Burstenhaus Redecker Carpet Beater

If your carpets are fancy enough to require beating instead of a run with the Hoover, we're betting you can afford to hire someone to do the cleaning for you. In which case this Burstenhaus Redecker Carpet Beater ($18) is still good for household applications... [More]

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Full Circle Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set

It's tough to ditch the commercial cleaners, and not necessarily because they do an excellent job of keeping things tidy (streaks and smudges still seem to run rampant on your stove top), but because they're so convenient. This Full Circle Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set... [More]

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The Laundress Whites Detergent

Whites looking a little dingy? A touch on the grimy gray side? Yikes! You could toss 'em back into the wash with a bit of bleach, but there's a more eco-friendly (and skin-friendly!) solution. The Laundress's Whites Detergent ($21) uses natural plant-based whiteners to help... [More]

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Zabada Kitchen Glove

Would you believe us if we told you that you could clean your counters and stovetop with just this Zabada Kitchen Glove ($40) - no cleaning solution or spray? It's true, and the results are pretty dang awesome. The microfiber glove has two sides -... [More]

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Laundry Symbols Magnet

Stop squinting. This Laundry Symbols Magnet ($4) will help you know whether to reach for the bleach or that coupon for the dry cleaner, providing handy translations for all those funny symbols on your clothing tags. And since it sticks right to your washer, you... [More]

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Ritz Flannel Dust Cloth

Praying nobody ever gives your house the white glove treatment? We hear you. But if getting things clean is truly on your game plan, make sure you're kitted out with the right equipment. These Ritz Flannel Dust Cloths ($30) might not be glamorous, but they'll... [More]

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Artisan Hand Vacuum

We think usually it's okay to have ugly hand appliances - vacuums and dust busters and plungers and all that - because you keep them stored somewhere out of sight. Who cares, right? But if you like to have all your things on display, to... [More]

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Frye Conditioning Cream

If you're going to invest in luxe leather shoes, you ought to take a few minutes to learn how to care for them properly. And who knows leather better than the makers of those boots you spent half the year saving up for? Frye Conditioning... [More]

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Jane Austen Air Freshener

We know that there's no real reason why an air freshener should feature one of the most celebrated authors of all time on it, but we're really glad that this one ($4) does. It smells like lavender, and we can close our eyes and pretend... [More]

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HAY Computer Brush

Despite setting a "strict" rule to not eat near the computer, your resolve has softened over the past several months and you find yourself sitting in front of a keyboard with crumbs everywhere. How are so many crumbs?! Rid your computer of pastry flakes and... [More]

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The Laundress Sweater Stone

Deadly faux pas: showing up to that ugly sweater party with pills blighting your bedazzled reindeer. Stop the shed with The Laundress's Sweater Stone ($18), a porous pumice block that gently whisks away those unwanted fuzzies.... [More]

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Red Roses Scent Surround Room Spray

You know, fresh roses would be better, but in case you don't have the budget to treat yourself every week or your sweetie doesn't seem to get the hint that they're supposed to surprise you with a fresh bouquet every once in a while, at... [More]

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All-Purpose Savon Noir Liquid Soap

It may be hard to believe, but this single bottle of All-Purpose Savon Noir Liquid Soap ($20) from Le Savonnier Marseillais is going to replace all of your cleaning supplies. That's right; the olive oil-based soap is gentle on hands but tough on your surfaces.... [More]

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Save Our Sweaters Lilly Brush

We know that people use electric sweater shavers with great ease and success, but those always make us a little nervous. What if they malfunction and eat our sweaters? Lilly Brush ($13) to the rescue! The specially designed bristles remove pills, lint, and pet hair... [More]

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World's Greatest Laundry Bag

While we're not sold on the fact that this World's Greatest Laundry Bag ($49) is indeed the world's greatest, we do know that it's huge and comfortably holds at least two weeks worth of dirty clothes. When we finally get around to schlepping down to... [More]

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Ocean Wool Ecological Dryer Balls

Put down the box of dryer sheets and back away slowly! Seriously, those waxy sheets may smell nice and keep your tights from sticking to your skirts, but they wreck havoc on your dryer's efficiency. Plus, most commercial brands aren't biodegradable. A set of Ocean... [More]

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Ellie Rolling Hamper

Everyone in your house treats it like a hotel, leaving damp towels on the floor and dirty socks under the bed for the housekeeper (aka you) to find. Ick. We don't actually think that this Ellie Rolling Hamper ($80, on sale) will alter their perspectives... [More]

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Animal Grid Laundry Bag

We're actually feeling a bit jealous of the animal prints on this laundry bag ($34) - giraffes and sheep don't have to wash and dry clothes every week. We guess we can technically put off laundry day if we wanted, but in the long run,... [More]

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EO Products All Purpose Soap - Meyer Lemon

Your house is clean, but the cupboard under the sink is a cluttered mess thanks to that huge pile of cleaning sprays, gels, and creams you've amassed over the years. Simplify your life (and your storage space) by using EO's All Purpose Soap ($16). It... [More]

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Goat Hair Duster Wand

We love posh things. In posh shoes, we just feel like we're walking better. Posh handbags seem to carry more gloriously. And perhaps a posh tool will make cleaning the house a luxury experience. This Goat Hair Duster Wand ($60) is made from Chinese long-haired... [More]

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