Oyster Shell Wall Sconce

Oyster Shell Wall Sconce

Add that beachy feel to your home with this gorgeous Oyster Shell Wall Sconce ($129), which is made from natural oyster shells. You'll feel as if you're spending the night in a romantic seaside resort when you walk down your hallway into your boudoir.... [More]

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Tufted Tiger Rug

Trust us, the Tufted Tiger Rug ($44) is a much better alternative to the real thing. For starters, it's a lot more humane...and what people with real tiger rugs don't tell you is how often you get a foot stuck in its mouth! (Fun possibly-not-a-fact:... [More]

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Dania Candlestick

If Colonel Mustard was going to do Professor Plum in over brandy in the Billiard Room, he could do worse than to grab hold of this Dania Candlestick ($105). With its heavy, tapered construction in solid, sturdy teak and steel, it's far more likely to... [More]

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DFC Baby Unicorn Figurines

If money were no object, you better believe that we'd be outfitting our mantels with a few of these DFC Baby Unicorn Figurines ($218). We say mantels with an -s because as long as we're daydreaming about our future homes, we may as well assume... [More]

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Louis Armstrong Told Us So Art Print

We're not entirely sure what this Louis Armstrong Told Us So Art Print ($18) has to do with anything the jazz legend said or sang, except maybe that the world looks extra-wonderful as depicted in this pretty patchwork-quilt-inspired piece.... [More]

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100 Zombie Films Poster

Zombie film buff? Show off your cinematic knowledge by hanging the 100 Zombie Films Poster ($30) in your living room (or den, or wherever you settle in to watch Night of the Living Dead). The poster pinpoints the release date of a hundred top zombie... [More]

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Full Circle Globe

Buy that antique globe to decorate your office or living room, and down the road your kids will be asking you when the family can pay a visit to Yugoslavia or the U.S.S.R. This Full Circle Globe ($195) has a map which is nicely up-to-date,... [More]

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Sniff Pet Candles

Weird, right? Your dog won't care two shakes about sniffing a scented Sniff Pet Candle ($28). He voluntarily smells his own butt! But the fine print reveals that the candles are infused with natural aromatherapy oils that promote good health in canines. The scents are... [More]

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Our Night Sky Constellation Coasters

They shape your personality and guide all your major life decisions. Now the stars can also keep you from getting those pesky rings on your coffee table. These Constellation Coasters ($28) are etched with the outlines of four of our favorite random arrangements of celestial... [More]

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Friendship Sloths Hoop

Take a cue from the baddass sloth in the Friendship Sloths Hoop ($60) by What Party and befriend yourself. Make yourself things. Buy yourself things. Treat yourself to yummy food things. Trust us, you're totally worth it.... [More]

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Typewriter Key Wall Art

Pick a favorite letter for a playful accent, or buy a range to spell out a favorite word and give your whole wall a literary vibe. Either way, we think this Typewriter Key Wall Art ($24 per letter) looks pretty darned sharp.... [More]

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R. Nichols BLOOM Candle

Love the idea of gardening, but lack the space and/or motivation? Bring just a whiff of it into your home with this R. Nichols BLOOM Candle ($45). It'll infuse your space with an outdoorsy blend of rose, dew, and freshly turned earth.... [More]

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Jonathan Adler Devil Match Strike

Whether you keep it next to the fireplace or near your collection of smelly candles, this Jonathan Adler Devil Match Strike ($42) makes sparking one up a heck of a lot more fun. Our favorite spot for it? The bathroom, where maybe its eye-catching style... [More]

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St. John's Wood Tisane Candle

This St. John's Wood Tisane Candle ($15) is part of a collection with fragrances meant to evoke the memory of specific places. In this case, we're guessing the St. John's Wood in question refers to the tony London area. Light it up to get a... [More]

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Turtle Stool

Turtle Stool

Take a break and have a seat on this adorable Turtle Stool ($49). This sweet little guy is hand carved from acacia wood, so he's tough enough to hold your stuff and then some.... [More]

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Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Lola Owl Vase

Jonathan Adler has a new line at JCPenney, and while we're sad to report that it's a bit tame - no boob vases - it's still chock full of great Adler pieces boasting clean lines, bright colors and the perfect modern touch. We're particularly smitten... [More]

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Extra Normal Wall Clock

In case you can't tell, the Extra Normal Wall Clock ($240) was manufactured on Opposite Day. There is no hour hand, but instead a rotating disc with a hour-hand-shaped hole in it. Available in black or white.... [More]

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Spiders Have all the Fun Throw Pillow

We never really thought about it before, but spiderwebs are pretty gross. The Spiders Have all the Fun Throw Pillow ($20) is a good reminder to wear gloves when clearing out the cobwebs.... [More]

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Gomitolo Wall Clock

The knitter in us says, "Pffft, three hundred bucks?! I could make that!" The realist in us says, "I would rather spend my time working on a simple scarf while sipping chardonnay and watching Real Housewives of Wherever." Time is money, and sometimes timepieces cost... [More]

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Emergency Compliment Dance Off Print

The entire series of Emergency Compliment prints are pretty fabulous. The simple text prints were designed for situations where a compliment would be ideal, but one is hard to come up with. We really feel that this Dance Off Print ($15) is more of a... [More]

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