Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium

We thought our baths couldn't get any more relaxing than they already are. (We take bathtime seriously - we're talking candles, wine, book, inflatable tub pillow...) Enter the Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium ($124) by Sega Toys. It floats in our tub and casts three different... [More]

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His & Hers Pillow Slips

We love him, but we don't really want to sleep on his pillow. We spend a lot of time on our nightly cleansing and hydrating routine and we'd rather not top off our costly face cream with crusty beer drool. We're passing the Dustys&Lulu His... [More]

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Moby Shams

Thar she blows! These Moby Shams ($100) will transform your bed into an epic sea story. We think we'll get them, then daydream about sharing our bunk with Horatio Hornblower. (Hello, Ioan Gruffudd...) Look, Ahab's not the kind of guy you bring home.... [More]

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Cecil & Clyde Elephant Pillow

We need to get a few of these Cecil & Clyde Elephant Pillows ($57) to stand tall on our deck chairs, ASAP. They'll bring color, whimsy, and good taste to our outdoor space. That's originally what all of our flower pots were supposed to do,... [More]

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Suction Soap Holder Magnet

How the heck did it take this long for someone to come up with a way to hold your bathroom soap that doesn't involve a slippery dish full of nasty water or a pool of scum on your sink or counter? This Suction Soap Holder... [More]

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DVF Studio Graphic Chain Link Bedding

We found ourselves in Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago looking for skirt hangers, olive oil dispensers, Perfect Brownie pans, or something, and lo and behold we discovered affordable Diane von Furstenberg home goods. Of course everything was all fabulous, but the DVF... [More]

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Floral Stripe Printed Rug

Cover those vintage (i.e. broken) bathroom tiles your landlord's too cheap to replace with this Floral Stripe Printed Rug ($34) and transform boring flooring into bright floral stripes! We're willing to bet your bohemian bathroom will even inspire you to play with some brighter shades... [More]

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Create Your Own Custom Shower Curtain

Can't find the right shower curtain for your bathroom decor? Design your own! This Create Your Own Custom Shower Curtain ($85) can be adorned with any image you like, so you can put all those extra megapixels to good use for once. Personally, we're planning... [More]

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Hayworth Nightstand

You can bet your bottom that if we had this Hayworth Nightstand ($220 on sale) we'd dress it up with some faaaab-ulous accessories. Cue the eye mask, a few vintage crystal perfume bottles, and a quirky black cat lamp. Dah-ling, the boudoir'll look gorgeous!... [More]

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Bristol Tufted Headboard

Could anything possibly feel more regal than sleeping under the scallops of this Bristol Tufted Headboard ($1329)? We mean, other than taking all that money and buying a scrumptious new bed on which to roll around with Prince William on... At least we can have... [More]

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Anthropologie Catalina Quilt

When we were little, we used to think how lucky angels were because they got to hang out on clouds all day. It just seemed so soft and cozy! But ever since science class sucked all the fun out of our daydream with that nonsense... [More]

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Romantic Floral Scarf Duvet

You may have a hard time convincing your husband that curling up at night under this Romantic Floral Scarf Duvet ($89) won't compromise his dudeness. But start working on your speeches about why pretty floral prints are totally manly, because this will look perfectly pretty... [More]

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Loo Brush

Just because it's disgusting doesn't mean it has to be ugly. Toilet brushes are a necessary evil, and are generally so cheap and shady-looking you're tempted to hide them when company comes over. This Loo Brush ($66) from Swedish designer Iris Hantverk improves on the... [More]

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Pi'lo Correspondence Pillow

As much as we love the bold patterns and colors of modern decor, we still have a soft spot in our hearts for shabby chic. We swoon over lace duvets, sigh over ruffled lampshades, and give an audible "aww" over romantic accessories like the Correspondence... [More]

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Designer Toilet Roll Set

We are seriously considering ordering our toilet paper from Europe. Here we've been trapped for years in a world where we thought our toilet paper choices were limited to cheap-and-scratchy or soft-and-pricey. We had no idea that a bonanza of funky prints were available to... [More]

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Whale Sheeting

This whimsical Whale Sheeting ($59) made us laugh when we saw it. Our husband knows we love all things nautical/beachy, but we're willing to bet he'd draw the line at having these sheets on our bed. That makes us sad, because there are so many... [More]

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Watermelon Stripe Bedding (Seedless)

We're bummed this bright Watermelon Stripe Bedding (Seedless) ($109) doesn't come in a California King. We'll just have to use it in our guest room instead. We really love the cheerful chevron print and vibrant colors, and no one has to know it was originally... [More]

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Half Moon Bay Reversible Shower Curtain

Sure, you could make this Half Moon Bay Reversible Shower Curtain ($88) for a little less. But then you'd have to invest time looking for cool material, pay for said material, spend time sewing everything together, aaand sew buttonholes for the hooks to go through.... [More]

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Note Me Pillow

We don't know about you, but we always get our best ideas in those few short minutes before we fall asleep at night. We think we're going to start sleeping with a Note Me Pillow ($49) so we can jot down our thoughts as they... [More]

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Passport Shower Curtain

It's been a fantasy of ours to travel the world at leisure. We want to mingle with locals, try new cuisine, buy clothes from Paris - but we don't have the means to do so just yet. Until we take a trip around the globe,... [More]

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