbage before smell ruins more than just your chances of getting laid." Or, at least, just fold the flap lids closed on this Chinese Take Out Trash Bin ($14).... [More]

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Penguin Sport Wash

While we love getting our sweat on - we don't love how our expensive workout clothes are ruined by the process. Penguin Sport Wash ($13) will keep your high-tech gear in tip-top shape. Not only does it keep your workout clothes fresh and odor free,... [More]

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Tooth Brushes

Get to scrubbin' while jammin to this playlist inspired by the fabulous Tooth Brushes ($80). Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. The Shins - New Slang Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies Mojoe - Gold Tooth Diva They Might Be Giants -... [More]

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Citrus Lace Gloveables

Don't let household cleaning get in the way of that nice new mani - the Citrus Lace Gloveables ($14) will protect your hands from the wear and tear of scrubbing and soaping. These heavy duty gloves will keep your hands soft and protected from harsh... [More]

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Les Bulles d'Agathe

Remember the childhood joy of bubbles? Of course you do, but seriously, when was the last time you played with some? Since you're "an adult" now, it's probably been a while. But! Fear not! Those smart French people have come up with a perfectly legit... [More]

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Fuzzy Fingers

Between the coffee, sweets, and other nonsense we put our grubby paws on, the amount of crap that finds its way onto our computers and phones is enough to make our stomachs turn. Fuzzy Fingers ($4) are made of soft micro fiber chenille and suede... [More]

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DustpanandBroom 100.jpg

Dustpan & Broom

Cleaning doesn't have to be ugly. Aside from the sleek design and muted coloring, this dream-duo's material is flexible, meaning you can sweep up all kinds of crumbs and dust that your old metal dustpan wouldn't dream of helping out with. This lovely Dustpan &... [More]

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