Starburst on Stand

We're not usually much for objets d'art (too bougie), but we are definitely fans of fireworks. Unfortunately we can really only get our firework fix in the sweltering summer on the 4th of July, so, as impractical as it may be, we're considering this Starburst... [More]

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It's Wine O'Clock Print

Personalize the It's Wine O'Clock Print ($36) and hang it where you can see it. It'll remind you that you totally deserve a glass of wine. You've successfully navigated your way through much of the day with a saint's patience, so indulge!... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Illume Monogram Boxed Votive

As if the monogrammed towels, family portrait, Pinterest-inspired twine wreath, and personalized name board weren't enough to indicate that YOU were the proud owners of your newly purchased home, this Illume Monogrammed Votive ($10) will certainly get the message across. If your name starts with... [More]

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Ceramic Pig Planter

The vintage design and cheerful pink color of the Ceramic Pig Planter ($34) by Fruit Fly Pie is just tacky enough to cross over into the world of adorable. The little oinker would make a happy addition to your kitchen clutter. Set her on the... [More]

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Peace & Love Coasters

The groovy Peace & Love Coasters ($48) from Jonathan Adler look like they're just as ready as you are for a cocktail. Thankfully, they're not looking to sip it, but rather, keep it from sweating on to your woodwork. That's assuming you let your Manhattan... [More]

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Stone Soup Woven Cotton Rug

The light texture and bright colors in the Stone Soup Woven Cotton Rug ($30-414) is making us daydream about being seaside. This fantasy also has us sipping gin fizzes from the shade of a screened-in porch on a breezy afternoon. Yup, all that from a... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Whirly Hanging Candleholder

With a blank slate item like the Whirly Hanging Candleholder ($5), you can create endless lighting arrangements. Get several, add glitter and flameless tealights, and string them from the ceiling. You just made yourself a dramatic and expensive-looking chandelier for a pittance! What's a Cheap... [More]

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Carnival Cone Wall Planter

These Carnival Cone Wall Planters ($16-28) add plenty of whimsy to your walls. Each striped or dotted cone has enough room to house a sweet little houseplant, and as cat mamas, we're loving them. With these fixed to the walls and far from any shelving,... [More]

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Hexa Clock

It doesn't matter if you're staring at the Hexa Clock ($98) by LeeLabs Studio because it's purdy, or because you can't quite figure out the time. It only matters that it has offered you a small distraction from your current piles of work. And, of... [More]

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Kaleido Trays

There's no use in trying to buy just one of the coordinating Kaleido Trays ($16-78). Sure, you'll get a nice tray, but think of the endless stacking possibilities if you snag a few - or several. Together, they'll make a spectacular table centerpiece while also... [More]

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Wine Cork Aloe Planter

Everyone under 5'6" knows...smaller is better! Who needs big, elaborate gardens when the Wine Cork Aloe Planter ($14) is so cute as it is? This handmade little guy from Chiffon Aérer is a nice touch for any room - and you can request a magnet... [More]

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Geeky Candle Set

If vanilla-scented candles are too blasé for you, move on to greener pastures. Specifically, the greener pastures of Middle-earth. The Geeky Candle Set ($20) contains four scented votive candles designed to appeal to those of us with more nerd-oriented sensibilities. After you've experienced the rolling... [More]

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Paisley Ashtray

We were surprised to find that Zara Home sells ashtrays. These days, we don't know many people who still smoke inside their homes. Still, we suppose there are those who do, and anyway, we couldn't resist adding the Paisley Ashtray ($7) to the organized chaos... [More]

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City Candles

Wish you were in the City of Lights? BOOM! The Paris-scented City Candle will instantly take you there. Well, not really. But each of the City Candles ($25 each) by Paddywax will trigger your memory via their scents. Paris evokes lavender and mimosa, New York... [More]

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Personalised Message Morse Moon Print

That obnoxious neighbor of yours bragging about how her offspring are learning sign language? You'll show her when yours starts signaling in Morse code. Hanging this Personalised Message Morse Moon Print ($33) on the wall will be a great way to entice your kid to... [More]

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Big Life Square Tray

Your mushroom-and-salmon canapés may be on the small side, but once they're all gobbled up, Dickinson's words may inspire you and your party guests to live large. You know, after you digest your food. There's no need to rush, especially when you're lounging around with... [More]

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Glass Lined Wood Candle Holder Set

Want to bring a little of the great outdoors into your home decor? No, we don't recommend luring raccoons inside with a trail of cat food. Opt instead for this Glass Lined Wood Candle Holder Set ($48). The glass linings make them safe to use... [More]

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Tiki Talisman

We can't remember if this Tiki Talisman ($18) brings good luck or bad luck, so you'll just have to place an order and see for yourself.... [More]

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Mantel Dome Clock

Please don't touch the clock - that's why it's behind glass! This Mantel Dome Clock ($170) is so modern it hasn't even happened yet. With an original, artistic design and a black-and-white color scheme spiked with a red second hand, this clock will turn your... [More]

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Deer and Birdhouse Candle Holder

We swear: we will not stuff our shelves and counters with tchotchkes like the last four generations of women in our family. We're just going to buy this gateway drug Deer and Birdhouse Candle Holder ($36) to add an adorable wintry note to our room.... [More]

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