Juniper Ridge Sachets

You have to smell the glorious woodland scents of the Juniper Ridge Sachets ($12 each). While the Siskiyou Cedar, Big Sur Sage, and Douglas Fir fragrances have subtle differences, they all make our fall sweaters smell like we've been spending our weekends in a forest... [More]

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Walnut Wall Clock

We're going to take a guess and say that the Walnut Wall Clock ($40) is showing the time to be 10:07. Hmm. Maybe we should get it for its aesthetic and not for its time-telling capabilities. Oh, we believe that it tells the correct time... [More]

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The Wordclock ($344) won't display a simple 11:25. It'll read, "It is twenty five minutes past eleven," which seems so much more polite. We like to pretend it has a posh accent.... [More]

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C-3PO 12 Inch Recycled Scrap Metal Sculpture

We are unabashed geeks. We are also interior design snobs, however, so as much as we'd love to surround ourselves with the cast of Star Wars, action figures just don't mesh with our decor. We've found a way to sneak an homage into the landscape,... [More]

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Thistle Street "Lights Out" Pillow

It's been a long day. We're ready to don our sleep masks, rest our heads on the Thistle Street "Lights Out" Pillow ($40) from Kate Spade, and drift off into dreamland. Though the sweet pink pillow just reminded us to turn off the bedside lamp.... [More]

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Dale Keys for Society6 You Complete Me Print

It's too bad that your cat can't read. But, deep down, she knows what you mean. She knows how you feel. She knows that no matter how many times she yacks up on the kitchen floor, destroys the upholstery on the ottoman, or deletes an... [More]

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Miriam Bereson Yearly Planner 2013

The Miriam Bereson Yearly Planner for 2013 ($15, pre-order) is here! Well, almost here. It'll ship out on the 24th. The calendar packs all 365 days onto one long page, showing off each one in bright bubbles of pink, purple, and champagne. It's like staring... [More]

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Jonathan Adler Brass Hippo

You know what your living room is missing? A hippo. Not a real one, of course. They make lousy pets, always trying to wallow on the furniture and charging aggressively at you when disturbed. We were thinking of something more like this clever Jonathan Adler... [More]

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Symbols Bookends

What could be more perfectly geeky than these Symbols Bookends ($29)? We're thinking maybe a pilcrow, a pair of guillemets, or - gasp! - a properly used semicolon. Pick up a set for the language lover in your life.... [More]

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Skull Head Candles

Shiny skulls on fire: great for Halloween, but pretty badass for everyday decor as well. Skull Head Candles ($13)... [More]

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To Alcohol! Simpson Poster

Not exactly office-appropriate, or even formal-dining-room-appropriate, this Homer-inspired poster ($19) would be the perfect thing to line your liquor cabinets with. One of which you have in a filing drawer next to your work desk and the other of which you have placed in close... [More]

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Elgin QA Twin Bell Alarm Clock

We love the look of the Elgin QA Twin Bell Alarm Clock ($13). It's simple, retro, and certainly looks nicer sitting on the nightstand than a smartphone does. Plus, the old-fashioned bell will be much better at jolting us out of bed than the little... [More]

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Pink Cuckoo Clock

We know the Pink Cuckoo Clock ($35) is a little, erm, much. But nevertheless, we're kind of in love with it. Maybe it's the absurdity of a Black Forest clock done up in Pepto-pink plastic. Or possibly the sweet little birdy that peeps on the... [More]

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We've dug the wall clocks we've seen made from straight-up recycled vinyl, but this creation from Pavel Sidorenko takes the cake. The Estonian designer doesn't rest content with simply slapping a clock mechanism onto ABBA's Gold - he elegantly shapes old tunes into whimsical creations.... [More]

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Unicorn Coat Hook

No regular hook will be good enough for us now that we've seen the Unicorn Coat Hook ($56) by architecture jones. We've been unicorn-obsessed since the early '80s. Go ahead, test us. We could quote you whole passages from The Last Unicorn, but we digress.... [More]

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Holla Wood Sign

Make sure you place the Holla Wood Sign ($42) by Oh Dier on your front door. It's the perfect way to remind passersby, friends, and family to holla at ya.... [More]

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Wall Vase Sconce

If you're a pet owner, you know all too well that furbabies and vases don't mix. Keep your flora out of harm's way by tucking it into a Wall Vase Sconce ($25). Now you've got an unreachable bouquet and a safer animal. (Wouldn't hurt to... [More]

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Danita Rug

We don't really want summer to end, but we are so ready to get cozy this fall. The warm tones of this Danita Rug ($249+) are perfect for autumn, and the large floral pattern still makes it feel light and feminine. We know what we'll... [More]

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Roald Dahl Poster

We can't decide if we want to hang this Roald Dahl Poster ($35) in the bathroom or by our full-length mirror. We just feel it would be good to have this affirmation somewhere near a reflective surface for days when we're looking less-than-awesome. Sure, we... [More]

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White & White Clock

This is a toughie. If you're a minimalist, chances are you're drawn to this sleek White & White Clock ($220). However, if you're a minimalist, it's also likely that you already have a lot of white space in your house, and it seems like putting... [More]

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