Mother's Day Giveaway: It's Complicated

Click Here§Who isn't a Meryl Streep fan? Seriously, she can do no wrong, and It's Complicated ($16 on DVD or $26 on Blu-Ray™) is no exception. Starring Streep as a divorced mom opposite Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin in a second-time-around love triangle, its spit-your-drink-out funny, sweet, and refreshing. This is definitely a flick you'll want to own so you can watch it again & again - preferably with your own mother (or parental unit, or big sister, or guardian, or, well, whomever!).

In honor of Mother's Day, we're teaming up with Universal Studios to give away ten copies of It's Complicated to our loyal readers. You can enter up to three times, by leaving a comment on this post, on our Facebook page, or tweeting us @Outblush telling us your answer to the following question: What's your favorite memory of your mom?*

Deadline is 12:00pm PST on Friday, April 30, 2010. We'll announce the winners on Monday, May 3, 2010, along with a great gift guide for Mother's Day.

Read the full rules and restrictions.

*(or parental unit, or big sister, or guardian, or, well, whomever!)

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Posted on 04.27.10 at 1:06 PM

my mom and i laughed so hard through this movie in the theatre that i think we missed a lot of the movie. would love to give it to her and watch it again!

Natalie Proch

Posted on 04.27.10 at 6:55 PM

This gookd so funny. I can't wait to see it.


Posted on 04.27.10 at 11:31 PM

What's your favorite memory of your mom? -- kidnapping my mom for her 70th b-day. she was told to pack and she wasn't told where she was going. it was a mother+daughter NYC adventure of plays, walking around in Time Square, getting lost at street fairs, bus hopping 2x decker tour buses and seeing a concert at Central Park.

Chris Taylor

Posted on 04.28.10 at 1:34 AM

Favorite Mom memory ~ We used to have a VW van that had a citizen band radio with speaker installed. One day while @ a stop light, a guy on a motorcycle was taking too long to go when the light turned green. Mom turns on the speaker & announces, "Come on, hurry & get a move on." The guy turned his head back & forth trying to see who was talking.. That made Mom laugh. The more she thought about the guy on the motorcycle, the more she laughed.
I triggered the speaker button while she was laughing so you could here her laugh as we rode down the street.

I posted promotion on my FB wall via the share button above.

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Posted on 04.28.10 at 10:09 AM

My favorite memory of my mom is when I was young and we baked cookies together. I sat on the counter next to the mixer, and my job was to add the vanilla. My mom is famous for her cookies, and she loved sharing her love of baking with me.


Posted on 04.28.10 at 12:12 PM

My favorite memory of my mom was when I tried on my wedding dress (straight off the rack), walked out of the dressing room, she turned and started crying. It fit perfect and looked like a million bucks and all she said was "we'll take it". Love that moment!


Posted on 04.28.10 at 4:30 PM

It may sound strange, but my favorite mom memory occurred when my grandfather passed away becausee that's when I saw my mom as something other than a "mom" for the first time.


Posted on 04.28.10 at 4:45 PM

My mom used to have a silk shirt that she would wear for special occasions. When I was a little girl I thought it was the softest, most wonderful fabric! Hugging her was like a dream. :)


Posted on 04.28.10 at 6:46 PM

My favorite mom memory happened just last weekend. I am moving out for the first time and she spent the whole weekend helping me pack up my childhood. We shared lots of laughs and tears! I love her xo!


Posted on 04.28.10 at 7:07 PM

My favourite memory of my mum was just last year. My older brother and I took her to Japan so she could see all the wonderful things we had seen the year before. She acted like such a tourist though. She stopped and looked in every shop window, bought dozens of little Japanese trinkets and took photo after photo of the same thing! Sometimes it felt like we were looking after a younger sibling; especially at dinner time and she couldn't read the menu without my help! XD


Posted on 04.29.10 at 4:23 PM

Poor Mom was really a terrible cook. She had a few dishes that were great (creampuffs made from scratch and lemon merenge pie) but for the most part, she hated cooking. One hot summer night she made shrimp salad and set it before us for dinner. I spit it out. My siblings spit it out. She glared "eat that" with an or-else in her eyes. Then my father spit it out and said "this shrimp isn't cooked." Poor Mom thought those little frozen shrimp were already cooked (in my day, they weren't). She had served us raw shrimp salad.

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