Big Sur Natural Room Spray

We love Big Sur. Ever since that one post-college road trip through its unspoiled mountain-meets-beach paradise landscape, we've been wishing we could find ourselves a hidden wilderness cabin there to grow dreadlocks and do some watercolor painting. Until that day arrives, we'll have to keep... [More]

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Crate and Barrel Laundry Bag

We're tired of wearing pink clothes that were never supposed to be pink. We need to save our laundry from our own hangover-or-otherwise-impaired states. With this laundry bag ($20), we'll be hard-pressed to screw things up. It'll get us to separate our light and dark... [More]

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Yellow Floral Dishtowel

We're pretty sure the Yellow Floral Dishtowel ($20) by lisa rupp design is one of those dish towels that's not really a dry-off-damp-dishes-and-clean-up-dirty-counters dish towel, you know what we mean? It's more of a look-pretty-hanging-off-of-the-oven-door-handle-but-never-get-messy kind of towel. All the same, we'd be fine with... [More]

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Quilted Ironing Mat

We hate the ironing board. Somehow the prospect of pulling it out of the closet and unfolding it feels like an effort equivalent to climbing a mountain or discovering cold fusion. We'd rather just look like we slept in our clothes. This Quilted Ironing Mat... [More]

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Common Good Laundry Detergent

We've ridden enough public transportation to know that educating the fellow commuter next to us on the proper washing of clothes can sometimes be considered a public service. This Common Good Laundry Detergent ($24) benefits not only your clothes but the olfactory bulbs of anyone... [More]

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Sport Detergent

We'd rather clue people in that we're sporty with our toned muscles than with our stinky workout gear. This Sport Detergent ($17) takes care of the most musty of smells while protecting the quality of your apparel. Would it be inappropriate to pass some along... [More]

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Homeology Rosemary Mint Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Obviously we have better things to do (::ahem:: Facebook and Piperlime) than spend all day cleaning the house. That's why, when we actually do it, we make sure we're using something that gets the job done quick and that has the added perk of making... [More]

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Remedy Everyday Cleaner

Cleaning out the fridge is the absolute bottom chore on our cleaning list. Those vegetable drawers turn into science experiments faster than we can say "asparagus." Ugh! When we finally do get around to tackling the job, we make sure we use Remedy Everyday Cleaner... [More]

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Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent

One of our many summer jobs was at a swimsuit shop near the beach. Aside from a healthy dose of reality re: the variety of breast sizes in the world (we saw a lot of boobies that summer), we also learned that Swimwear Detergent ($15)... [More]

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Travel Laundry Bag

When we visited Spain a few years ago, we had the pleasure of toting our dirty clothes all over Bilbao in search of a laundry. Carrying your unmentionables in a white grocery bag for everyone to see is not so charming. Next trip, you bet... [More]

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Emotionally Unstable Dish Towel

When we need to have ourselves a good cry, we've generally got two choices: watch Beaches, or chop onions. At least with the latter, we'll be part way towards a tasty dinner, whereas Beaches only gives us a pile of nasty tissues and sore throats... [More]

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Evidence Laundry Bag

The Evidence Laundry Bag ($25) is perfect for tossing your walk-of-shame clothes into when you get back to your room on Sunday morning. No one will ever know that you borrowed your roommate's lacy white tank top and ended up with jungle juice all over... [More]

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Lola Haze Pink Launderie Bag

Wash your ooh la la delicates in something just as lovely, but twice as sturdy. The Lola Haze Pink Launderie Bag ($15) is perfect for laundry day and for travel; we feel better knowing that if our suitcases are rifled through at the airport, or... [More]

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Shark Navigator NV22

The nice thing about getting a Shark Navigator NV22 ($150) is the ability to finally clean our carpets properly. The not-so-nice thing is realizing how fudging disgusting our floors were prior to vacuuming with this super powerful appliance. The first time we used it, we... [More]

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Eco Egg Mini Washing Machine

You've been there: you could easily go another week without doing laundry, except you've run out of clean underwear. Thank us - we've just found you a brilliant way to keep procrastinating. The Eco Egg Mini Washing Machine ($74) is a tiny, portable clothes washer,... [More]

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Cobwebber Broom

We've reached an age where it's time to stop hoping for that admission to Hogwarts, but even a hapless Muggle can appreciate the wizardy coolness of this Cobwebber Broom ($25). We like it so much, we might even use it! For, you know, removing cobwebs.... [More]

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Button Box

A sewing box shaped like a button? How very meta. Now all we need to do is learn to sew... Button Box ($15, sewing notions not included)... [More]

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Sparrow Clips

Sparrow Clips

Many people may not be fans of a clothesline, but the refreshingly clean smell of our clothes after they've dried outside is what we love...and of course all the fun clothespins we come across. The Sparrow Clips ($10) are available in a pack of sixteen... [More]

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SockIt! Sock Locks

Well, you can take that 'lost socks in the dryer' joke out of your party conversation bag, thanks to the SockIt! Sock Locks ($9). We guess you'll have to start talking about more interesting things, like the weather. Or why Ben kept Courtney around every... [More]

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Mary Ellen's I Hate Ironing

Um, aside from Clinton Kelly, pretty much everyone we know hates (with a passion) to iron, which is why we all bow down to Mary Ellen's I Hate Ironing! ($8) spray. Spray it on and try to contain your excitement while watching wrinkles disappear. But... [More]

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