Spicelab Magnetic Spice Rack

We've been meaning to clean out our spice cabinet since searching for the marjoram turned into a twenty-minute expedition. We'll ditch the clutter in favor of a truly artistic storage solution - this Spicelab Magnetic Spice Rack ($65). Twelve lovely round canisters with transparent lids... [More]

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IKO IKO Small Jar Series

These sweet jars ($85 each) from IKO IKO don't need to perform a function for us to covet them. We can picture them as decor on a living room shelf just as easily as we can imagine them holding edible stuff. They'd be adorable for... [More]

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Vespa Headlight Alarm Clock

We love everything about Vespas. We love the bee-like buzz of their little engines, their Playboy bunny curves, and - probably most of all - the adorable men who ride them like maniacs through the streets of Rome. That's why we're going to celebrate our... [More]

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Barkboard Rustic Chalkboard

Wood is hot right now. Chalkboards are so hot right now. These Barkboard Rustic Chalkboards ($38) are so trendy-fabulous, hanging them on your wall might put you at risk of waking up one morning to find yourself in the middle of a Martha Stewart Living... [More]

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Parker Lantern

Part the colorful wires on these Parker Lanterns ($10, on sale), put in some scented candles, light 'em, and hang them on your balcony to give your al fresco dinner the perfect ambience. And though these lanterns look like funky bird cages, we suggest letting... [More]

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Just in case giving flowers isn't enough of a gesture, this paper vase allows you to write a sweet note to contain the buds. Paperse ($6) is made from a thick paper and has a vinyl tube inside to hold water. Perfect for those occasions... [More]

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Holstee Manifesto Poster

If we said to you, "hey, have you read the Holstee Manifesto ($25)?", we wouldn't be surprised if you went a little cross-eyed trying to remember something from an eighth-grade history class or that foreign policy article you read last week. But if we said... [More]

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Boombox Set Pillows

If you're rocking a hand-me-down couch from the late '80s, why not fully embrace the old-school vibe with these Boombox Set Pillows ($70)? Plus, they'll totally cover that unidentifiable and somehow irremovable stain on the center cushion.... [More]

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Carrière Frères Industrie Tomato Candle

Anyone who is reading this and thinking, "Huh? A tomato-scented candle? Why on earth would anybody want that?" has obviously never stuck their face into a tomato plant on a sunny August afternoon. Fact: tomatoes smell amazing, like concentrated earth, sun and summer. This Carrière... [More]

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Resort Limbo Blue Rug

Our entryway has been hidden under a pile of shoes, boots, dust, and three-week-or-more-old newspapers for far too long. We're giving it the attention it deserves this weekend, starting by laying down this Resort Limbo Blue Rug ($385). The color is easy on the eyes,... [More]

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Smiling Hippo Bust

This Smiling Hippo Bust ($198) might look chill, but we learned some fascinating and slightly terrifying facts about hippos the other night. Including the following: Hippos can run faster than humans Hippos can kill crocodiles Hippos are responsible for more deaths in Africa than any... [More]

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Cascade Chandelier

We've shown you a lot of impractical yet very beautiful chandeliers over the years, but this Cascade Chandelier ($448) has to be the winner in that category. It's made up of tiny vases so that you can have a fixture overflowing with flowers... that doesn't... [More]

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Flower Garden Outdoor Pillow

If you're not the green-thumb type, no worries! Adorn your outdoor spaces with a few of these Flower Garden Outdoor Pillows ($49) instead. They'll bring depth and texture to your decor, and since polyester poppies don't stain, wither, or die, they'll stay cheerful all year.... [More]

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Sacred Space Spray

Supposedly, Sacred Space Spray ($30) works to "purify and clear space of negative and residual energy." We're translating that as instructions to spray two squirts directly into the face of your Debbie Downer sister-in-law. Let us know how it goes. P.S. We're kidding about spraying... [More]

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Owlphabet Indie Print

Literally, three out of every four of our friends either have had or are having babies this year. Talk about trouble finding unique gifts for baby showers. We're skipping the onesies and going straight to cool room decorations. This Owlphabet Indie Print ($20) is perfect... [More]

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OH NO not you again! Doormat

We reserve the OH NO not you again! Doormat ($23) for a select few. Surprise three-hour-stay visitors (working at home doesn't mean you actually work at home, right?). Noisy in-laws. Neighbors who constantly ask us to babysit their kids while they run to the store.... [More]

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Ruffle Rose Pillow

The innocence of the Ruffle Rose Pillow ($29-35) is what gives it its charm. There's no need for fancy designs or busy prints - the recycled wool and cashmere in soft colors bring a unique, welcoming air to any room. When we get home after... [More]

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Rabbits Pushing Books Bookends

Believe us, no one was more surprised than us to find that there were still only two bunnies in the package when we opened it. Watership Down, The Velveteen Rabbit, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit are all suggested, but not required, reading. Rabbits Pushing... [More]

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Tall Glass Apothecary Jar

We tend to get a little hoarder-ish about glassware. We scour secondhand shops, swap meets, flea markets (hipster swap meets), and websites for cool jars to hold our collections of all those other things we get hoarder-ish about. These Tall Glass Apothecary Jars ($15) are... [More]

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French Door Numbers

We most definitely do not live in the French countryside (the non-charming '70s structure of our building gives that away) or anywhere even remotely resembling France, but that doesn't mean we can't channel a little of our favorite vacation destination into our own home. We... [More]

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