Cat Nap Pillowcase Set

While our era of midday catnaps is long gone, that doesn't mean we don't still daydream about them at 2:00pm on sluggish days at the office. If you'd gladly risk the wrath of your superiors by skipping out early and heading home, rest your head... [More]

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Merdolino Toilet Brush

Toilet bowl brushes aren't exactly a polite-company conversation topic. But then again, Outblush isn't what we'd call "polite company". Besides, the Merdolino Toilet Brush ($55) is prettier than your run-of-the-mill toilet scrubber. When you don't have the cupboard space to stash your brush, this sproutling-inspired... [More]

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In Treatment Tissue Box Cover

You have issues. It's okay, we all do. But therapy is expensive and tissues are cheap. Toss the In Treatment Tissue Box Cover ($35) onto your current box, dish out a huge bowl of ice cream, click on Sleepless in Seattle, and bawl your eyes... [More]

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Japanese Cypress Wood Soap Dish

We know that using this Japanese Cypress Wood Soap Dish ($14) might mean that we'll need to pick up a dish for our dish. After all, we're likely to get some sudsy drips through the pretty wood slats. But it will effectively combat the whole... [More]

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Linnea's Lights Belgian Linen Candle

Yikes. Our apartments are starting to suffer from the dreaded stale midwinter smell. We can't crack the windows in ten-degree weather, and rather than cover up the slightly-burned-mac-and-cheese-casserole-mixed-with-two-weeks-of-unwashed-laundry aroma with a faux floral, we'll cover it with a freshly-scented Linnea's Lights Belgian Linen Candle ($20,... [More]

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The Sound Duvet Cover

Ahhh. What could be more relaxing than nodding off under the whimsical The Sound Duvet Cover ($159-212) from DENY Designs? The watercolor-esque duvet may sport cool colors, but its microfiber surface will keep you warm all night long. Psst, college ladies! The duvet comes in... [More]

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Belize Memory Foam Bath Rug

We spend 99.9% of the day rushing around like crazy people, which is why it's important to make those tiny moments when we slow down all the more indulgent. Our morning shower is one of those moments. How much more lovely will it be when... [More]

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Silkeborg Plaids Ida Blanket

There's nothing worse than buying a lovely blanket only to get home and snuggle up on the couch to find that your new purchase doesn't actually do much to keep you warm. We looked twice at this Ida Blanket ($149), because the pattern is so... [More]

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Bron Yr Aur Candle

Have you been on a classic rock kick lately? Turn up your Led Zeppelin station on Spotify, light the Bron Yr Aur Candle ($15) and rock out. Each candle in the Tisane collection evokes the feel of a different place and time, but Bron Yr... [More]

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Colour Plaid Throw

What we don't know: why the gorgeous Colour Plaid Throw ($595) is considered a plaid. Those look like stripes to us. What we do know: if we could find our way around the price tag, we'd snuggle under this lovely for days!... [More]

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Log Head Rest

Boyfriend calling you a wimp because you don't feel like spending your vacation carting dead weight up the side of a mountain? Show him your tougher side by sleeping on this Log Head Rest ($20). It looks so much like a real hunk of birch,... [More]

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StickerBrand Tentacle Wall Decal

Turn bathtime into storytime. Regale your pirates with tales of the fabled great octopus ($43) and his eight tentacled arms, ready to capture little boys and girls who refuse to wash behind their ears. And on nights when your parents take the kids for the... [More]

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Tobacco, Black Tea & Vanilla Candle

While it's been a while since we patronized a "sinister-looking bookstore" à la Funny Face, we're pretty sure the Tobacco, Black Tea & Vanilla Candle ($22) from Paulova Ceramics perfectly captures the sweet and smoky smell. We can't wait to light it up and settle... [More]

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Hibernate Pillow

Don't mind if we do! Wake us in April! Hibernate Pillow ($50) by The Winter Cabin Collection... [More]

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That January Feeling Throw Pillow Cover

Yep. We'll bury our faces into our January Feeling Throw Pillow Covers ($20), illustrated by Gemma Correll, and call in sick at least once this January. Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?... [More]

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Avanti Lolita Sunglasses Beach Towel

In the office, we have dream boards. On them, we place the items we can't afford, the men we want to go all Christian Grey on, and the seasons that we long to bring back immediately. This Avanti Lolita Sunglasses Beach Towel ($25) serves as... [More]

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Lacoste Bayadere Beach Towels

Your kids have outgrown the bulldozer, baby animal, and butterfly motifs. But they haven't outgrown primary-colored alligators. Although these Lacoste Bayadere Beach Towels ($42) are meant for sandier occasions, we think your little reptile would love to wrap up in one of these cozy cotton... [More]

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Leah Reena Goren Red Cat Throw Pillow

When is a good time to take a nap on the couch? Meow? How about meow? Right meow sounds good, too. Seize the meow-ment with this Red Cat Throw Pillow from Leah Reena Goren ($20).... [More]

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Lavender Pillow Insert

In need of something to help you settle your brain for a long winter's nap? Put a Lavender Pillow Insert ($25) from elizabethW under your pillowcase and welcome a little shut-eye into your evening. The sweet-smelling French lavender will help soothe away the worries of... [More]

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Polka Dot Chambray Towels

We're psyched that our terry towels are starting to get a little threadbare. We can finally ditch them and move on to these more sophisticated Polka Dot Chambray Towels ($12-57). We don't know that "polka dots" and "sophisticated" often go together, but in this instance,... [More]

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