Soapstone Karma Counter

Someone on your gift list been a little more naughty than nice this year? We've found the perfect stocking stuffer for them. This Soapstone Karma Counter ($60) is a chic little piece of decor that encourages the tracking of good and bad deeds. Maybe seeing... [More]

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Chandelier Icon Candle

We'd love this Chandelier Icon Candle ($25) even more if it smelled like an actual luxury light fixture. You know - all silver polish and dust and Windex. (It actually perfumes your room with a fragrance the makers call "Sweet Spun Sugar.") Either way, this... [More]

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Good, Clean Fun Soap

Every bathroom needs some purely decorative soaps. You know, the kind that sit next to the tub in a pretty little basket with some ribbons and maybe a little raffia? We think this Good, Clean Fun Soap ($9) from Izola is a perfect way for... [More]

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Paris Magnet Set

We love Paris in the springtime... and the summer, and the fall, and the winter. Heck, anytime anybody wants to whisk us off to the City of Light, we're game. In the meantime, we'll daydream every time we go for a bit of Brie or... [More]

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Tempaper TBY Wallpaper

Your kid has been whining for months about painting his own room, but you know full well he's got the attention span of a ferret and the artistic talent of - well, a seven-year-old. The idea of being forced to repaint the wall every three... [More]

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Flat Life Clock

This Flat Life Clock ($150) is downright trippy - a two-dimensional* image of a clock that actually works as an honest-to-god, fully functional time-telling device. It's totally freaky - and just think of the space you'll save on your desk or nightstand! *Okay, so it's... [More]

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Amsterdam Storage Cabinet

Build a city inside your home with Amsterdam Storage Cabinets ($2,199). Dutch company Kast van een Huis will customize them to your specifications, allowing you to choose from twelve different colors and three different gable styles. While it might be cheaper to fly yourself to... [More]

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Faceted Magnets

Not only will these Faceted Magnets ($16) look like precious little porcelain jewels decorating your fridge, they're ferocious performers. Forget sliding shopping lists and drifting postcards with these puppies. Made with neodymium magnets - the strongest on the planet - they'll lock your fridge paraphernalia... [More]

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Doubtblush: Pallet Table

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]

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Susy Jack 2013 Wall Calendar

Brighten up your office space with a brand new Susy Jack 2013 Wall Calendar ($28), unmarred by appointments and meetings. The calendar pages are tied together at the top with a bit of twill, so you so can hang this on a nail in the... [More]

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Faberge Aleks Hybrid Dish and Container

This Faberge Aleks Hybrid Dish and Container ($35) is so whimsical, we're half convinced that it might gallop away with the soap when we're not looking.... [More]

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KOBO Cultured Saké Candle

Sometimes our atmosphere requires some powerful weapons. That's when we light ourselves up some uber-fragrant spruce or vanilla. But for those days when we aren't trying to cover up for the fact that we forgot to take the trash out, there's this Cultured Saké Candle... [More]

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Woodsmoke & Amber Candle

You may not have a working fireplace in your abode, but light the double wicks on the Woodsmoke & Amber Candle ($28) from Syndey Hale Co., and it will certainly smell like you do! In fact, if you close your eyes and inhale deeply, you'll... [More]

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Vintage Style Nesting Herb Crates

Whatever will we stuff into these lovely Vintage Style Nesting Herb Crates ($40)? Will we use them as rustic planters? Store odd kitchen utensils? Hide our chocolate? Who cares! Whatever we do with them, they'll look fabulous.... [More]

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Wooden Tree Ornaments

Need to baby (and furbaby!)-proof your tree this year? Glass and ceramic ornaments won't last thirty seconds if the tree is jostled. Replace the fragile balls with sleek, classy alternatives like this Wooden Tree Ornament ($20) from Off Cut Studio. You won't be compromising style... [More]

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Acrylic Green Base Bench

If your remodel budget is sky-high, we're going to have to insist that you order the Acrylic Green Base Bench ($2,925) from the Laura U Collection as your pièce de résistance. Do up the room in soft neutrals and let the ottoman's limes, teals, and... [More]

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Movico Vases

If you're going to bring your hostess a six-dollar bouquet from the grocery store around the corner from her house, the least you can do is put it in a vase that'll elevate those sad, slightly dehydrated daisies. Though we suppose, if you're buying flowers... [More]

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Stashing Through The Snow Ornament

The perfect ornament for that guy who refuses to give up his patchy, unevenly trimmed Movember mustache even though Movember is over. Stashing Through The Snow Ornament ($10) Editor's note:: Sadly, this ornament has already been 'stached in somebody's holiday stocking this year. But there... [More]

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Fringe Fleur de Lys Foil Small Long Tray

You might not want to cover up this Fringe Fleur de Lys Foil Small Long Tray ($27) with anything as dull as candles or keys, but it would definitely be a nice complement to some of your favorite baubles. Or, better yet, set it out... [More]

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Words that make you go MMMM

Don't look too closely at this print ($20) from The Birds and the Beasts if you haven't had lunch yet. We can't be held responsible for the ravenous feelings that will overtake you and render you unable to function until you have a sandwich.... [More]

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