This kitchen is for DANCING Sign

Well, yeah. Don't you? Those tile floors have the optimal stocking feet slickness for perfecting your dance moves! This kitchen is for DANCING sign ($45) by SpunkyFluff.... [More]

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Avid Reader Wall Clock

You're working too much. How do we know? Because our Avid Reader Wall Clock tells us, that's why. Forget work - and sleeping, while you're at it. What you should really be doing is re-reading The Lord of the Rings for the eighth time. Get... [More]

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Planet Earth Chalkboard

Mark all of the places you want to visit someday on this Planet Earth Chalkboard ($465). Then change your mind, erase them, and mark new ones. Isn't it fun to be indecisive?... [More]

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Deluxe Floppy Disk Pillow

Do you want to know what saddens us? Kids these days don't even know what a floppy disk is. (Also, we're saddened by the fact that we just wrote "kids these days," but we digress!) Fortunately, the Deluxe Floppy Disk Pillow ($38) by mymimi will... [More]

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I Lied About Being The Outdoors Type Cushion Cover

We lied about being the outdoors type, which is why you'll find us lounging around on a pillow sporting this cushion cover. Most often, with a glass of wine in hand. I Lied About Being The Outdoors Type Cushion Cover ($52) by mybeardedpigeon.... [More]

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Baby, You Spin Me Right Round Poster

Finally, someone captured our sentiments about our KitchenAid stand mixer in a cute and clever print! The Baby, You Spin Me Right Round Poster ($19) by Oh, Dear Molly deserves a spot on our kitchen wall so it can remind us to do a little... [More]

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Hanging Bird Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who has the cutest house of all? We do, thanks to this Hanging Bird Mirror ($40).... [More]

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Moonlit Clearing Letterpress Print

Finally, we found a cool animal letterpress print that didn't include a cat, an elephant, or some combination of both! Those are a wee bit hipster for us, but this Moonlit Clearing Letterpress Print ($40) will add a whimsical appeal to any room. We like... [More]

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Model Three Clock Radio

Thought video killed the radio star? Actually, it was the MP3. But we're willing to put on our necromancer hats and stage a resurrection just for the excuse to play with this retro-chic Model Three Clock Radio ($299) - even if it means we have... [More]

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"Please Smell Us" Vase

You know what the rest of your vases are missing? Instructions. This super cute flower vase ($46) from Rob Ryan reminds us of one of the very important reasons we bring flowers home in the first place. After all, they're not just to make us... [More]

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Wine Bottle Oil Lamp Kit

If you visited an Italian restaurant between 1970 and 1989, then you'll remember the ubiquitous Chianti-basket-bottle candleholder. It certainly had some cute potential - but what a mess! We'd rather not spend the mornings after our classy backyard gatherings scraping wax off the tablecloth, thanks.... [More]

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Black King Snake Lumbar Pillow Case

If someone left this Black King Snake pillow ($160) on our bed, we'd probably start beating it with a baseball bat, thanks to the ultra-realism of the photograph digitally printed onto the linen case. But once we got over the fight-or-flight response, we'd have a... [More]

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Blik Hole to Another Universe Wall Decal

We don't want anyone hitting their heads on our walls, but we doubt we'll fool them with the Blik Hole to Another Universe Wall Decal ($40). Instead, we'll serve some wine and a bowl of Pretzel M&Ms while everyone sits around and shares their idea... [More]

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Concentric Squares Carpet

The Concentric Squares Carpet ($605 to $4,450) is so artistically minded, we're not sure whether to lay it on the floor or hang it on the wall. But since it's made from soft, plush merino wool, we think we'll stick it where our bare feet... [More]

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White Resin Deer Head

The husband dreams of successfully hunting a deer and having its stuffed head given pride of place on the living room wall. We know this to be gross. This White Resin Deer Head ($129), on the other hand, is très chic. Not only were no... [More]

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Crossword Clock

Finally, the perfect gift for your crossword-puzzle-loving mom! The Crossword Clock ($18) is made out of a dry-erase board, meaning you can fill in the squares according to your taste. We prefer to break up our day by meals instead of hours. But that's just... [More]

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Initials Burlap Pillow

Aww, you're so in love that you want to share everything, including a scratchy Initials Burlap Pillow ($32)! Might we suggest that, if you share this cute puffed testimony to your love, you actually sleep on something a little softer? Adorable decor, yes, but decor... [More]

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Whale Cushion

Next time your boyfriend accuses you of snoring while you're taking a Sunday nap, blame it on this chipper Whale Cushion (£30, which is about $48 at the moment). You weren't snoring, you were just singing to your nautical friend.... [More]

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Domestic Cat Zoology Poster

The Evolution Store's Domestic Cat Zoology Poster ($119) is turning your idea of cat lady wall art upside down. Instead of wallpapering your cubicle with kitten calendars, this relatively spooky poster - which is reprinted from a vintage German educational chart - can creep out... [More]

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Cypress Wall Vase

How is it that these Cypress Wall Vases ($18) vaguely remind us of human femurs, and yet continue to be adorably chic? It's a beautiful mystery, and also a simple, lovely way to add a little floral brightness to your living room.... [More]

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