Marimekko Kompotti Coasters

We love the cartoony yet chic flair of these Marimekko Kompotti Coasters ($37) - but doesn't that describe all Marimekko? This fruit and vegetable motif reminds us of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, if said caterpillar had gone to design school instead of just eating everything.... [More]

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Retro Kitchen Wall Clock

The stylish Retro Kitchen Wall Clock ($30) from Infinity doesn't have to go on your kitchen wall. Stash it in any room that could use a quirky design element. Go for a retro theme in your home office with a metal chair and patterned wallpaper.... [More]

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Doily Magnet Set

Are you in need of a few super-strong magnets to hold your takeout menus on your refrigerator door? Oh, good. Glad it's not just us. The Doily Magnet Set ($10 for a set of four) by Hello Plum Studio is almost too cute to affix... [More]

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Tokidoki Stellina Unicorno Plush

With a name like Tokidoki, the cuteness is pretty much guaranteed - not that you need a cuteness guarantee for a plush unicorn. The Tokidoki Stellina Unicorno Plush ($20) must be what the beds are made of in at least some parts of heaven. Made... [More]

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Frazier & Wing Lucky Orange Mobile

This Frazier & Wing Lucky Orange Mobile ($62) adds a nice, bright touch to a living room or nursery. Just make sure to hang it someplace the cat can't reach, or you're likely to end up with a shredded mobile and an unlucky kitten.... [More]

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Whitewashed Teak Ladder

Don't try fixing any shingles with this Whitewashed Teak Ladder ($98). But while it probably won't hold your weight, it'll do fabulously for a few fluffy bath towels or picture frames. We love the antique vibe it adds to the room and that we got... [More]

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Personalized Voice Art

For people who love the sound of their own voices! Each piece of Personalized Voice Art ($75 - $455) is customized to you: you choose the colors, the sound bite, the canvas size - and, of course, the voice! They say each voice is unique,... [More]

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Green Paper Pouf Chandelier

While we're all about a chandelier as the focal point of a room, we're not too crazy about paying three million dollars for one. The Green Paper Pouf Chandelier ($150) from Parcel may not be encrusted with crystals, but we're digging the whimsy. Hang it... [More]

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Floating Honeycomb Shelves

Banish your IKEA shelves to an unused corner of your basement. The affordable Floating Honeycomb Shelves ($150 for five hexagons) by Handmade Riot are just as functional and twice as nice-looking. The outer rims of each honeycomb shelf are left natural while the inner sides... [More]

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Santa Fe Table Runner

Hosting the Easter feast? Present a picturesque table by centering your meal on the Santa Fe Table Runner ($55) by Avril Loreti. The light pink, yellow, and grey color scheme is far more modern and tasteful than any spring-themed paraphernalia you'd find at your local... [More]

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Silver Dot Vase

This Silver Dot Vase ($17) lets you brighten up your wall with a bud or two. (And no, we don't mean that marijuana leaf tapestry you hung over your desk in college.) We love the wild range of colors it's available in, but this classic... [More]

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Hanging Scale Clock

How much does that bag of onions really weigh? Who cares - it's Miller time! This vegetable basket combines the look of a retro-fabulous grocery store scale with - you guessed it - a clock. Nifty. Hanging Scale Clock ($129)... [More]

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Porcelain Pear Vase

We've been feeling the need to bring a touch of spring into the room, and this Porcelain Pear Vase ($28) seems like a lovely way to do it. It's just the right size to hold a single tulip or other blossom, and fits just about... [More]

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Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror

In massive, ornate traditional frames, mirrors can be a touch intimidating. We think the lighter, folksy look of this Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror ($24) will be a much better fit for our decor. We just wish they'd made it with glass warped to make... [More]

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Sunwashed Diamond Candle

We'd love this Sunwashed Diamond Candle ($25) for its scent no matter what, a fresh blend that reminds us of sticking our faces into sheets hanging on a sunny clothesline. The fact that it might contain a diamond ring worth a smooth $5,000 is just... [More]

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Splash Pillow Case

We know: it's a lot to spend on a pillow case (and yes, that's "case" - the pillow isn't included). But we can't help ourselves: this Splash Pillow Case ($65) will add an absolutely perfect accent of cheerful color to the sofa. We'll just switch... [More]

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Cicada Wings Mobile

News flash: not all mobiles are designed to be hung over cribs. For example, there's nothing childish about this Cicada Wings Mobile ($56). It's light and delicate, with subtle splashes of color, and it makes a beautiful accent for even the most sophisticated decor.... [More]

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Nickel Tower Clock

We absolutely should not be spending this much money on an essentially useless piece of home decor. After all, what is this Nickel Tower Clock ($348) going to do for us? Does it make healthy smoothies? Massage our feet after a long day at work?... [More]

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Chalkboard Wall Clock

We're chock-full of ideas for things we can do with this Chalkboard Wall Clock ($20). We could use it to add an extra bit of urgency to scribbled reminders, or could name all the hours after our favorite '80s pop icons. If we were artistically... [More]

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T-Rex Attack Metal Art Bookends

Don't let those tiny arms fool you: there's nothing silly about an angry carnivorous dinosaur. Oh, who are we kidding? Even when they're chasing hapless humans, as in the scene depicted in this set of T-Rex Attack Metal Art Bookends ($43), they make us giggle... [More]

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