Nobilified Personalized Classic Portrait

Pssh... What did Napoleon ever do that you didn't? If your likeness is disrespected on anything less than a royal oil painting, you need a Nobilified Personalized Classic Portrait ($100 - $120)! Upload a picture of the work of art that is your face, and... [More]

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Hour Glasses

Is your love of procrastination currently warring with your to-do list? Give the cause of getting things done an extra boost with one of these colorful Hour Glasses ($18). Watching those sands slip all too quickly away will be a handy way to bring home... [More]

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"See No Evil..." Dog Set (Choose Your Breed)

The message of "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" is not to be taken lightly... but wouldn't it make a bigger impact coming from cute little puppies? These figurines ($109) are available in twenty breeds, and even in multiple colors in some... [More]

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Lumnique Personalized Scented Candle

Hey, if you want a candle that smells like rustic woods, we won't say anything (to your face). The Lumnique Personalized Scented Candle ($25) lets you choose the fragrance, color, and intention of your candle - and you can include a special message! They make... [More]

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Paper Chat Treat Yo Self Print

Treat Yo Self! ($24) Donna and Tom know what's up. The only question we have is - why just once a year?... [More]

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Panda Fauna Cushion

Ready to cuddle a baby panda? You'd better be, because this baby panda cushion ($40) is coming atcha for a big hug and there's no way you'll be able to resist.... [More]

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Picture Your Pet - President

Sure, Fido promises lower taxes, but will he deliver if he gets elected? Or will he just sit there with his tail between his legs? Picture Your Pet - President ($135 with frame) lets you see what your pet would look like in the Oval... [More]

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Lexington Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

There's something calming and inspirational about staring into an open flame, but building a fire can sometimes be problematic... especially at the office. This tabletop fireplace ($160) is perfect for thinking, reflecting, meditating, or just totally zoning out.... [More]

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Commas Save Lives Plaque

God, what a horrible fate for Grandma - she lives only to please her grandkids, and this is the thanks she gets! Thank goodness the comma stepped in when it did! The Commas Save Lives Plaque ($20) may not seem like an important message, but... [More]

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Post Rug

Boldly go where no striped rug has gone before! Granted, we've seen a lot of striped rugs, but rarely do we see one as saturated as the Post Rug (from $79). Break away from the beige or simply brighten up a dark room with this... [More]

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Skull Wallpaper

Skulls don't always have to be dark and gloomy; and you don't have to be a total badass to rep them, either. This Skull Wallpaper ($130) is a great way to show off your rebellious side without making your apartment look like a cemetery.... [More]

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Charley Harper Felt Bird

Do you ever wish your favorite illustrations could jump off the page and into your arms as fully formed, three-dimensional objects? It's your lucky day, as a few of Charley Harper's beloved birds have been translated into felted figures, like this inquisitive Green Jay ($50).... [More]

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Open Knob

Leave no doubts about how to reach the contents of your drawers with the Open Knob ($18) from Pixil 3D. A few of these would make a clever and friendly addition to your guest linen closet or kitchen snack cupboard.... [More]

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Embroidered Metallic Garland

Every day should feel special and celebratory, though admittedly we're not always in the mood to party (hard to believe, right?). We recently draped this Embroidered Metallic Garland ($20) over our doorway, though, and we have to say, it's done wonders for weekday morale. Best... [More]

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Sedimentation Coasters

These spectacular Sedimentation Coasters ($80-150), made by artist Hilda Hellström, are almost too good-lookin' to cover up with cups or glasses. The hexagonal coasters are made from Jesmoite and cork, to resemble natural rock formations, and brightened up with a bold teal and blue color... [More]

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Hello Pillow Cover

Add a little cheer to your surroundings with this friendly Hello Pillow Cover ($38), guaranteed to help your guests feel more welcome and to greet you at the end of a long day.... [More]

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Tipsy Vase

The Tipsy Vase ($22) may be a metaphor for the oft-overlooked connection between destruction and creation, but just look at how the glass stem bends instead of breaks - that's so you!... [More]

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Marks the Plot Coaster Set

Book covers get a bad wrap because of that stupid saying. In reality, just looking at the covers of our favorite books reminds us of all the feelings the stories invoked in us. So why not surround yourself with book covers? Just don't be judgmental... [More]

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Falling Bookend

Tragedy's just around the corner at all times, so stop trying to enjoy your life and prepare for the worst! Like the poor man in this Falling Bookend ($24), we're perpetually in danger.... [More]

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Compte SM.jpg

Courtly Check Compote

The MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Compote ($360) looks like something straight from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Handmade and -painted, this fabulous compote is sure to make fruit, or whatever you decide to put in it, much more appetizing.... [More]

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