Mason Jar Lanterns

As much as we love craft blogs and DIY Pinterest pins, sometimes we think they're mocking us. Sure, you could probably find a tutorial on how to make something similar to these Mason Jar Lanterns ($28) from Free People, but it would require hand-painting with... [More]

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Flashy Forest Holiday Tree Decal

There's nothing quite like a real Christmas tree, sticky sap, shedding needles, and all. But if you're looking for an alternative this year, pile your gifts under a Flashy Forest Holiday Tree Decal ($55, on sale). We know, it's not the same as having a... [More]

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Stampvase Steel Vase

It's not often we find a home decor piece we love that looks as though it was run over by a truck. This Stampvase Steel Vase ($169) is a beautiful exception. Its oddly squished design transforms a batch of supermarket carnations into a stunning modern... [More]

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Ella & Ceasar Window Screen Film

There are plenty of signs and doormats for those who want to warm potential trespassers to "Beware of Dog". But what about warding them away with threats of home-protecting felines? This Ella & Ceasar Window Screen Film ($29) creates the illusion of a pair of... [More]

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Luxe Faux Fur Pillow Cover in Chinchilla

In case you weren't already aware, chinchillas make crappy pets. Sure, they're soft and look adorable, but they have absolutely no interest in letting you pet, snuggle, or love them. (Look, some relationships leave you a little bitter.) We aren't saying this Luxe Faux Fur... [More]

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City Neighborhoods Maps

Cities are knit together with more than just streets and thoroughfares. Communities come together as neighbors display their local pride with sports paraphernalia and bumper stickers. Show off your love for your hometown with a prominently displayed City Neighborhoods Map ($59) from These Are Things.... [More]

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Spreading Landscape Throw

We're jealous of those of you who can order the bold and beautiful Spreading Landscape Throw ($168). We'd love to toss the textured wool blanket over the backs of our armchairs, but we're pretty sure our furbabies would wreak havoc on all of those pom-poms.... [More]

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Sentence Maker Wall Clock

Lit nerds and design geeks alike will delight in this Sentence Maker Wall Clock ($163). Watch the hands turn and form an arcane new phrase every five minutes. Ponder how Speed is Reflection. It must be. The clock says so.... [More]

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Spektral Paper Mobile

Hang the Spektral Paper Mobile ($18) over your desk, the baby's changing table, or from a window. Because vellum is super light, even the tiniest of breezes will set the paper in motion, creating a shimmering spiral effect. It's completely captivating, so be forewarned! You... [More]

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Vagabond Vintage Hotel Key Rack

Perfect the vintage aesthetic of your home by investing in all the tiny details. The Vagabond Vintage Hotel Key Rack ($30) will be the perfect place to hang your hat, keys, and accessories. You can write real names on labels so everyone has their own... [More]

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ferm LIVING Knitted Vase

Who knew shoving a vase into its own little sweater would yield such lovely results? Each ferm LIVING Knitted Vase ($23) consists of a simple glass vessel and a knit sleeve. Add a few boughs of holly or branches of pussy willow.... [More]

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Honey Tobacco Beeswax Votives

Switch up your room scent by lighting a few Honey Tobacco Beeswax Votives ($14 for four). The candles combine soft honey and vanilla with the rich and full-bodied aromas of tobacco and sandalwood. The combination evokes the feel of a warm library or study on... [More]

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Sun Bleached Cardoon Wreath

It's our turn to host Thanksgiving this year, and we're determined to do it right. Not that it's a competition to see which member of the family can out-entertain the rest of us or anything. Of course not. But we'll still be splurging on this... [More]

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Metallic Beads Pillow

We love this Metallic Beads Pillow ($30). With its elegant style, we think it'll class up that loveseat we got off craigslist very nicely. We'll just have to be careful to relocate it before we start a good TV-watching marathon. Otherwise we'll probably end up... [More]

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Colored Striped Lacquer Box

If shmancy-looking jewelry and trinket boxes aren't your speed, try a Colored Striped Lacquer Box ($24-39) instead. The boxes come in small and large sizes and five different modern colors for easy decor coordination. It doesn't take a lot of outside-the-box thinking to come up... [More]

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Firefly Jingle Bell

We're mesmerized by the prettily painted Firefly Jingle Bell ($220) by MQuan. Attached to a hemp rope, the ceramic bell is hand-painted with a blue and white sgraffito pattern. It's such a fun and unusual piece that we're going to immediately add it to our... [More]

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Hand Knit Rope Rug

It's fall, and you've got a big chunky cowl for your neck and some hand-knit mittens for your fingers... doesn't your house deserve something cozy too? Set this Hand Knit Rope Rug ($65) by your front door as a warm welcome for damp shoes. It... [More]

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Neon Unicorn Glitter Dispenser

We're not sure why we'd ever need a Neon Unicorn Glitter Dispenser ($75), but now that we've seen them, we are sure we can't live without getting our hands on one. Why? One, they're re-purposed unicorn salt shakers. Two, they have horns covered in neon... [More]

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Crinkle Bag Vase

The casual Crinkle Bag Vase ($120) makes us feel like we brought home our centerpiece flowers from the farmers' market and just left them in their packaging. Never mind that we dropped a pretty penny on them at the ritzy florist. We prefer it to... [More]

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Wing Decoration

Put it in a shadow box or use the included pin to turn it into an elegant brooch: either way, this Wing Decoration ($90) makes for an eye-catching bit of ephemera. And if anyone gets creeped out by it, you can confidently inform them that... [More]

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