Tutti Colori Throws

Made from lightweight, ultra soft wool and available in fourteen vivid colors, Tutti Colori Throws ($48 each) are just the right finishing touch to any room. They look luxuriously high-end, but are one heck of a steal. Trust us when we say that these are... [More]

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Gathered Sky Duvet

Gathered Sky Duvet

If you're looking to dream of heavenly blue seas and celestial skies, the Gathered Sky Duvet ($298) is perfect for you! This amazing duvet features luxurious pleats that have been hand-dyed to mimic the colors of the atmosphere. It is also ultra comfortable because it's... [More]

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Suzetta Fold-Out Vanity

We love our cosmetics, but when our storage options for them are purse, counter, bookshelf, or dinky medicine cabinet, and we put them on over the sink, how glamorous are we really going to feel? We're wishing in our spoiled hearts for the Suzetta fold-out... [More]

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Brooklyn Bridge Shower Curtain

Maybe you once called the borough of Brooklyn home and you long for those cobblestone streets, maybe you enjoy good design, or maybe you want to pay homage to your current kick ass home - whatever the case, the Brooklyn Bridge Shower Curtain ($29) is... [More]

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chopstick soap dish-s.jpg

Chopstick Folding Soap Dish

Slimy soap is icky for some reason, and the Chopstick Folding Soap Dish ($14) keeps our washing materials dry until we want them sudsy. If you didn't gather from the name, these are made from all natural tea stained bamboo chopsticks. Sterile bathrooms warm up... [More]

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polka dot towels-s.jpg

Organic Polka Dot Bath Linens

Since cotton really is the "fabric of our lives," we're highlighting the preciously patterned Organic Polka Dot Bath Linens ($15-80) on our bath wish list. With this 100% Turkish organic Bergama cotton from the Aegean Sea region, we don't have to get out of our... [More]

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Myrica Sir Elton Electric Headboard

We can only assume Swedish designer Myrica Bergqvist was inspired by THE Sir Elton when she designed this over the top Myrica Sir Elton Electric Headboard ($2500). Cast in white laser-cut acrylic and backlit with led, this rococo-swirl headboard would've been right at home in... [More]

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Get Cosy Pillow

Bombdesign's Get Cosy Pillow ($133) takes that soft and squishy pillow you love to hug on Friday evenings in and adds a couple of sewn in hand pockets and a large foot pocket on the opposite side. Not only does this encourage carefree pillow hugging,... [More]

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Tulip Garden Quilt Set

If we were to assess our mood in the office right now, it would be a combination of spring fever (or possibly sloth) and sleepiness (or possibly sloth). So sloth accessories it is! It's already the time of year to stop using those warm cozy... [More]

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Police Line Shower Curtain

Police Line Shower Curtain

Stand back people! The Police Line Shower Curtain ($28) is for the ultimate privacy seeker. This frosted shower curtain is topped with a yellow police tape graphic, which is way cool. You will feel like a criminal caught red handed!... [More]

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Tufted Velvet Headboard

Tufted Velvet Headboard

Feel like a queen when you retire to your boudoir...thanks to the Velvet Tufted Headboard ($300)! This gorgeous headboard adds touch of class and a much softer place to lean when sitting in bed. The fabric is a soft 100% cotton with a tufted vintage... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Makeup Tables for Katie M.

Self-described "avid follower" Katie M. emailed us to say that a friend "...recently suggested that I add a makeup table to a noon in my bedroom, and I just love the idea! [Any ideas] for small, very feminine, makeup tables (storage is a plus!)?" Katie,... [More]

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Limpet Bathtime Drinks Holder

Ahhh, bathtime! Armed with your favorite scented bubble bath, a deep conditioning mask on your hair, a mega-trashy novel, and a glass of wine, you sit back, relax.... And realize that there's nowhere to set your wine in between sips. Enter the Limpet Bathtime Drinks... [More]

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Gardenia Duvet Set

Gardenia Duvet Set

The Spring season is just about to bloom, which is why we're loving the Gardenia Duvet Set ($90). This beautiful bedding set adds a vibrant pop of color to your boudoir plus it makes us feel as if we're sleeping in a lush garden.... [More]

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Missoni Kiruna Throw

$739 for a throw blanket? Yes, if it's a Missoni... specifically, this stunning couture Missoni Kiruna Throw ($739), patterned with silhouettes of leaves and flowers. It's sumptuously soft and oh-so-cuddly, and we *know* we're not talented enough with knitting needles to replicate it on our... [More]

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Middle Colors Humidifier

Okay, so the instructions on the Middle Colors Humidifier ($120-160) are in Japanese, and we can barely order sushi correctly without the waitress giggling, so we may have to contact Gizmine (the American supplier) for instructions. But isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever... [More]

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bath kit-s.jpg

5-in-1 Bath Necessities Set

Squeezing all the contents of our bathroom cabinet into a smaller container is so not an option, but streamlining our counter space with the elegant 5-in-1 Bath Necessities Set ($11) doesn't seem like such a terrible idea. This clean ceramic organizational system even has a... [More]

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Doubtblush: Blonder Home Outhouses Shower Curtain

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]

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Aquanotes Waterproof Shower Memo Pad

Do you get your best ideas singing in the shower? Never lose a stroke of sudsy-time brilliance again by hanging a Aquanotes Waterproof Shower Notepad ($10 each) on the wall of your shower. As the name implies, these pads are waterproof and you can write... [More]

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mirror chest-s.jpg

Arden Hand-Rolled Mirrored Cabinet

Played out vanity-mirror combo be gone, the Arden Hand-Rolled Mirrored Cabinet ($Inquire) is coming to our rescue. Sure, it can't fit our whole wardrobe, but this secondary storage supplement will surely take center stage in our bedrooms. Contrasting distressed oak and mirrored panels make the... [More]

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