Lava Lamp Rug

We are all about seriously bright retro colors in our home, but we get that not everybody is okay with living in what essentially looks like the set of a 1970s exploitation film. But if you are into adding a little bit of vintage charm... [More]

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Paper Flowers Mixed Bouquet

Real flowers turn into a neglected, wilted mess on our counters, rotting slowly in a vase full of stagnant, stinky water. But fake flowers make us feel like we're living in a nursing home. This Paper Flowers Mixed Bouquet ($15), however, is so obviously fake,... [More]

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USA Literary Map

Show off your inner book-geek by hanging this USA Literary Map ($19) up on your wall. Not only will it lend your abode an intellectual vibe, you'll be able to discern the coolness of new acquaintances by how quickly they gravitate towards it and start... [More]

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Grace not Perfection Art Print

Right now, we're crushing pretty hard on Emily Ley's work. Our personal favorite is this Grace not Perfection Print ($32), but all of her art is worth looking at.... [More]

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That January Feeling Throw Pillow Cover

Yep. We'll bury our faces into our January Feeling Throw Pillow Covers ($20), illustrated by Gemma Correll, and call in sick at least once this January. Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?... [More]

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The Indigo Bunting Small Virtues Print

We're not necessarily the kind to have specific resolutions, but we've decided to follow the principles lined out on the Small Virtues Print ($100). They are simple, broad, and hit all the bases. Plus, all proceeds from this print go to cancer research.... [More]

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Diptyque Thé Candle

In so many areas of our lives, we can't afford the best. In all probability we will never drive a Bentley, will never drape ourselves in Cartier, and as for flying in a private G6? Forget about it. But at least, with a little splurging,... [More]

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Graham and Brown Frames Wallpaper

No need to stress over picking a wall color. Just stick some Graham and Brown Frames Wallpaper ($45 per sheet) up and go to town with markers, crayons, paints, photos, glitter...pick your poisons! And if you're stumped as you stare at your new blank canvas-ed... [More]

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Heart Wreath

It's time to start thinking about taking down all of those holiday trinkets, but the idea of living in an undecorated house through the winter is vaguely depressing. That's why we'll be replacing some of those nutcrackers and Santas with a few of these Heart... [More]

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Ford Balsam Pillow

We're slowly collecting things for our winter ski cabin. So far we have a bunch of cute snow bunny outfits, a wide array of whiskey, and this Ford Balsam Pillow ($32), which is filled with actual fir needles for a delightfully forestial* experience. Now all... [More]

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Zodiac Incense

Yes, we know that astronomically, it's total crap. But for all that science keeps waving its hands and protesting madly at us, we gotta admit - sometimes it really seems like there might be something to that whole zodiac business. After all, is it mere... [More]

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Porcelain Phrenology Head

Nothing dresses up that home office desk quite like a bit of pseudo-scientific paraphernalia. We're going to use this Porcelain Phrenology Head ($10) as a quirky paperweight, right next to our ESP-testing card deck and a bottle of ether.... [More]

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Big Garden Printed Rug

Redecorating a room can mean a lot of cash out of pocket, but a reasonably priced addition that's as bright and lively as this Big Garden Printed Rug ($44) is an easy way to change things up without breaking the bank. Added bonus: the busy... [More]

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Hippo Vase

Whether you fill it with flowers for a unique centerpiece or use it as a cute and clever pen cup, this Hippo Vase ($49) is open-wide-and-say-ahhhh-some. See more vases.... [More]

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Good Morning Metal Wall Art

It isn't a good morning unless the coffee is good. Good Morning Metal Wall Art ($25)... [More]

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2550 Degrees Personality Candles

A little short on boyfriendage at the moment? Never fear! With these 2550 Degrees Personality Candles ($38), you can imbue your abode with the aroma of the dream-man of your choice. Light up outdoorsy Joe for a hint of whiskey, leather, and wilderness campfires. Go... [More]

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EBK Robots

Ack! These EBK Robots ($30) are so cute we're having a hard time focusing on our work! All we can think about is getting our hands on one - or more. They come in several colors and as both boy robots and girl robots.* Maybe... [More]

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1/100 Architectural Model Savannah Coasters

Trying to stretch the last of your wine? When you set your glass down on one of these 1/100 Architectural Model Savannah Coasters ($12, for 4), it'll tower over a scale model of the African grasslands. When your drink is several times the size of... [More]

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Ladies & Gentlemen Chalk Bunny

We haven't the slightest idea what we would want to scribble onto the surface of this Ladies & Gentlemen Chalk Bunny ($90). "Try the carrots - they're delicious," perhaps? Not that it matters. Chalkboard everything is totally hip right now, and this sculpted critter is... [More]

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Bubble Gum Pop Candle

Tired of all the woodsy-winter-wonderland scents that have been flooding your nostrils since Turkey Day? Snag a Bubble Gum Pop Candle ($38) from Johnathan Adler to refresh your olfactory nerves. This'll banish your memories of pines needles and nutmeg and replace them with an urge... [More]

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