Munio Candela Green Leaf Soy Wax Candle

Miss the ambiance of a crackling fireplace on those chilly autumn nights? This Munio Candela Green Leaf Soy Wax Candle ($30) will get you a step closer. Made with natural, peppermint-scented soy wax, the candle's wide wooden wick makes it snap and sizzle like a... [More]

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Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkins

We love having pumpkins around the house, but man, is it ever a bummer when they start to go mushy. And smelly...and green... Yeah, you know what? Let's stick to Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkins ($40) from now on. We're willing to swap the lack of delicious... [More]

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Wooden Wall Birds

Add a sweet handcrafted touch to any room with a pair of Wooden Wall Birds ($41) by Anna Wiscombe Wooden Products. They look like little lovebirds to us, though we're no Audubon. We're just fans of pretty things!... [More]

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Umbra Lingua Clock

Remind yourself how to read an analog clock and simultaneously work on your French, German, and Spanish when you check the time on this Umbra Lingua Clock ($50). Of course, if you'd like to learn more than how to say "eight," it might be handy... [More]

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Disney's Peter Pan Minimalist Poster

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everybody loves Peter Pan. Disagree? Go watch it again and stop lying to yourself, please. Okay, everyone on board now? Great, let's continue. These reimagined movie posters by Rowan Stocks-Moore beautifully capture the essence of several beloved classics,... [More]

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Metallic Pumpkins

We heard it was decorative gourd season, but we like our accents to be a little more glam than your average mini pumpkin. These Metallic Pumpkins ($8-12) are more along the lines of what you'll find in our cornucopia, which happens to be made of... [More]

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Spanish Oak Handmade 6 Candle Sugar Mold

We need a little more atmosphere in our abodes, and that giant poster for Pink Floyd's The Wall isn't quite cutting the mustard. Maybe placing this Spanish Oak Handmade 6 Candle Sugar Mold ($69) on our coffee table will help us project an image of... [More]

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Miniature Hand-Blown Glass Wine Set

We're not sure what's more adorable; the wee hand-blown perfection of this Miniature Wine Set ($75), or the notion that this could ever, even for a doll, constitute a sufficient quantity of booze.... [More]

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New York City Cushion

Sure, the price tag on the gorgeous New York City Cushion ($399) by Charlene Mullen is steep. But think of it this way: it's still only half as expensive as tiny basement apartment's rent in NYC, and the view is most certainly better! Toss this... [More]

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Yoda Terrarium Hanging Moss Zen Garden

Planet Dagobah inspired has this Yoda Terrarium Hanging Moss Zen Garden ($99). Love we do the subtle swamplike vibe. Glad we are that plants no watering require. Seek wisdom we will in contemplating it.... [More]

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Gold Dinosaur Magnets

Empower your fridge with these Gold Dinosaur Magnets ($18), modeled after some of our favorite residents of the tar pits. Their lovely gold finish is hand-painted and nontoxic, but the Etsy-based maker cautions against letting the little people in your life treat them as chew... [More]

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Typographic Maps

For the cartographically challenged among us, reading the microscopic text on a normal map is a challenge akin to tracking down that elusive bastard Waldo. Thankfully, these Typographic Maps ($30 and up) have managed to solve our problem by being nothing BUT text - so... [More]

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Snail Hook

Snails are disgusting. We hate finding them in our garden, chewing holes through our tomatoes. We hate when we pop outside to get the mail and squish one underfoot. They're nasty, slimy creatures that, so far as we can tell, serve no useful purpose to... [More]

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Sereno Rabbit Rabbit Bookends

The spines of your books are bright and colorful, so your bookends ought to be, too! Keep your room's eclectic vibe going strong by adding the Sereno Rabbit Rabbit Bookends ($62, each) to your shelves. Each rabbit is hand-printed to allow for slight variations in... [More]

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Ninja Shuriken Magnets

How much more seriously will your roommates take your stop-leaving-nasty-dishes-piled-in-the-sink notes when they're attached to the fridge with Ninja Shuriken Magnets ($18)? They're playfully effective reminders that you know where they sleep.... [More]

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Juniper Ridge Sachets

You have to smell the glorious woodland scents of the Juniper Ridge Sachets ($12 each). While the Siskiyou Cedar, Big Sur Sage, and Douglas Fir fragrances have subtle differences, they all make our fall sweaters smell like we've been spending our weekends in a forest... [More]

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Walnut Wall Clock

We're going to take a guess and say that the Walnut Wall Clock ($40) is showing the time to be 10:07. Hmm. Maybe we should get it for its aesthetic and not for its time-telling capabilities. Oh, we believe that it tells the correct time... [More]

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The Wordclock ($344) won't display a simple 11:25. It'll read, "It is twenty five minutes past eleven," which seems so much more polite. We like to pretend it has a posh accent.... [More]

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C-3PO 12 Inch Recycled Scrap Metal Sculpture

We are unabashed geeks. We are also interior design snobs, however, so as much as we'd love to surround ourselves with the cast of Star Wars, action figures just don't mesh with our decor. We've found a way to sneak an homage into the landscape,... [More]

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Thistle Street "Lights Out" Pillow

It's been a long day. We're ready to don our sleep masks, rest our heads on the Thistle Street "Lights Out" Pillow ($40) from Kate Spade, and drift off into dreamland. Though the sweet pink pillow just reminded us to turn off the bedside lamp.... [More]

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