Bottega Veneta Scented Leather Sachet

If you have many leather-bound books and your apartment smells of rich mahogany, then you probably won't need the Bottega Veneta Scented Leather Sachet ($70). However, if your apartment is less highbrow, this satchel filled with Intreccio No.1 magically recreates one of the most intriguing... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Seafoam Shower Curtains for Amber B

Amber writes, "Hello Outblush! I'm moving into a new rental house, and the bathroom tile and tub are sea foam green straight out of the 1970s. There's nothing I can do about that, so I'm looking for a shower curtain that has seafoam green in... [More]


Atmosfera Collection

Straight from Italia, the high fashion Atmosfera Collection ($Inquire) by Ilbagno Bandini looks like the backdrop of a runway in Milan. Pick up those dropped jaws and take a deep breath--Yes, it's actually that yellow, and hipsters had nothing to do with it. Neo-mod silhouettes,... [More]

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Blue Hawaii Throw

Blue Hawaii Throw ($712), you had us at hello. Your serene blues and tropical flowers have us absolutely love-drunk. And your lovingly stitched cotton makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We just can't quit you, Blue Hawaii Throw!... [More]

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Hedgehog Hand Towel

For being so prickly, hedgehogs sure are darn cute. Since they don't make cuddly pets, we'll appreciate their likeness in this soft Hedgehog Hand Towel ($15). This cotton hand towel is available in a variety of different colorful hedgehog parades, all equally adorable.... [More]

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Koi Scale Tiles

Building a monochromatic meditation hall sounds like a good summer project, and we just found our inspiration. We'd dip into a deep calm if our bathroom walls were covered in Koi Scale Tiles ($Inquire) by the Portland Cement Company. The sculptural quality of these tiles... [More]

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Ballerina Vanity Light 100.jpg

Ballerina Vanity Light

Ever fancy yourself as the star of your own show? Hang these Ballerina Vanity Lights ($89) above your makeup station and you'll feel as though you're about to go center stage to a sold out crowd of your adoring fans. And no, it's not one... [More]

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Shower Caddy Octopus

Although the Formverket Shower Caddy Octopus ($35) looks like a children's toy, we assure you it's quite the practical little cephalopod. The eight grippy PVC "arms" grab and hold on to bottles of shampoo, scrub brushes, and the like, meaning you can store bottles upside... [More]

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radiolare mirror-s.jpg

Radiolaire Mirror

We featured the heart shaped I love Me Mirrors pre-Valetine's Day, but Areaware has so many more awesome choices out there, we couldn't not let you know. The Radiolaire Mirror ($96) looks kinda like a dandelion, and the Xenorhabdus Mirror ($96) is an elegant feather.... [More]

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viaggo bathtub-s.jpg

Viaggi Signature Freestanding Bathtub

An exclusive by MAAX Collection, the Viaggi Signature Freestanding Bathtub ($Inquire) is luxury at its finest. No legs needed here - this seamless, egg-shaped bath floats on an exotic wood base (natural tinted burl with a glossy finish pictured). Stark modern lines give us elegance... [More]

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West Elm Summer Leaf Duvet

A change in seasons always has us itching to redecorate. A peek at our bank account squashes that notion pretty quick, but every once in a while, we give in. The latest splurge is a new look for the bedroom with the Organic Summer Leaf... [More]

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Moving Color Temperature Sensitive Tile

We bet Moving Color's Temperature Sensitive Tile ($30/tile) would have been huge if it had come out in the 70s. But, we think it has huge potential now, too! Moving Color's heat sensitive tiles change colors according to the pattern that you purchase. For example,... [More]

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Big Brown Towel 100.jpg

The Big Brown Towel

We know. Lots of ostentatious labels are a little tacky these days. But we had to make an exception to our rule for the Big Brown Towel ($30), spoofing the iconic and aggressively alliterated Bloomingdales Big Brown Bag. Think of it as a little inside... [More]

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Calm Kitty Sleep Mask

Falling asleep with the Calm Kitty Sleep Mask ($12) makes us feel like a little girl and a lady all at the same time. Keep the light out with this handmade mask of fleece, buttons and bows, and an elastic band to keep it in... [More]

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Personal Shopper: A Summer Comforter for Aimee G

Aimee writes, "I'm prefacing this by saying it's a boring request, but I am in need of a lightweight comforter for the summer months. I prefer to shop online, so please refer any useful websites." Aimee, it's totally not boring. A too heavy comforter in... [More]

Unikko-Shower-Green 100.jpg

Marimekko Unikko Shower Curtain

A bit of design history for you: In 1964, fabric manufacturer Marimekko declared that they would no longer produce floral fabrics. But in restriction comes innovation and defiance, and thank goodness, because designer Maika Isola promptly ignored the orders of her employers and created the... [More]

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Tutti Colori Throws

Made from lightweight, ultra soft wool and available in fourteen vivid colors, Tutti Colori Throws ($48 each) are just the right finishing touch to any room. They look luxuriously high-end, but are one heck of a steal. Trust us when we say that these are... [More]

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Gathered Sky Duvet

Gathered Sky Duvet

If you're looking to dream of heavenly blue seas and celestial skies, the Gathered Sky Duvet ($298) is perfect for you! This amazing duvet features luxurious pleats that have been hand-dyed to mimic the colors of the atmosphere. It is also ultra comfortable because it's... [More]

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Suzetta Fold-Out Vanity

We love our cosmetics, but when our storage options for them are purse, counter, bookshelf, or dinky medicine cabinet, and we put them on over the sink, how glamorous are we really going to feel? We're wishing in our spoiled hearts for the Suzetta fold-out... [More]

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Brooklyn Bridge Shower Curtain

Maybe you once called the borough of Brooklyn home and you long for those cobblestone streets, maybe you enjoy good design, or maybe you want to pay homage to your current kick ass home - whatever the case, the Brooklyn Bridge Shower Curtain ($29) is... [More]

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