In-Bloom Portrait Pillow

Now you can keep a fresh bouquet of flowers in your home all the time, even if you can't afford one from the farmers market every week. The In-Bloom Portrait Pillow ($78) will add almost the same amount of pigmented joy to your living room,... [More]

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Beeswax Love Pillar

It's confusing to say that Sunbeam Candles makes solar-powered candles. But they do, kind of. Okay, so the candles aren't lit by the sun, but the shop where they make them is solar-powered, and when there's not enough sun, they run with wind power. We... [More]

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Sisters of the Sun Wallpaper

Add a little shimmer to that tiny powder room that acts as your first floor bathroom for guests. There's barely enough room to turn around, but you can distract everybody from that fact with the Sisters of the Sun Wallpaper ($200 for a roll). It... [More]

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Zodiac and Map Constellation Poster

The Zodiac and Map Constellation Poster ($36) won't help you identify formations when you're out stargazing at night (there are apps for that), but it will help you visualize how the hell a seemingly random cluster of stars is supposed to look like a bull... [More]

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Night Sky Vase

There's nothing like being out in the wilderness (the mountains for this scenario) and looking up at the stars. They'll illuminate the outlines of the peaks, and you'll be set forever with that amazing moment etched in your mind. But in case you want a... [More]

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Fleur-De-Lys Glass Jar

We've been working on managing our clutter lately, and while it would seem counterproductive to bring more knickknacks into the home, that's exactly what we did with these Fleur-De-Lys Glass Jars ($2 for 20). It's a totally justifiable move, though, because they hold all of... [More]

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Veggie Candles

Just what we needed: another set of candles too cute to light. Well, actually, it is just what we needed. The coffee table was looking a bit bare, and these Veggie Candles ($13) are a sweet and summery way to spruce things up.... [More]

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Ave Six Slick End Table

Not every space (or every person, for that matter), is cut out for vintage-inspired or mid-century modern furniture. Sure, it may be pretty, but if you're the type to rise above trends and go for something more eclectic, pieces like this Ave Six Slick End... [More]

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Possibilities Pencil Print

Find the artist within by recalling your own artistic childhood. Remember how you used to go to the paper (or walls) with abandon, using whatever pencils, crayons, or pens were nearby? No inhibitions! If you're having a hard time finding that creative spark that you... [More]

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Miyuki Ohashi Dessert Print

We guess you could put up a few kitchen prints featuring asparagus and artichokes, or some sort of clever appliance pun poster, but we happen to think you should decorate with something more decadent. Miyuki Ohashi's Dessert Print ($50) features French pastries that will inspire... [More]

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Subway Multi Hook

If you're a subway map buff, you won't be able to resist this Subway Multi Hook ($30). With 10 different "stops" to drop off your keys, accessories, and other doodads, this "subway" is just as functional (and probably more so) than the one on your... [More]

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Painted Striped Vase

New year, new you, and new abode. Okay, you don't actually have to make a big move in order to find yourself in a spruced up living space. Just add a few key decor pieces to your current apartment to give it a thoroughly modern... [More]

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Open Window Spell Kit

Going stir crazy? House starting to smell stale? Thinking about opening the windows despite the cold, just for a little fresh air, then realizing you can't because you've heat ironed giant sheets of plastic over them? It's time for some amateur spells, in the form... [More]

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Botany Pillow

The image on this Botany Pillow ($176) looks so familiar. In fact, it looks like the part of the test from high school biology class in which we had to identify all the different parts of a flower! We know there's a pistil and stamen... [More]

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My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open Art Print

It's the perfect print to put above your desk so you can glance at it when you feel overwhelmed with multitasking. Shut down everything you're working on, except for one project, and give your poor brain a break from simultaneously running in thirty different directions!... [More]

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Large Geometric Prisms

While this set of plastic Large Geometric Prisms ($22, set of 3) looks modern, the design is based on Scandinavian himmeli mobiles of old. Hung most often above the dining table, the then straw prisms were used to bring in a good harvest, and are... [More]

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Cinema Sign

You may not have your own home cinema with stadium seating, recliners, and top of the line surround sound, but you can now have your own Cinema Sign ($190) with changeable letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. At just under 40 inches, you'll be able to... [More]

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LAFCO Ski House Candle

Income a little shy of where it needs to be for you to invest in that chic little chateau in Aspen? Join the club. Until that 400% raise comes through, we'll have to settle for watching Better Off Dead while enjoying the subtle fragrance of... [More]

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T-Rex Wall Trophy

Forget lions, tigers, and bears. If you really want to impress houseguests, make it look like you took down a giant predatory terrible lizard on your last trip to the bush. This T-Rex Wall Trophy ($77) will make a dramatic statement, whether you mount it... [More]

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Speckled Vase Set

We love going on walks and picking tiny bouquets of flowers, branches, or other interesting plant life along the way. We deposit them on surfaces throughout the house, but they always look a little bit like clutter. But not anymore, now that we have this... [More]

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