Designer Coaster in Gold

As any handbag designer will tell you, leather makes everything fancier. Coasters are no exception. Just take a peek at this Designer Coaster in Gold ($12). There's no more stylish way to sop up stray condensation.... [More]

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Ceramic Tea Pot Spout Hook

Is your home decor short on that all-important Alice in Wonderland vibe? Glam it up in psychedelic Victorian style with this Ceramic Tea Pot Spout Hook ($23).... [More]

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Retro Phone Stick-Ons

Want to fill your home with nice things you can't afford? Try tricking your senses with affordable decals like these Retro Phone stick-ons ($38)! You'll think there's an old rotary pay phone right on your wall so long as you don't look directly at it.... [More]

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Faceted Wall Clock

We hate to ruin whatever spoon-bending dreams you might be harboring, but you're not actually living in the Matrix. If you feel like pretending, though, it couldn't hurt to make this Faceted Wall Clock ($80) part of your decor. With a shape that seems to... [More]

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Laboratory Flower Vases

These Laboratory Flower Vases are on backorder for a reason: they're a perfect blend of rustic-chic with a subtle steampunk vibe. We could scour thrift stores for a year and not find anything as cool - and they're a mere $24. Get yours on order... [More]

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The Domo Dark Knight

Why is it that Batman dresses like a bat? To instill fear in his enemies? Something tells us that if we ran into the Domo Dark Knight ($14) in a dangerous alley, fear would not be our most immediate response.... [More]

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Woven Mirror

If your mirror is held in a light and airy frame, will it make you look skinnier? There's only one way to find out: pick up one of these Woven Mirrors ($148) and enshrine it on your wall.... [More]

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Fishing in Spring Small.jpg

Fishing in Spring Vincent Van Gogh Fine Art Kids Flip Flops

It's doubtful that Van Gogh imagined us walking on his work, but in some ways it's a compliment. These Fishing in Spring Vincent Van Gogh Fine Art Kids Flip Flops ($13) must be a last-ditch attempt to bring culture to children. All things considered, this... [More]

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Everything You Do Banner Sign

There are so many days when we need to hear this mantra. So many (even though we fully admit that it may not always ring true). Everything You Do Banner Sign ($15) by Dirty Bandits.... [More]

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Mermaid Door Knocker

We're certainly not wealthy enough to have a beach house, but this whimsical Mermaid Door Knocker ($95) is making us wish we were! Actually, thinking about a seaside-themed beach house in general makes us wish we were wealthy enough to have one, but this knocker... [More]

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WTF Hooks

We think that these WTF Hooks ($18) don't stand for "What the f*ck?", but rather, "Where the f*ck?" As in "Where the f*ck did I hang my purse?!" The answer, of course, is "exactly where it's supposed to be hung" (on one of these awesome... [More]

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Mini Stacked Shelving System

The awesome thing about using a few basic boxes for storage is that you get to decide how it all looks. With the Mini Stacked Shelving System ($109-159), you can choose from three different sizes and six different colors. The fun part is when you... [More]

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Melting Clock

On one hand, the Melting Clock ($12) is a pretty good homage to Salvador DalĂ­'s most famous painting. It looks just like the drooping timepieces in The Persistence of Memory. On the other hand, it's a working clock that keeps accurate time, which is kind... [More]

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Gold Washable Paper Bags

While we're not sure what brand of magic is used to make these shiny Gold Washable Paper Bags ($28-36) so durable, we are sure that we need to order several. The washable bags are made from thick, stiff paper that's able to retain the shape... [More]

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Bob Marley Little Thinker

With his soothing melodies, fluffy hair, and sedated calm personality, Bob Marley makes an ideal plush toy! The Bob Marley Little Thinker ($18) makes a great bedtime companion - just don't bring up politics, or you'll ruin his mellow.... [More]

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Orbital Mobile

Yikes! Keeping up with the Joneses re: the babe's nursery is an undertaking. We've seen some posh nurseries out there! If a basic lullaby-playing plastic mobile won't do over your darling's crib, instead hang the Orbital Mobile ($299) from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. The... [More]

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(MALIN+GOETZ) Dark Rum Candle

When you're stuck smack-dab in the middle of those pesky work hours, light the Dark Rum Candle ($52) to remind you of the Dark 'n' Stormy you'll sink into when you get home. The rich, deep candle hits all the notes of a complex rum... [More]

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The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2

No more freezing up when people ask what superpower you'd choose to have! The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2 ($27) is a meticulously organized flowchart categorizing all known superpowers. Perfect for fangirls, comic book writers, and clumsy scientists working with radioactive mystery rocks.... [More]

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Bud Vase Garland

Everyone knows flowers are a great way to liven up a room - but can't you do better than a bouquet on a table? The Bud Vase Garland ($24) takes the decorative superpower of flowers and applies it to wall decorations! And can you really... [More]

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Magical Thinking Constellation Globe

Globes are for small-minded people - think about it, it's just one measly planet! But the Magical Thinking Constellation Globe ($39) is for big thinkers! Because even Asia seems small compared to Sagittarius!... [More]

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