Murphy and Daughters Bon Bon Soap

We're having a hard time believing that the Murphy and Daughters Bon Bon Soap ($12 each) is indeed soap and not some delicious form of candy to eat. We won't go so far as to taste it--that would be ridiculous--but we'd really like to get... [More]

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Deco Bird Quilt

Ladies, it's warm weather time which means it's also time to change sh*t up! We're talking about airing out your winter crap that's been taking up residence in your house. Replace it for the season with something brighter, lighter, and way more fun. The Deco... [More]

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Let's Make Out Throw Pillow

Let's face it, sometimes you can give a guy all the hints in the world and unless you beat them over the head with your pillow, they still won't get that you're totally ready for some lip action! Let's Make Out Throw Pillow ($99)... [More]

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Star Wars Pillowcases

Think of how easy it will be for you (or your kids, whatever) to dream of a galaxy far, far away while snoozing on the Star Wars Pillowcases ($34, set of 2) at Urban Outfitters.We swear we had a set of these when we were... [More]

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Hammocks and High Tea Namad Pillow

Did you see this post and think, "Ugh, I'm so sick of the Native American trend!"? Well get your cultural anthropology books out, because the Namad Pillow ($90) is actually inspired by Turkish Kilim rug patterns. The more you know!... [More]

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Ikea Cushion Covers

One of the easiest (and least expensive!) ways to switch up your home decor is to alter accent pieces. We're all about giving our places some springtime flair, but we're really not looking for a big overhaul. Enter our favorite simple change: swapping out our... [More]

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Kate Spade Heirloom Roses Bedding

Usually we're on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond website to shop for things like a new pizza stone, or a garlic press. But we just got word that they're selling a line of Kate Spade bedding. *glee!* She's got a few lovely looks and patterns... [More]

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kikkerland shower curtain-s.jpg

Kikkerland 20000 Leagues Shower Curtain

The theme of the Kikkerland 20000 Leagues Shower Curtain ($15) by the always fun Jan Habraken suits baths better than showers. But, hey, we'll imagine showering as an escape under the sea with this thing. The bright green might help us wake up too.... [More]

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My Heart Belongs To You Pillowcases

When we miss our loves, we miss them terribly. And we want them to know it even when their eyes are shut (cue creepy Sting music). My Heart Belongs to You Pillowcase ($36) say so much with very little effort. Just the way love should... [More]

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"Phillips" King Poster Bed

The "Phillips" King Poster Bed ($5599) needs a serious name overhaul - it should be QUEEN poster bed, thank you! This ornate poster bed is handcrafted of mango wood, with a bold black finish and brass accents. If the look is a bit "too much"... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Better Homes and Gardens Classic Caning Pillow

You know what we love? Bright, graphic pillows. You know what we hate? That bright, graphic pillows are often so expensive. Can you believe the Classic Caning Pillow ($11) is from Walmart? We think it'd make a lovely addition on top of your clean, white... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 4.50.15 PM.png

Tetrahedron Lavender Scented Pillows

Are you bored with pillows that are flat and smell like your scalp? Did you read that? We said, "Scalp". For some reason, the word scalp makes some people feel sick. We don't scalp the problem with the word scalp, though, because as scalp as... [More]

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Give a Hoot Bath Collection

We love this Give a Hoot Bath Collection ($13-39) for so many reasons. It would fit in a college dorm bathroom, a kid's room, an adorable powder room and perhaps even a quirky kitchen. But most of all, it reminds us of our favorite cartoon... [More]

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Jolie Bed

When you're pregnant and all you want to do is sleep (we totally just woke up from an under-the-desk nap), the Jolie Bed ($2,799) looks like a deep oasis. Four poster beds are hard to deny but mango wood makes it even harder to let... [More]

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Roberta Freymann Assorted Beach Towels

If you're in the market for a pricy (yet plush, lovely, and soft) beach towel, you could do plenty worse than these Assorted Beach Towels ($100) from Roberta Freymann. One side is cotton and the other is terry cloth, giving you the perfect duo of... [More]

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Cupcake Soap Dispenser

We said almost a year ago that macaroons are the new cupcakes, but if you're repping cupcakes 'til the day you die, why not let your home reflect it? This cupcake soap dispenser ($12) would look adorable in a campy, retro kitchen. Or, be a... [More]

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DecoLav 9760 Dual Door Medicine Cabinet with Center Storage

Having suddenly come into an enormous sum of money, you have renovated your home past the point of recognizability. Imported tile. Curtains with a higher thread count than most shipping magnates' sheets. Paint made with powdered emeralds. And in the midst of it hangs your... [More]

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Izola New York City MTA Shower Curtain

If, for any reason, you've been long suppressing an urge to board the subway in your birthday suit (hey, we're not here to judge), boy, do we ever have a shower curtain for you. The New York City MTA Shower Curtain ($31) allows you to... [More]

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Catstudio Yellowstone Pillow

As the weather starts to warm up, some of us are getting antsy to spend hours on end in the car and do some summer road tripping and park-exploring. If you'd rather experience the great outdoors from the great, air-conditioned, bug-free indoors, cuddle up to... [More]

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Glasswing Bedding

The Glasswing Bedding ($30-125) is more conceptual than we usually go in the bedroom. But, hey, envisioning butterfly flight on a duvet cover is totally rad. Especially when it looks like stained glass.... [More]

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