Glass Lined Wood Candle Holder Set

Want to bring a little of the great outdoors into your home decor? No, we don't recommend luring raccoons inside with a trail of cat food. Opt instead for this Glass Lined Wood Candle Holder Set ($48). The glass linings make them safe to use... [More]

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Tiki Talisman

We can't remember if this Tiki Talisman ($18) brings good luck or bad luck, so you'll just have to place an order and see for yourself.... [More]

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Mantel Dome Clock

Please don't touch the clock - that's why it's behind glass! This Mantel Dome Clock ($170) is so modern it hasn't even happened yet. With an original, artistic design and a black-and-white color scheme spiked with a red second hand, this clock will turn your... [More]

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Deer and Birdhouse Candle Holder

We swear: we will not stuff our shelves and counters with tchotchkes like the last four generations of women in our family. We're just going to buy this gateway drug Deer and Birdhouse Candle Holder ($36) to add an adorable wintry note to our room.... [More]

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DIY Female Terrarium

Hey, some of us really liked making dioramas in school! And now that we're grown, we have to settle for terraria. No problem, as long as they look as good as this DIY Female Terrarium ($40). This kit comes with the recycled glass bottle, a... [More]

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Stellen Straw Wreath

That dry, brown Christmas wreath still "decorating" your door? First step: toss it, along with any squirrels which have taken up residence inside. Next, order this Stellen Straw Wreath ($30). That way, when you inevitably leave it up until snowdrops start sprouting next spring, it'll... [More]

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Art Print Memory Board

Take some of the doing out of a seriously cool DIY project with this Art Print Memory Board ($250). Sugarboo Designs has already taken care of the annoying work of rustic-wooden-box-sourcing, chalkboard-painting, and wire-stringing, and has even included the adorable little clothespins you'll need to... [More]

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Chicago Candle Co. Man Candles

Some men like to take the occasional bubble bath, and there is nothing wrong with that. One way to make your bathing experience a little manlier is with these Chicago Candle Co. Man Candles ($28). Let the sweet aroma of bourbon linger as you soak... [More]

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Constellation Lamp

Need a serene night's sleep? Turn on the Urban Outfitters Constellation Lamp ($49, ships 2/18), open your white noise app, and drift off feeling like you're floating through the stars. Unless, of course, you prefer to sleep in complete and total darkness. Then switch on... [More]

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Eye Candy Clock

Googly eyes are fun, but they have one problem: they're utterly useless. But not anymore, thanks to this Eye Candy Clock ($20). One eye shows the hour and the other shows the minute, so they're almost always looking in different directions (which is why we... [More]

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Mosaik Smart Tiles

We're nuts for the mosaic look when it comes to our kitchens and bathrooms, but are less crazy about the sky-high price tags and mind-numblingly fussy installation requirements. These Mosaik Smart Tiles ($11) are a brilliant alternative. They're far more affordable than their glass cousins,... [More]

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Joel Dewberry Sparrows Pillow

Need to liven up a bland space? This Joel Dewberry Sparrows Pillow ($23) is sure to jazz up any room you put it in. What are those sparrows doing up so late at night? Only Joel Dewberry knows for sure.... [More]

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Whale Clock

Alarm clocks are such an invasive way to tell time. How much more soothing would it be to check the hours on this whimsical Whale Clock ($68)? It doesn't glare at you with an evil red light when you wake up at three in the... [More]

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Red Coral Knob

We're painting our cabinets white. They suck anyway (hello, cracked and fading '70s faux-walnut), and we've just fallen in love with this Red Coral Knob ($12). We're filled with fancies about how utterly lovely these vivid accents will look brightening up our kitchens.... [More]

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Bookworm Throw Pillow Cover

When it comes to home decor, we'll pretty much always opt for the variety made from words on paper. Books are an awesome way to add color, interest, and some serious intellectual cred to your space. And we figure that kind of holds even if... [More]

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Paper Flower Wreath

Trust us, we are happy to have the holidays behind us. No more family tension, no more crazy food binges, no more budgetary stress...but we do miss the decorations. We're just not the kind of people who do it up for every holiday - you... [More]

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Tree Owl Clock

HOOOO knows what time it is? Your little buddy in the Tree Owl Clock ($46), that's HOOOO!... [More]

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Authentic Models Cabin Porthole Mirror

Make any room look like a ship's cabin, but without the annoying seasickness! The Authentic Models Cabin Porthole Mirror ($150) is a fun and stylish tool for self-admiration. Made of aluminum and finished in bronze, this mirror's high level of detail gives it an authentic... [More]

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Flora Pillar Holder

Is it just us, or does this Flora Pillar Holder ($15) make you crave artichokes too? Don't get us wrong, we think artichokes are quite pretty - especially compared to other veggies! We think this would make a great addition to your dinner party table,... [More]

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Gund Nyan Cat Plush with Sound

Like Nyan Cat? (Which is another way of asking, "Do you use the Internet too much?") Now, you can own everyone's favorite meme with this Gund Nyan Cat Plush with Sound ($12). Just squeeze this six-inch softie and it'll play the Nyan Cat theme!... [More]

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