SEA la VIE Decorative Pillow

Sure, you typically think of the sun and sea as foci of summertime decor, but half the country lives in coastal areas even in the winter. The SEA la VIE Decorative Pillow ($80) boasts a cheery vibe in sandy beach hues for those of you... [More]

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Momento Headboard

Time for us to get a life. That way, we'll have some proper snapshots and trinkets to attach to this Momento Headboard ($59). Otherwise we'll have to decorate it with prints we stole out of picture frames at Target and pretend the models are our... [More]

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Spinning Hat Social Shower Curtain

We all have a few friends who eat, sleep, and breathe social media. The Spinning Hat Social Shower Curtain ($17) was created just for them. Although they may be slightly crestfallen when they realize it isn't exactly interactive and they'll have to suds up sans... [More]

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Lands' End Alpaca Plaid Blanket

We know it would make our lives more comfortable, but we simply can't do it: we have too much self-respect to hang around in Snuggies. Wrapping this Lands' End Alpaca Plaid Blanket ($209) around ourselves like a super soft wool cape, on the other hand,... [More]

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Spreading Landscape Throw

We're jealous of those of you who can order the bold and beautiful Spreading Landscape Throw ($168). We'd love to toss the textured wool blanket over the backs of our armchairs, but we're pretty sure our furbabies would wreak havoc on all of those pom-poms.... [More]

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Paris Quilt

At first glance, the Paris Quilt ($450) by Haptic Lab doesn't look extraordinary. But the simple white quilt boasts a stitched street map of the City of Light. It would certainly make a beautiful and thoughtful wedding gift for the couple planning to honeymoon in... [More]

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Winter Evening Throw

We think the name of this Winter Evening Throw ($108) comes from the deep purple colors in it, but it could also have been so named because it's made from alpaca so it'll keep you super warm on yep, you guessed it, a winter evening.... [More]

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Holiday Road Trip Flannel Bedding Set

Holiday Road Trip Flannel Bedding

If you love the holiday season as much as we do, you probably decorate every nook and cranny of your home. So the Holiday Road Trip Flannel Bedding ($28-88) is a must. We're charmed by the vintage cars with evergreen trees attached to to the... [More]

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Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser

It feels like the air has dried up overnight! If you're waking in the morning with itchy skin and dry eyes, invest in a Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser ($150) from Broksonic. You'll add a little extra moisture to the air without adding a huge... [More]

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Geo Cutout Trash Can

You did not spend six consecutive weekends and every non-working hour remodeling your bathroom just to put a standard white plastic trash can next to the toilet. No. You are going to throw away tampon wrappers and used Q-tips in the Geo Cutout Trash Can... [More]

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Ferm Living Face Boxes

Service with a smile! That's the idea behind the Ferm Living Face Boxes ($310). Or, at least, we assume it is! The boxes seem excited to hold all of your stuff, from first aid supplies to old newspapers to winter sweaters. There's no need to... [More]

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Wool Dot Throw

Don't worry about trying to decode the Wool Dot Throw ($148) by RosenbergCPH. Those pretty pink dots aren't Morse code. They do, however, provide a gorgeous accent to the reversible merino blanket. Cuddle up under it with a mug of hot chocolate to end your... [More]

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Outlast Blanket

A blanket that keeps you cool? Sounds loopy, but that's the word on the street about this Outlast Blanket ($100), which uses a NASA-developed fabric to absorb body heat when you're warm, then release it when things get chilly. Here's hoping they make one in... [More]

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Eskayel Pillows

In an effort to practice honesty, we will admit that we like these lovely Eskayel Pillows ($140) not just for their funky inkblot designs. We're also fairly certain that they'll lend good camouflage to any of our spills and stains. We need to put the... [More]

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Great Lakes Quilt

Celebrate your love of America's inland waters with this Great Lakes Quilt ($219). This map-in-blanket-form covers everything from Duluth to Rochester, and will also keep your tootsies cozy during those winter Mob Wives Chicago marathons.... [More]

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Scout Ceramic Soap Dish

We totally get the idea that the Scout Ceramic Soap Dish ($20) from Izola should remind us to lead by example. Handwashing is a habit we're happy to pass on to others. But do we find it true and brave? Only when we're in the... [More]

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Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Sure, we cherish our bath bombs as much as the next gal, but sadly, we don't get nearly enough relaxing tub time. That's where the Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit ($45) comes in. It can be adjusted to hook onto any showerhead and extend over the... [More]

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Ticking Stripes Shower Curtain

Dear Standard White Vinyl Shower Curtain, Let's cut to the chase. Clinginess is never a good sign in a relationship and lately you've gone over the top with it. We just want to be able to take a morning shower without the feeling of being... [More]

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Thought Bubble Pillowcases

Make sure your partner's dreams are filled with thoughts of your awesomeness by stacking the odds in your favor. The Thought Bubble Pillowcases ($35) by Oh! Susannah's ensure that you'll be the last thing he thinks about before bed. Or hey, vice versa, right? Creeped... [More]

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Black Pepper & Amber Candle

Our favorite freesia-scented candle is on its last dribbles of wax, and while we're kind of mourning the end, we also know we'll get to pick out a new one. Since we're headed into fall, we'll opt for the Black Pepper & Amber Candle ($37)... [More]

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