Wire Hanging Globes

Been around the world and I-yai-yai-yai-.... Okay, actually, we haven't been around the world, but we're collecting globes while we build our savings for the trip of a lifetime. These Wire Hanging Globes ($49 - $59) are particularly appealing, since we can hang them with... [More]

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Wow Dreamcatcher

Even though the handmade Wow Dreamcatcher ($188) has a premium price tag, we're still picturing it hanging serenely over our beds. Let's hope that it does its job of filtering out the nightmares (specifically any that include our current credit card balance).... [More]

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Salt Water Cure Art Print

"the cure for anything is salt water. sweat, tears, or the sea." Beautiful sentiment with a powerful message. We hate to play devil's advocate about something as poetic as the Salt Water Cure Art Print ($19 - $60), but...what about coastal flooding?... [More]

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Carnaby Calories Canister

You may as well call a spade a spade. The Carnaby Calories Canister ($12) from Jonathan Adler will store your sweets and possibly prevent you from indulging in too many at a time.... [More]

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Book Cat Print

You may be interested in owning the wooden Book Cat Print ($25 for matted 11"x14") if you: a) routinely browse antique stores for restorable furniture. b) mark the library book sale on your calendar six months ahead of time. c) can't pass an animal shelter... [More]

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Work Hard & Be Nice To People Print

Even if you think the sentiment might be better directed at your coworkers and your mother-in-law, the message of this Work Hard & Be Nice To People print ($99) bears repeating in your own life. What goes around comes around!... [More]

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Seedling Doormat

Wipe off your garden shoes on the Seedling Doormat ($29) before stepping into your abode. It'll keep your floors free of mud while adding a little color and style to your utilitarian entryway.... [More]

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Vintage Wooden Hotel Key Rack

Make that two-bedroom bungalow feel like a palace with this Vintage Wooden Hotel Key Rack ($72). Just think how much more fun overnight guests will be when you "check them in" and hand them their keys down from this. When they ask where all the... [More]

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Pineapple Door Knocker

Doorbell, shmoorbell. What people really want is to knock on your door with a pineapple (and then make SpongeBob SquarePants jokes as you welcome them inside). Yes, it's a symbol of hospitality, we know. Pineapple Door Knocker ($115) by Michael Healy Designs... [More]

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Sports Turf Coasters

No, they aren't places for chihuahuas to pee when you don't feel like taking them outside. These Sports Turf Coasters ($15) are for your game-time brews. And what more appropriate thing could you find for your seventh-inning beer to sit on than a square of... [More]

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Ranger Doug's National Parks Posters

Even if your idea of camping means staying in a plush B&B someplace with trees nearby, we're still betting you'll love Ranger Doug's National Parks Posters ($40). These images of our nation's great parks and monuments are either careful replicas of or contemporary tributes to... [More]

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Anthropologie Porcelain Flower Vase

Vases without flowers are just hollow, empty shells - longing for color, nothing without their the natural beauty they are intended to hold. (We're going to start writing emo poetry soon, whaddya think?) Anthropologie solved that problem for us by combining the flower and the... [More]

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Posters for Girls

Parent or not, it's pretty easy to recognize that the majority of kids' items are full of gender stereotypes. We always shout a little hurrah when we see awesome things like this set of Posters for Girls ($100 for all four) by artist Amanda Visell.... [More]

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Bloody Splashes Wall Mural

Calm down, Dexter, it's not real. This Bloody Splashes Wall Mural ($52 for 39"x39") is the perfect wall decor for your zombie enthusiasts, your splatter film buffs, and your unsqueamish fans of Jackson Pollock.... [More]

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Custom Remington Model 3 Typewriter

While there may not be a need for you to sit down and type office copy or coded war correspondence, it's nice to know that the Custom Remington Model 3 Typewriter ($500) is the real deal. The 1920s turquoise piece has been restored down to... [More]

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Budget Cuts Piggy Bank

Finances in dire straights? Feed your change to the Budget Cuts Piggy Bank ($24) to fatten him up. Once your piggy is full, indulge yourself with something new and shiny (we vote for shoes). In the meantime, he'll hang out and remind you of all... [More]

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Bird Bottle Stopper Candleholder

So you can't afford a proper vase or even a candlestick? Wine bottles are more stylish, anyway. This Bird Bottle Stopper Candleholder ($18) makes a perfect centerpiece, and as a bonus, you get to get drunk in order to use it!... [More]

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Pinata Snow Globe

Snow globe aficionado or not, you've gotta admit that the Pinata Snow Globe ($32) shakes up the dullness of everyday decor. And unlike snowmen and Santa Claus globes that get packed away after the holidays, this little guy can sit out and party with you... [More]

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Page Turner Runner

We don't know about yours, but our book club is more of an eating-and-drinking-with-a-side-of-books club. That means the Page Turner Runner ($32) will make a fabulous addition to meetings. Everyone can grab a few appetizers, marvel at the runner, mix up a drink, and get... [More]

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Crystal Rock Square Votives

If Neanderthals had had interior decorators, we suspect they would have flipped for these Crystal Rock Square Votives ($120). Just think how gorgeous they would have looked shining their glittering light over the saber-toothed carpet and the mammoth skull collection. We figure they'll look just... [More]

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