Monogrammed Toilet Paper

Looking for a housewarming gift for a couple who has been together forever and have everything? How much fun is the Monogrammed Toilet Paper ($19 for 2 rolls)? It's totally without purpose (okay, not totally), but is a fun way to say, "Congrats on the... [More]

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Twisted Washbasin Faucet

Don't ya just love it when there's a tiny tweak to a design style we've seen all our lives? What we like about this Faucet ($Inquire) is that unlike some of the super-eclectic styles flooding the market right now, this one isn't some passing fad.... [More]

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Vanity TV Mirror

Ah, the perfect gift for the dual-tasker. A mirror that allows your guy to shave or you to apply your makeup, all while watching some insipid reality show on television. Are you kidding? We'd love to say we're disgusted by the entire set-up of the... [More]

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Sobey Dresser

Come on! What's not to love about Sobey (Inquire)? First of all, this fanciful dresser has 20 drawers storage, wood shades that would work with any room, and a design that can't help but bring a grin to your face. Okay, okay, want a more... [More]

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Funky Ceiling Bed

The entire idea of sleeping in a bed suspended from the ceiling is kinda dreamy, isn't it? The slight sway reminds us of being gently rocked as we slumber away. But don't worry, the Ceiling Bed ($3,250) can be tethered so it doesn't move too... [More]

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Kooning Platform Bed and Nightstands

Ran into a platform bed that spoke to our contemporary streak the other day, but couldn't get past the ridiculous price tag. Offensive, really. We were lucky enough to find the Kooning Platform Bed ($1,375) - with built-in nightstands and it was one of those... [More]

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Astor Daybed Bedding

When you hear the name Astor you think glamour....prestige....the Titanic. Okay, forget that last one. Point is, there's a reason this Astor Daybed Bedding ($255-$400) is so named: it's really exquisite looking.... [More]

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Optic Swirl Apothecary Jars

These Optic Swirl Glass Apothecary Jars ($25-$33) are so simple, yet so sharp. Keep them on your bathroom counter to store cotton balls and Q-tips. They're lovely enough on their own to be considered art.... [More]

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Neve Brick Faucet

Lately (and don't judge us for this) we've been going into bathrooms, just to check out the amazing array of sink and faucets options that have popped up. This one really caught our eye. Neve Rubinetterie presents the Neve Brick Faucet ($Inquire) for the designer... [More]

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Sunburst Mirror

Want a mirror on your chest-of-drawers, but don't want some honkin' big monstrosity of a thing? We think you'll appreciate the beauty that is the Sunburst Mirror ($70). It's artistic edge will look great no matter where you display it.... [More]

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Noble Crown Wall Teester

Come on, admit it. You're a bit of a princess. Somewhere deep inside you see your home as your private kingdom. The Noble Crown Wall Teester ($199) is the perfect way to turn an ordinary bed into a royal sleeping chamber.... [More]

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Apothecary Bath Accessories

Bathrooms, particular those in rentals, are often rather bland, blank canvasses just waiting to be filled. Give yours an elegant style with these Apothecary Bath Accessories ($14-$49). Crafted from porcelain, they're printed with labels like you might find in an old French apothecary shop.... [More]

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ovation bedding-s.jpg

Ovation Bed Linens

Most bedding in the sale section is, how do we put this ... hideous. Thank GOD for the sophisticated print of the Ovation Bed Linens ($29-290). Chocolate really is always a good choice in color and snack. Let's snuggle up on our new Ovation bedspread,... [More]

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Colorful Glass Washbasin

You ever go back to a restroom to wash your hands again, just so you can study the design style of the room? (Us too, but don't tell anyone). Take a look at this Shiny Stainless Steel Washbasin ($Inquire), so shiny it looks industrial. It's... [More]

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LOMME is an acronym for Light Over Matter Mind Evolution and this Bed ($Inquire) seeks to incorporate the name into the design. The bed uses light, sound and massage therapies to give you a better night sleep. Silly us; we just thought it was great... [More]

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massage candle-s.jpg

Sensual Light Massage Candles

Best used behind closed doors, the soothing power of shea gives us a chance to spice things up in the bedroom. Think of the Sensual Light Massage Candles ($36/pair) as a starting point to a masseuse role play test drive. Just choosing from scents like... [More]

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Signature 2.0 Dresser

Whether we use one passed down from an older sibling, one we bought at a consignment shop, or a few plastic bins stacked on top of each other, we all need a dresser. What caught our eye about this Signature 2.0 Dresser ($3,995) is how... [More]

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Birdseye Bed

How great would the Birdseye Bed ($Inquire) look suspended in an urban loft? It's cool, contemporary and just the design touch for a modern room.... [More]

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Arabian Velvet Throw

Maybe the caffeine is wearing off, but just one look at this Arabian Velvet Throw ($125) makes us long for a nap. At 60 x 60 inches it's just the right size for a snooze on the sofa.... [More]

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Pretty Little Towel Set

Let us begin by saying that we're the price of designer towels. Outraged really. Those three and four hundred dollar towels better come with a newborn wrapped inside. So, in direct response to the ridiculous prices some companies charge for their towels we've found... [More]

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