Maison Blanc Petite Candles

For tiny jar candles, the Maison Blanc Petite Candles ($9 each) pack a pretty powerful scent. But don't mistake us: powerful does not mean cloying. Your room will smell softly of good things (our favorite candle is macaron!) without being overbearingly perfume-y. 15 hours of... [More]

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Homestar Spa Planetarium

What has been missing from your bath routine? The obvious answer... a planetarium of course! The Homestar Spa Planetarium ($138) not only paints the room with stars, but includes graphic domes for changing to different mood lighting. A relaxing atmosphere. Ambient lighting. Orion checking you... [More]

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Kama Sutra Oil of Love

Let's talk oil. No, really. We believe it's about time. If you and your partner have not yet discovered the sensual pleasure of introducing the sensation of oil, we (well, some of us) suggest you do so. What we like about the Kama Sutra Oil... [More]

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Corner Ruffle Duvet Cover

Maybe it's all the holiday shopping, maybe it's the mid-afternoon crash, but bedding really appeals to us about this time of day. Please, for the love of all that's good, take a look at this Corner Ruffle Duvet Cover ($148) from Urban Outfitters. It has... [More]

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Love Sign Pillowcase Set

You really want a decorative change to your room, but are working with a tight budget. We've all been there. Changing your pillowcases is a simple (and inexpensive) change that can make a huge difference in your bedroom. The Love Sign Pillowcase Set ($34) spells... [More]

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Icelandic Dream Bedding Collection

Even with the amount of time we spend shopping (uh, researching), it's a little odd to run across bedding that first strikes us as one thing, and then another. Initially, we thought the Icelandic Dream Bedding Collection ($275 - $295) was the perfect shade of... [More]

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CLARITY 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

CLARITY makes this cool 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker ($67) for those of us who are not always enthusiastic wakers. Think of it as a mini-earthquake in a box. Picture this: a crazy obnoxious alarm goes off, lights flash, and the bed... [More]

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Mina Javid Olivia Headboard

Sure, a headboard might pull the room together or make your apartment seem more adult (so would getting rid of that Little Mermaid pillowcase, btw), but dang, those things are expensive. This incredibly affordable Olivia Headboard ($40) is a wall decal that looks just as... [More]

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Ellery Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow

Confession time. Some of us need "white noise" to fall asleep. We can only drift off if we're listening to soft music or a sound machine that our guy believes he controls (we'll discuss this issue at another time). The Ellery Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow... [More]

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Nordstrom Polar Plush Throw

Nordstrom Polar Plush Throw

We'd love to sit by the fireplace and wrap ourselves up in the Nordstrom Polar Plush Throw ($58)! This polyester and down fill throw is oh so plush and super cozy. One of the things we love about this throw is that it's reversible. One... [More]

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Baa Humbug Flannel Comforter

Baa Humbug Flannel Comforter

So many of us lay awake in bed counting sheep, right? Well with thoe holidays upon us, wouldn't it be more appropriate to count sheep dressed in cold weather garb? That's where the Baa Humbug Flannel Comforter($88) comes in. These lil' sheep are dresses in... [More]

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Queen Five Pillow

All this royal wedding nonsense has got us a feeling a bit cheeky, a bit British, so we're jumping at the Queen Five Pillow (£38). Turn your living room into a posh setting fit for a queen with this contemporary design made of calico and... [More]

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West Elm Handknit Throw

Curl up by the fire wrapped in a West Elm Handknit Throw ($59). The chunky knit, wool blend blankets are the perfect size to swallow you up in warmth on a cold evening. In a variety of muted colors, you'll be able to find one... [More]

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Wall-Mount Magazine Rack

Who says our special bathroom reading time can't be a little classier? Not us! The Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack ($50) keeps your reading materials and TP nice, neat, and out of the way. Never again reach for that elusive replacement roll - it holds 2. This... [More]

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Singing in the Rain Shower Curtain

Certainly, it's not a GLEE affiliated product, but us Gleeks immediately thought of last weeks amazeballs Umbrella/Singin' in the Rain mashup when we saw this Singing in the Rain Shower Curtain ($20). It's a little kitschy, but thanks to our favorite singing high schoolers, it's... [More]

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Say Something Pillowcases

Get on the fast track toward sleep by letting your mind absorb the the age old wisdom and or knowledge of, well, whatever you want. With the Say Something Pillowcases ($30/pair) by etsy seller Pure and Noble, you can use the included no-fade fabric pen... [More]

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Kiss Me Goodnight Pillow

Hey, let's talk about the bride (zillas) we know who find it perfectly appropriate to let their friends and family throw them bridal shower after bridal shower. Now, if you're lucky enough to be in that wedding party, you can easily run out of gift... [More]

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Custom Monogrammed French Duvet and Shams

Seriously, is it just us or is this Custom Monogrammed French Duvet Cover ($170) a real beauty? We like the idea that it individualizes whatever space you currently occupy and that it's classic enough to keep around, even as fads change.... [More]

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Jardin Bleu Nightlight

We're not saying we're ashamed that we still like to sleep with a nightlight (especially as the nights get blustery and images of Halloween spooks fill our heads), but we don't really want to rely on our old Mother Goose night light to keep the... [More]

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Modern Luxury Pillow Sham

Okay, a friend tells us she's looking for a duvet cover and pillow shams, but she's not a fussy girl. She wants something with clean lines and no jazz hands. Seems simple enough, right? She wants something that's going to tie in with whatever funky... [More]

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