Watercolor Quilt

When you're in the middle of pregnant mom nesting mode, you'll stop at nothing to make sure your unborn babe's nursery looks catalog-worthy. That's you right now? Center your decor around the gorgeous Watercolor Quilt ($150) from Hopewell.... [More]

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Ruperta Throw Pillow

When you're forever changing the color schemes of your rooms, it helps to have pieces that can function with each new strip of wallpaper you hang. The Ruperta Throw Pillow ($69) is a pretty solid decor investment. In fact, we think it'll accent just about... [More]

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Carnaby Calories Canister

You may as well call a spade a spade. The Carnaby Calories Canister ($12) from Jonathan Adler will store your sweets and possibly prevent you from indulging in too many at a time.... [More]

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Color Play Knit Throw

The chunky Color Play Knit Throw ($52, on sale) is the epitome of a classic couch blanket. It'll keep you warm and comfy as the evenings start to cool, and the thick tassels are ready to be absentmindedly twisted together as you forsake bedtime to... [More]

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Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

When it came to skincare, our mothers told us about the dangers of sun exposure and the importance of moisturizing. But nobody ever warned us that once we hit a certain age, sleeping with our faces smashed into our pillows was going to leave all... [More]

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Mr. T

He's not draped in gold chains, and so far as we know he pities no fools, but this Mr. T ($31) is certainly as strong as his A-Team namesake. Just look at him, pumping iron, er, Cottonelle, like a champ!... [More]

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Shamboo Shower Caddy

You won't find flakes of rust dirtying up your bath with this Shamboo Shower Caddy ($50). This soap and shampoo carrier is made from natural, renewable bamboo, and we think it looks a heck of a lot better than those (temporarily) shiny ones.... [More]

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Budget Cuts Piggy Bank

Finances in dire straights? Feed your change to the Budget Cuts Piggy Bank ($24) to fatten him up. Once your piggy is full, indulge yourself with something new and shiny (we vote for shoes). In the meantime, he'll hang out and remind you of all... [More]

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Love You Nightlight

Is there a sweeter way to say goodnight than by plugging in the Love You Nightlight ($25) at bedtime? It ought to help your kiddo drift off into dreamland with ease, so you can go flip on some TV that doesn't feature singing puppets or... [More]

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Memory Foam Wedge Incliner

It's not fun. It certainly isn't sexy. But whether you're pregnant, old, or just had a large late night snack, digestive issues are a fact of life. Instead of getting up every three hours to chew Tums like candy, try propping yourself up on this... [More]

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Oxygen Bedding Duvet Cover and Sham

With its collection of coffee mugs, dirty laundry piles, and pesky walls, your bedroom is probably a far cry from an open-air piece of tropical paradise. But while you might be short on funds for a timeshare in the Virgin Islands, we're betting you can... [More]

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Aspire/Acquire: Herringbone Vanity Accessories

We love the look of this set of Herringbone Vanity Accessories ($190 - $675), but aren't so crazy about the sky-high price tag. Why would we spend more on a tissue box cover than we do on a car payment? Thankfully, we can get the... [More]

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Izola Powder Room Shower Curtain

What would we do without our numerous beauty tools? (Look a hell of a lot more haggard, we suspect.) This Izola Powder Room Shower Curtain ($48) is playfully printed with colorful images of the Victorian counterparts of today's CC creams and straighteners.... [More]

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Peace Paint Bed in a Bag small.jpg

Peace Paint Bed in a Bag

Sleep safe and sound tucked away in this Peace Paint Bed in a Bag ($54). The outside world may be in disarray, but home should always be relaxing (especially your bedspread).... [More]

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Sourpuss Tiki Party Beach Towel

You've got your retro one-piece; complete your beachside look with this Sourpuss Tiki Party Beach Towel ($18), which features Sailor Jerry-styled hula girls, tiki heads, and so on.... [More]

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Steep Ravine Wild Harvested Room Spray

We've only rarely found ourselves in the bottoms of steep ravines, which may be why we're drawn to the Steep Ravine Room Spray ($26 each) by Juniper Ridge. Perfect for stashing in the summer cabin!... [More]

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Balloons Over the City Pillowcase

How cheerful would your commute to work be if you looked up and saw the scene depicted in this Balloons Over the City Pillowcase ($34)? Even if your skyline is never filled with giant balloons, you can hug your new pillow and dream of whimsical... [More]

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Pattern State Arrow Dawn Duvet Cover

The best thing about a down comforter/duvet duo is that it's fairly easy to switch up the look. If it were up to us (as opposed to our wallets), we'd start a duvet collection and reimagine our bedroom palettes on a monthly basis. For now,... [More]

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Joe the Hippo Bath Plug

You know what's really relaxing? A nice hot bubble bath, a good glass of wine, and someone to share it with. Unfortunately things have been a little slow on the dating scene, so we're going to have to settle for romantic evenings with Joe the... [More]

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Beach Candy Basic Turkish Bath Towels

We're having a crisis. We can't decide which of these Beach Candy Basic Turkish Bath Towels ($45) to buy. Should we opt for deep Blueberry, bright Orange Crush, or rosy Cinnamon Stick? Maybe we should just apply the same approach we use for actual candies... [More]

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