Secret Message Lanterns

Remember sixth grade, when finally revealing your true feelings to your crush meant writing a note with glitter and stickers on it and shoving it into a locker? We figure these Secret Message Lanterns ($18) are the more grown-up, sophisticated version of that technique. If... [More]

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Holiday Stocking Card Holder

Holiday Stocking Card Holder

Every year you vow that you won't let holiday cards pile up on your kitchen counter. Every year you break your vow, you jerk. The Holiday Stocking Card Holder ($28) would look great on that naked wall in your kitchen.... [More]

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Oh Snap! Vintage Camera Print

You'd like to get your photog friend a gift she'll love this year. A lens is out of the question, both because of the cost and because you don't know the first thing about cameras (aperture what?), and she's too finicky about camera bags, straps... [More]

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Warm Paint Box Votive Holder

When presentation is everything, set out the Warm Paint Box Votive Holder ($68). The wooden case contains eight votive holders in warm hues, reminiscent of an artist's paint box. Spread the glass holders around the room before you light your candles, and store them away... [More]

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Sugarboo You Are My Sunshine Pillow

Sugarboo You Are My Sunshine Pillow

If this pillow doesn't cheer you up, we're not sure what will! The Sugarboo You Are My Sunshine Pillow ($198) is the perfect remedy when you're feeling a little blue this winter.... [More]

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Short Strand Paper Lanterns

Ditch holiday light strings and hang a few Short Strand Paper Lanterns ($42) on your walls and mantel instead. You'll still have the traditional twinkle wrapped around your tree, but a warm, modern glow will replace the garishness. Plus, you can keep the magenta, yellow,... [More]

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Sweet Notes Blackboard Heart

Sweet Notes Blackboard Heart

Our heart would melt if we woke up every morning to a simple hello or smiley face (from our love) on the Sweet Notes Blackboard Heart ($25). This is a great stocking stuffer idea.... [More]

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DECOYLAB Retro Alarm Clock

The DECOYLAB Retro Alarm Clock ($58) is right up our alley. It's got the aesthetic of a vintage alarm clock, but lacks the capacity to sound a morning alarm. In fact, its silent motor barely makes any sound at all. While we find that preferable... [More]

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Moby Dick Litograph

Maybe someday they'll make a movie version of Melville's epic starring Hugh Jackman, in which case, sign us up for advance tickets. But until then, the closest we'll get to "Call me Ishmael" is this super cool Moby Dick Litograph ($29). Watch now, someone's going... [More]

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Music Notes Pillow

Thank goodness this Music Notes Pillow ($24) isn't printed with a few measures from "Gangnam Style." We'd like it to continue to be cute and stylish for at least a couple of years, and we're pretty sure by 2014 Gangnam will be out like the... [More]

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Aspen Bark Vase

Think how much more stunning those winter berry-and-stick arrangements will look when you place them in this Aspen Bark Vase ($40)? We love the faux-birch finish so much, we might even splurge on an actual flower or two to complement it, instead of just stuffing... [More]

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Elsie Dodds Alphabet Cushions

Monograms are so passé. If you want to have fun with your initials, pick up the appropriate Elsie Dodds Alphabet Cushions ($89). (Provided your letter is available, of course.) Each one comes with a bright, funky print of animals, machines or objects that start with... [More]

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Home Is Where The Heart Is Custom Pillow

As Carole King so aptly lamented, "Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?" Our modern, mobile world might be great for people who want to escape snow/smog/strip malls or whatever other geographic horrors, but it does lead to some bummer long-distance relationships. Feel a little... [More]

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Urban Vase

Flowers don't love real cities. They're far too likely to get stepped on or run over, and there's a distinct lack of clean dirt and direct sunlight to nourish them. They're a bit happier when passing the time in an Urban Vase ($28). Just fill... [More]

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Animal Light Switch Stickers

Have a little fun with electricity! And no, we don't mean sticking a fork in the outlet. These Light Switch Stickers ($10) are a much safer way to add some playfulness to the power. And since they're made with easy-to-peel vinyl, you won't have any... [More]

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Gel Fuel Wall Mount Fireplace

Are you lacking a mantel to hang your stockings from? The Gel Fuel Wall Mount Fireplace ($75) can remedy that! For a surprisingly affordable price, you can bust out a portable fireplace, add some gel fuel, and have a roaring, odor-and-smokeless fire in minutes.... [More]

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Bring It To Me! Wishful Thinking Candles

We're not gullible enough to think that these Wishful Thinking Candles ($18 each) will actually help make our wishes come true. But we are in need of a few new scents to burn during our bath, so if positive affirmations, a tub full of bubbles,... [More]

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SEA la VIE Decorative Pillow

Sure, you typically think of the sun and sea as foci of summertime decor, but half the country lives in coastal areas even in the winter. The SEA la VIE Decorative Pillow ($80) boasts a cheery vibe in sandy beach hues for those of you... [More]

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Copper Filigree Sphere

Each gorgeous Copper Filigree Sphere ($298) is made by hand, so no two will ever be alike. But any one of them would look spectacular in an entryway, or in any room that's naturally on the darker side. So would any of its siblings.... [More]

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See the Light, Feed the Hungry Candle

Brighten up your home while you help make a positive change to someone else's life. When you buy one of these lovely See the Light, Feed the Hungry Candles ($18), you'll also be providing a good meal for a family of four. Maker Fleur de... [More]

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